1. Re: Isn't It Sad...

      Sometimes, even if they give you a reason, it will not enlighten you as a writer, so take any ratings you received with a grain of salt.  Example of reasons you will receive from readers: 1. Your (...)

    2. Re: Not sure what the thing im making even is

      I'm not sure if I'm understanding you right.  Are you going to write a serial web novel here in RR of a "Magical Engineering TextBook" with made-up topics per chapter?,  OR are you actually making (...)

    3. Re: Preferred type of genre for a novel (set in modern china)

      But thanks for the recommendation. But the question is if you prefer novels like that to appear on royalroad (as an original story) Well, if it is free reading like every story in RR, then yeah, (...)

    4. Re: Are stories on Royal Road a waste of time?

      lol, whether or not you wasted your time in RR can only be answered by you, and no one else.

    5. Re: Understanding about how novels get a bigger audience.

      You published your story like only a week ago, so 200 views are actually pretty decent numbers. Keep in mind that when you posted a chappy, it will take anywhere from 5-10 minutes in the front page until (...)

    6. Re: I would like some help on My Magic system i have created for my LitRPG.

      Just my two cents about magic systems:  I've written several stories now with different magic and it is my experience that making your system as simple as possible is the best route you can do as a (...)

    7. Re: New User

      sup! Are you a reader or a writer? Or both?

    8. Re: Debate Harems

      In almost every forum I visited there will always be this big shout out for "We hate harems!" Technically, I even agree with them. If I see a harem in the description of a book, normally it became a (...)

    9. Re: i forgot a novel name it was so good

      have you tried using the search function with a variation of the word "karma?"

    10. Re: What happened to the royal road novel?

      Are you talking about Legendary moonlight sculptor? Last I heard, it is still ongoing. I suggest you check out novelupdate if you want to reread it.

    11. Re: Opinion about real people in fantasy sports

      I'm trying to renew one of my stories about professional sports in the US, and I am wondering if it is best to continue using real names of teams and players or just create fantasy ones.  Of course, (...)

    12. Re: First Post - New Member

      Sup, welcome to RR!

    13. Re: I can't remember the name of the story

      I think you are talking about a published story called "Desire" by Cameron Milan.  There is still a promo 1 chappy here in RR:

    14. Re: looking for a story i once read

      you said it is a fanfic, fanfiction of what story? If we know that then it might be easier to find out what is your title.

    15. Re: A atheist/secular humanist as a protagonist, possible conflicts and problems in a fantasy-world.

      Using "science vs faith" conflict has been used effectively so many times that you should not have any issue in your own story. It is interesting enough because it is a complex issue with no real answer (...)

    16. Re: Questioning word choice

      look, readers can help authors by pointing out the inconsistency in the story, and normally that helps the author a lot. But sometimes reader forget that they are looking at the mind of the author when (...)

    17. Re: Help with Names in novel?? Advice Please.

      I think there is a name generator somewhere in the net. You can check chinese or korean name and know their literal meaning

    18. Re: Characters falling out of Love?

      I do not believe in the notion that characters naturally outgrow their author's imagination. It is your story, it's your mind. If you are having problems writing the love story of your characters, then (...)

    19. Re: Tables

      my main prob with the table editor is that it is really hard to customize it. sure, you can add all the rows and columns you want, but if you want only one collum in row 1 and 2 columns in row 2, then (...)

    20. Re: Commenting on comments

      look on top of this thread. There is a long drop-down menu with the blue button "Subscribe." Choose what's convenient for you and you will receive comments coming from this thread.