1. Re: What is your purpose?

      If im being honest, im not sure. I’ve been lost in my head, struggling with the thought of my work not being good enough. I suppose I could say my writing my purpose, which leads me to question. Is it (...)

    2. Re: I feel like I might be doing something wrong as far as posting my story here

      I've seen various posts from others who have started around the same time as me (January) or later talking about readers, comments, reviews, etc. So I poked around today and realized that a good amount (...)

    3. Re: Am I being unoriginal for using fairy tales?

      There are loads of bigger works that have been inspired by others. They will take a story and add a dynamic twist to it. Referencing the fate series as Paradox mentioned, King Arthur is a guy in the original (...)

    4. Re: 3000 views and Completed my first volume!

      I've slowly trudged along over the last year, but I've finally done it despite all the ups and downs! Now it's time to figure out a better method of releasing chapters for the second volume.  How (...)

    5. 3000 views and Completed my first volume!

      I've slowly trudged along over the last year, but I've finally done it despite all the ups and downs! Now it's time to figure out a better method of releasing chapters for the second volume.  :DrakanSigh: (...)

    6. Re: Do you think followers mean anything?

      Me as a writer looking at my own followers number. Yes, it is the source of my motivation. I know someone is reading, and i know they care. This. More followers makes me write faster and put more (...)

    7. Re: Skipping chapters?

      Skipping chapters has never sat well with me as I believe every chapter should be important to the overall plot. I’ve read comments of readers who say they’ll skip over 4-5 chapters. It boggles my mind (...)

    8. Re: Any Other Authors Who Have Lost Their Love of Reading While Writing?

      I keep myself from reading other works while writing in fear I may take ideas or content from that of which I’m reading. While almost nothing anyone writes is “unique” I would rather keep things naturally (...)

    9. Re: Intractability between writers

      Given the title and the post itself I assume there was a typo. Maybe?  Anyways, I agree with majority of your post. It does often feel like I’m typing into the void and do wish for others to find my (...)

    10. Re: Do the endings of stories live up to your expectations for them

       I promise you that the ending of One Piece will be the most disappointing thing to ever come out of Japan since the attack on Pearl Harbor. This floored me LOL. But the thought of it’s ending being (...)

    11. Re: Slowly discover or throw everything at your reader

      Personally, I think you should drown your reader in gratuitous and boring information. If they can't do a bachelor's degree in your world's history after the first book then what's the point of even (...)

    12. Re: Inspirations & Influences

      Oddly, a back street boys song started my story. It was one of those videos where characters were singing the lyrics and one of them appealed to me. Since then, other inspiration has come from Bleach for (...)

    13. Re: Writers and participants, beware of the Writathon!

      So what would you suggest? Should I just stock up my writing for after the Writathon comes to a close? I'm curious as someone who does seek to grow their numbers. but I do need to finish this volume so (...)

    14. Re: How do you feel about OP protagonist?

      I see it a lot these days and it’s pretty boring to me. I like when characters overcome odds. Overpowered characters can be fun if written in a very tongue in cheek way.

    15. Re: How do RR and the wider web fiction community feel about cliffhangers?

      Good when used correctly and sparingly. Don’t leave me on a cliff chapter after chapter unless some big stuff is going down.

    16. Re: Why do the first several chapters of most stories consist of pointless stuff?

      Well to this I’d have to ask: What would be an interesting way to start a story to you?

    17. Re: How many pages in to a fiction do you think the action should start?

      I had a longer comment typed out before my phone wiped it. :( Anyway, I’ll sum it up. You need to identify when a reader will start to care about your character. Once they do that, you switch things (...)

    18. Re: What are your thoughts on anime-style book covers?

      If that’s the crowd you’re aiming for, go for it. 

    19. Re: I've seen many authors that are just starting out but have decent covers. Where do y'all get your covers w(...)

      I commissioned mine on twitter. Cost me an arm and a leg, but it's what I'm willing to do for quality and to get that initial attention. After that I pray my writing is enough to get them to stick around (...)

    20. Re: Out of your characters, do you have a favorite?

      Unfortunately, my favorite character has yet to appear lol. But out of who’s currently in my work, I’d have to say my protagonist, Tsuna. Witty when he wants to be, always wondering why.  Starting to accept (...)