1. Re: Story Approval

      What if it takes longer than 48 hours for your story to be approved or if it's pretty close to 48 hours and it still hasn't been approved? It is USUALLY 48 hours, but if it is more than that (...)

    2. Re: How is this follow and view count possible

      As someone who read the google translated version of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor for years, anything written by a kid with simple sentences with the occasional bad grammar or spelling is something I (...)

    3. Re: Is it Taboo to Revive Old Threads on RRL?

      You are not going to be burned at the cross or anything but I also don't see any reason why you should have to do so in the first place. If you want to revive the same topic again then why not just start (...)

    4. Re: Goals for the new year?

      1. Dont Die this year. 2. Get an effective vaccine. And not turn into a zombie. 3. Travel again. Or at least get to a beach (an entire year not seeing the ocean...) 4. Oh yeah, and maybe finish one (...)

    5. Re: What is the best method to publish on royalroad?

      Best method: write chapter 1-20 for two months or so. Write more if you can. Now is the time to see if your story can handle additional arcs and incidentally, also the time to ask yourself honestly if (...)

    6. Re: Oh boy, new site!

       supernatural slice of life with anthros... hmmm, yup. Your story is a bit uncommon in this neck of the woods. That being said, of course, you and your story are all welcome here in RoyalRoad. I'm (...)

    7. Re: An apocalypse book where MC wakes up in a functional military base in American Midwest and trains others (...)

      It reminds me of ALICE by CW Lamb. Here is a LINK:

    8. Re: You can't outsmart God, and he doesn't particularly care for you either.

      I don't think you understood where Makata was drawing the line. In the original post, Makata kept using such phrasing as "the omnipotent being," and "that's GOD, capitals and all," and "THE GOD." I thought (...)

    9. Re: You can't outsmart God, and he doesn't particularly care for you either.

      There's just something bullshit about dying then meeting God in the afterlife, him giving YOU and ONLY YOU 3 wishes, and then you saying some stupid shit which god tells you is so interesting, and God, (...)

    10. Re: Thoughts on Writer's Arrogance? (Rant fuel)

      Welp, my review got kicked off now.  Poor author whined to the admins.  *Shrugs* or it could just be another reader who reported you to the admin who thinks your review is unfair.  The fact (...)

    11. Re: Responding to comments that say things such as, "Why didn't MC do A instead of B?"

      A long time ago, I received a 0.5 star from someone stating that the action of my MC in a specific scene is stupid... and implied that he will only change his review once I change the course of that (...)

    12. Re: Thoughts on Writer's Arrogance? (Rant fuel)

      lol, a certain RR alumnus comes to mind. A guy who after publishing a few books will come back here now and then and will comment that people encouraging noobs to write is not helping at all since not (...)

    13. Re: Normality in a world of lunacy

      So basically you want an MC who pretends to be normal but is actually a chosen one? Perhaps Clark Kent?

    14. Re: Guys planet is dying and so Soul transfers into a baby on new world

      It sounds like an Andur story. I'm too lazy to look but just search for Andur's profile and you should get it.

    15. Re: Forgot the name. Has zombies God’s game and magic on earth

      Naah, I'm just messing with you. It's not in RR anymore, but there is a backup in wattpad. Here:

    16. Re: Forgot the name. Has zombies God’s game and magic on earth

      flying Jellyfish?! That is probably the most stupid idea I ever heard from a writer.

    17. Re: Questions about giving out reputation points (I'm probably overthinking this)

      Is there any convention on how much reputation to give out for a comment?  I'm still a little new here to Royal Road and I'm not sure about this reputation system. I used to consider exactly how much (...)

    18. Re: Some of my chapters have more reads than others?

      Any info you are getting from your stats at this time is speculative at best since most of the gathered data are in its early stages. They are only there to give you a general idea that some people are, (...)

    19. Re: MC stuck in a timeloop

      Mother of effing learning. Here: