1. Re: New writing friends?

      Welcome, Wattpad immigrants! There are no walls here, everyone is welcome! :D 

    2. Re: Main characters and slavery

      I think Mr. Musk nailed it in the head. It's a matter of perspective. Just because slavery is normal in society then, doesn't mean that it is universally accepted practice by everyone. There are always (...)

    3. Re: RoyalRoad's Typo

      *shrugs* Its an Amateur Writing website. I find a typo rather appropriate, lol.

    4. Re: Just A Concern For Some Of My Fave Authors

      *Shrugs* it's just the preliminary injunction anyway. It has nothing to do with the real case yet. TBH, I might actually leave Patreon anyway if they settle and bring that Owen dude back.

    5. Re: What is your favorite female lead/MC story?

      What is your favorite female lead/MC story? I'm not sure if this is even relevant since she is mainstream, but I always consider Honor Harrington to be the coolest and badass Female MC ever (...)

    6. Re: How is under 18 explicit content handled by RR?

      First of all, there is no such thing as consenting 15 yr old or 13 yr old if there is a 30 yr involve in the sex act. Second, where are you getting your facts with the other countries? A quick search can (...)

    7. Re: A couple very ... basic questions

      At the upper right corner of the website is your avatar. Click that and a drop-down menu will appear. Click "My Fictions" and you will see a list of all your stories. In each story, there will be 3 buttons. (...)

    8. Re: Exchanging Ratings Hurts Quality And Sets An Author Up For Failure

      It is not only validation but sometimes the first timer's only motivation in continuing a story is to know that someone, ANYONE, is actually reading their work. Sometimes those view counters are even more (...)

    9. Re: On the topic of third person narrators

      lol, a 5-year thread still debatable and relevant up to this day. interesting.

    10. Re: Do you read abandoned stories?

      Sometimes finishing an Arc is fulfilling enough for me, so I read almost everything and do not discriminate with the "status" of the story. My only requirement is that the story should have at least 20 (...)

    11. Re: On Subreddit r/litrpg, people are openly talking about how to illegally download stories from royalroad.

      (Sigh) Look, many are arguing that it is not a big deal. Actually, it is. I want to direct you to a completely different topic about 3rd party script program and what Mods said about it: (...)

    12. Re: On Subreddit r/litrpg, people are openly talking about how to illegally download stories from royalroad.

      They are giving some excuse that they are in places that generally don't always have access to the internet or that internet that is always turned on is expensive, so they have a way to download the entire (...)

    13. Re: Rossg

      A few guys already ask this same question before. Maybe their threads will give you more idea:

    14. Re: Is it normal to have a someone use multiple accounts (or get their buddies) to manipulate Review Downvote (...)

      I do not think that this is an organized attempt to take you down by your competitors, not because of the goodness of people but because of the organizational nightmare that the attempt will need. Maybe (...)

    15. Re: Mark as Complete or Hiatus?

      If you do not write anything in your story for at least a month, your novel will automatically receive the tag, "In HIATUS."  Now to get the tag "COMPLETED," you need to ask a mod or an admin via support (...)

    16. Re: I am looking for a suggestion of novels +18 with incest or harem

      ir a Todo lo que buscas, lo tienen en abundancia.

    17. Re: Need help with coming up with male antagonist name

      So far, the names I've given my MCs are Bobby for Robert, Ric for Ricardo, Ben for Benjamin, Anji for Anjanette, and Jack for... well, Jack. 

    18. Re: All of Thee Familiar With Wuxia

      lol, one good advice is that one thing you should never opt out of is the synopsis.  I'm glad you have a great soundtrack and great illustration and all those word counts, but the most important thing (...)