1. Re: Hacker voice: "I'm in."

      Welcome! Speaking as a fan of a number of your works I'm sure you'll do great here :) To edit your signature go to settings and scroll down to 'Forum'. It's pretty easy from there. Also, you might (...)

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      Thanks for the warm welcome and the useful information. I'll figure out how to get that added to my signature. 

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      Hello folks, I'm Adam Lane Smith. I 'm here because I heard Royal Road is the place to be if you love LitRPG. So far I've read this genre almost exclusively in paperback but my tbr shelf is sagging under (...)

    4. Re: How to structure your work to overcome writer's block?

      One big reason is that, while I know where to take the story, there are few "scenes" that I am not quite sure how I want them to unfold or what I want them to add to the plot. This is often an issue (...)

    5. Re: Advice on game like aspects in novels.

      I've been writing a novel for over a month now and was wondering how people go about writing systems, levels, skills, missions. I've added a game like aspect into my novel and was a little worried that (...)