1. Re: What time frame (UTC) is most of the community usually online so new writers could update their new ficti (...)

      A year or so ago, someone asked this same question and I only remember it because someone gave a very specific answer. There is no harm in trying so 2 minutes before the scheduled time, I posted a new (...)

    2. Re: Songwriter’s Game

      Okay, let's try... "LitRPG," "Xianxia," and "Harem." :DrakanWine:

    3. Re: this might be stupid so please don't tear me apart

      Sorry, but the thought of comics appearing here does not appeal to me.  If I want to "read" comics, I go to a manga site. RR for me is a site to read web novels.  It is already hard for the typical (...)

    4. Re: How Much Such I Store Up Before I Post?

      About 20 chapters of 1500 to 2000 words should be a minimum. A month of buffers will be better. :PeoReading:  :DrakanBook:

    5. Re: Stories that captured music

      A XinXia/Wuxia story called Forge of Destiny by Yrsillar is about a young girl who uses a flute as her primary form of magic.

    6. Re: Why should I stay on RoyalRoad?

      (Shrugs) That is not a question the community can answer for you. The only one who can answer that is yourself.  I'm sorry, but I don't consider those samples you gave in your post as toxic. I've (...)

    7. Re: What am I missing:

      A few tips/hints: 1. I stared at both of your book covers, and I just don't get it. What the hell does TFLIM even mean? 2. Think about updating your synopsis. As an author, you should try and grab (...)

    8. Re: Vampires: Are they overdone? Is there still something you can do with them?

      Provided that it's not the hot brooding emo vampire troupe I'm willing to try it. 

    9. Re: I've been here a few months now, but this is my first time on the forums.

      Also, I have a quick question.  I've noticed some interesting topics under active topics, but they haven't had posts in a few days.  Would those be okay to reply to, or is that frowned upon? (shrugs) (...)

    10. Re: Will Royal Road stay relevant in the coming years?

      With competitions like webnovel, I'm not worried.  :FancyDrakan:

    11. Re: We Are All ‘Fantasy’ Writers—> Except Non-Fiction but That is a Whole Other Topic.

      I don't get it. Are you expecting some sort of disagreement from others? :peoconfused:

    12. Re: So do many people here know the etymology of the phrase "Royal Road"? A quick bit of history trivia for a (...)

      You are obviously a fan of starcraft and, understandably, you are finding something that is connected with the beloved game. But unfortunately, that is not the case with the LMS origin.  RoyalRoad came (...)

    13. Re: Why do some sci-fi authors feel the need to describe everything in insane detail?

      Well, it's sci-fi. So, yeah, I do wanna know the science of it all. In the Honor Harrington series, space vessels are traveling in a unique space acceleration theory and this is the main reason why (...)

    14. Re: Death Eaters such as the house of malfoy shouldnt send their heirs to howarts.

      I mean why not? Draco's parents graduated from that school and their "ideology" seems to be intact. Their boss also went there and HIS way of thinking remains the same and never influenced by the enemy (...)

    15. Re: I'm bored so...Music?

      I like kpop! ... pls don't kill me.

    16. Re: Things That Would Be Hilarious

      Ya know, I have been thinking. Every time I make an update, I scroll through manually to see how it holds together. Ya know, a final confirmation. However, when I look in the comment section. I see something (...)

    17. Re: Reverse Isekai

      The problem is finding an interesting enough enemy for your obviously OP protagonist. It might be funny to lord it over a few fodders for the first scene or two but it gets old quickly.

    18. Re: Okay, trying again

      I don't know why, but my last post was deleted...  (If you are about to delete my post, please at least explain why.) If you are talking about your original thread about asking for feedback, (...)

    19. Re: Will posting my novel on a forum like RoyalRoad/Wattpad/reddit etc harm its reputation?

      I've bought books like threadbare, ELLC, he who fights with monsters, and other alumni of RR for years in Amazon because they came from royal road. These are the books that are tempered by the grueling (...)

    20. Re: Hi guys, I am another new fiction writer :D

      Welcome to RR!  And may you have all the "Thanks for the chapter!" comment that you want :peoapproval: