Elf Empire [An Isekai kingdom building story]

Elf Empire [An Isekai (...)
by Tharsult
1.4k pages

Leo, an engineer, was Isekai'd across to another dimension. The one summoning him meant for it to be like every other isekai--get a body and some cool powers and right an ancient wrong. But the ritual is messed up, and Leo goes over with a loan shark and his minions--who start building an evil Isekai empire.

Meanwhile, Leo gets stuck in a forest, where he befriends a defective dragon and rescues a stuck-up elf princess that got her whole team killed. 

Now, he needs to work to get himself and his team up to snuff, to be able to move back to the path that was supposed to be set for him, by one method or another.

And then he needs to put all his skills as a gamer and engineer to work to build his... fantasy empire

[Litrpg, significant and meaningful rules and options for both character and settlement growth, base-building/empire-building, portal fantasy, adventure, intelligent MC, no sex, no harem, some slice-of-life and found family.]

Updates Monday through Friday except Wednesday.

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This Used to be About Dungeons

This Used to be About (...)
by Alexander Wales
3.4k pages

This Used to be About Dungeons is a comfy slice-of-life adventuring story that occasionally features dungeons. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mostly it's about walking in the woods with a friend, looking for mushrooms to put in your soup, or haggling with the guy selling squash, or taking care of a neglected garden. It's putting some jam on shortbread biscuits. And yes, sometimes you go down into the dungeons with your friends, and you kill monsters there, or disarm traps, but when you come out, you realize you've found the perfect magic item to give to one of the local kids that helped you out when your cat was sick. Look, the dungeons are always going to be there, and sometimes you need to make a journey to one of the Spirit Gates, or make a pilgrimage with the local Cleric of Symmetry to a holy shrine. Your tour through the local dungeons can wait. You'll have rivalries with other groups, and find some dungeon eggs that need to be carefully incubated in case they turn out to be something valuable, and help a friend to build a fishing weir. There's a big world out there, a mostly tame place with lots of magic, and even more to do and see. Join me, won't you?

The cover image is Morning Sunlight Effect, Eragny, by Camille Pissarro.

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by lkal92
58 pages

Book one now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Paperback,  as well as Audible.

Continuing book two every Sunday with potential extra chapters.

For millennia the demon lords known as the Goetia enslaved the human race, until a group of mortals known as the Archons received divine blessings of power and overthrew them. Under their dominion mankind flourished, though the war in the shadows never ended. A thousand years later, sixteen-year-old Leones' family is executed for the crime of heresy. Burned to death for questioning whether the Archon of Flames is a divine being, and whether any of the Archons truly are. 

After manifesting the power to control time, Leones survives and embarks on an uncertain journey for power and revenge. But if he is to overcome a god, he may need some help. Along the way he will discover the truth behind the demon lords, time, and reality itself, as he walks along the razor path. 

Artwork is used with permission from the creator, @chinfongart.

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Brewer King

Brewer King
by Psychomeltdown
845 pages

Sanjay King is a brewer. On a hike in the Pacific Northwest, he found himself in another world.  This new world is filled with old magic, monsters that come from the Void, and ancient grudges.  It is a world of hard decisions and where morality is constantly tested.  it is a world of Levels and Power, but the cost to gain both is great and terrible.  It is a world where the great Empire is falling and monsters are summoned to devour the world. 

This is a slowish story, more a slice of life with bouts of adventure and battles.  San is a man dealing with life issues and the world he's in isn't a nice place. 

Updates: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.

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