1. Re: Can I take back a rating?

      People changing their ratings and reviews to stories should be a more regular activity on this site.  Your original review is not etched in stone, people. Learn the procedures above me on how to change (...)

    2. Re: S rated looting

      I think you are talking about "Underdog - 01 - Dungeons of the Crooked Mountains" by Alexey Osadchuk. I didnt know if it was ever posted here, I'm not vain enough to claim that "I've read everything there (...)

    3. Re: Xianxia and Fantasy Reincarnation need better opening

      Just so you are aware, people can still read the same copy-paste post you make even if it is in a different thread. Elaborate.  Post 1 and Post 2

    4. Re: Xianxia and Fantasy Reincarnation need better opening

      Just so you are aware, people can still read the same copy-paste post you make even if it is in a different thread.

    5. Re: Why is there even sport tag?

      *shrugs* I have a sports story. 

    6. Re: Delete stories

      You need to contact any Mods using the support ticket down below and request to delete your story. Now just to give you an idea though, If your entire plan is just to delete your story and return it (...)

    7. Re: Recommendations

      Seriously? I have to go to reddit, guess if you are a member of litrpg, progression, or gamelit community and then look for a very specific fanfiction thread with your name on it. That is just too much (...)

    8. Re: Is this site dead?

      Lol, Its a bit weird how you judged a site whether it's active or not by what you see in the "Member list." I understand the title you use since it is meant to grab the attention of people. Others have (...)

    9. Re: How important is the rating when deciding to read a story?

      For the old-timers (3-5 years), this is a non-issue. They read anything they want when they want. These are the people who noticed the top stories back then are not yet fully edited and has lots of grammatical (...)

    10. Re: Need advice and review for improving

      Hello! I've read a lot of novels right now to the point where I'm almost only doing that, actually I'm passionate about it and I think it's really good so I had the idea of wanting to create a story except (...)

    11. Re: didnt catch the title and not showing up in history.

      Best guess is that you are talking about Irrelevant Jack by Prax Venter, but I'm not sure if it is actually here anymore. maybe in amazon?

    12. Re: Is it okay to post the same fiction to more than one webnovel website?

      And thanks to that policy, excuses like, "Oh I'm a fan of this story in fanfiction for a very long time and I just want to spread it on other sites so others would enjoy it the way I do," is not going (...)

    13. Re: Help a new writer

      I'm sorry you feel that way, but the response is actually a bit of practical advice.  Base on my experience, if you do it your way and you write something someone "requested," I can guarantee you than (...)

    14. Re: About cultivation in novels

      While the original xianxia/wuxia cultivation story follows a set of rules, nowadays it is up to the author how his cultivation system works. It is the same with LitRPG system wherein the author can customize (...)

    15. Re: The Complete Tag

      The only way for you to get the tag "Complete" is to get a support ticket from the mods and request the tag. Unfortunately, with your explanation in the thread, I doubt that you are qualified for it. The (...)

    16. Re: Recs outside the top lists

      I have read most things on the top of the rating lists and I periodically check the trending lists as well. Generally I have the requirements of at least 200 pages and regular updates to start something. (...)

    17. Re: I need help with my fiction, mainly characterization.

      Recently I asked my reader for input and the criticism that I got back was that I tried to have the emotional pay off of my main characters life going down the drain without building the proper foundation. (...)

    18. Re: Moving on to bigger and brighter things; webnovel edition.

      Its kinda ironic then since every finished book that published in amazon will not be allowed to show its completed work here as part of amazon policy and therefore defeat your purpose. As I understand (...)

    19. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      Any moron who has a strong political opinion about any game are not really gamers but just another triggered desktop warrior.

    20. Re: Where to find followers and thank them?

      You mean the account names of your followers and those who favorite your story? Sorry, that info is not available to mere authors. I think the mods have the capability of getting that data, but that is (...)