1. Re: Hi, I'm Wilewriter17, but you can call me Wile!

      Welcome to Royal road!  Aah, just a quick observation: the warning about taking your story away is just a tad too in your face.  Don't really have any problem with authors trying to monetize their (...)

    2. Re: Do you have to justify everything in a story?

      Well if it is scifi then yes, there has to be some kind of logic as to why they are doing things. A tank with legs is supposedly better in certain terrains like mountainous or uneven grounds, Mechs (...)

    3. Re: litrpg story idea brainstorming/challange

      welp, that escalated quickly enough.  :DrakanSigh:

    4. Re: Let Authors Paywall Content

      Any normal paywall contract will come with an exclusivity clause, right? So if you already signed with amazon or Qidian then you are forbidden to publish on royalroad anyway. Basically, authors will have (...)

    5. Re: Why do you like light novels?

      (shrugs) Traditional novels are rather limited too, so why should I complain about the light novels?  :peoconfused:

    6. Re: Am I the only one who does not know how to find a title for his fiction?

      Or you can just write your entire synopsis on your title. "The Litrpg story of a dude who ISEKAI'd to a different world and gets a harem but he is a good boy so he doesn't do anything about it but (...)

    7. Re: How can I end a story?

      At the bottom of your last chapter, you have to put two words: "THE" and "END."  Joke. The dude on top has the right instructions.  and congrats. :DrakanWine:

    8. Re: Traumatizing Content vs Gore

      Example 1: Traumatizing content: The scientist just stood outside the door looking bored as he watched the torture happening in the next room. "Oh, so you started already," he said as he picked on (...)

    9. Re: Requesting help with a very, very late perspective change.

      If I am reading a story of 20 chapters or more, I already have an inkling of your MC and sort of accepted him. If you add another dude... well, it kinda gives me the impression that the story is going (...)

    10. Re: Isekai choice

      I would like to know if truck-kun is a boy or a girl :peoconfused:

    11. Re: What do you do when you're blocked?

      Hey everyone! So I thought it would be fun to see all the different ways other writers handle a little bit of a block.  Cock blocked? I'll just look at the offending dude and say, "Bruh." (...)

    12. Re: Donation

      If I remember correctly, you cant place donation links anywhere else except the designated location. Ask a mod for help if your donation box is not working. The support ticket is down at the bottom of (...)

    13. Re: Researching the History of GameLit

      What I remember is that talk about gamelit happen about 3-4 years after LitRPG exploded. A few fans don't think LitRPG encompassed the entire genre or something. So they coined the phrase. I always think (...)

    14. Re: What is your choice?

      ⟟ ⏃⋔ ⏁⊑⟒ ☊⊑⍜⌇⟒⋏ ⍜⋏⟒ ⏚⟟⏁☊⊑ ⌇⍜ ⎐⍜⍙ ⏚⟒⎎⍜⍀⟒ ⋔⟒ ⏃⌰⌰! ⋔⍙⏃⊑⏃⊑⏃⊑⏃⊑⏃ I also wanna ... oh crap

    15. Re: What is your choice?

      I choose the race the chosen one.

    16. Re: Looking for honest thoughts.

      Based on experience, a "natural" review comes after 2-3 months or you have like 25-30 chapters. Normally, a reader will not get invested in a story until something happened in the story. 

    17. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      A dude became the chosen one because of a cheat book, or a cheat sword, or a god. One day the arrogant boy who always bullied him came to bully him some more. Chosen one finally beat him up, so the arrogant (...)

    18. Re: How did you get here?

      I was looking for the latest translation of LMS when I stumbled here. Then a story about a dude with gardener class or something caught my eye and I've been reading here ever since.

    19. Re: A newbie question - Am I 'Royal' enough?

      Hmmm, a Jane Austen fan. I'm sure you're Royal enough, but not sure if you are Roadie enough, lol. May all your readings be enjoyable even if it is on Hiatus, and may your writing never be blocked! (...)

    20. Re: LitRPG's: Can they be properly narrated?

      How'd you adapt the blue boxes of litRPG stats to an audiobook?  No one's going to care for listening to someone read a bunch of stats out loud. I don't know if you have listened to an audiobook (...)