1. Re: So the Slave Harem story is now top 5 on [Popular This Week]

      I'm just here to show off my Duck border This post makes more sense than the OP's point.

    2. Re: Do review swaps actually help?

      It's like sleeping your way into Hollywood.  It gets you noticed, but it won't bring you to the top.

    3. Re: A question regarding etiquette for bonus chapter releases

      The only etiquette I know about extra chappies is that you should keep your promises. However, I think it is too early to think about this plan since you have like 2 chapters, and one of them is an (...)

    4. Re: Why does my balls ache?? Answer me!

      Well, you should stop scratching for starters. And maybe you can wash it every now and... what? ... oh... OH! I'm sorry I didn't know it was just a clickbait.  About the other stuff, I don't have an (...)

    5. Re: LitRPG

       Like those weirdos who like psychological horror stories. Does that really make us weirdos? Some of those stories are excellent and even the ones that focus more on the actual horror aspects are (...)

    6. Re: LitRPG

      Look, Litrpg is like coffee. It's an acquired taste. You either like it, or you don't. You don't need to analyze us like lab rats just because we like something you don't. There is nothing to understand. (...)

    7. Re: LitRPG

      Do the majority of people who read this genre actually love this aspect of it? Yes. A lot.

    8. Re: First submission, could use a rule clarification.

      Normally, the mods will give you a generalized reason why a story is rejected. What did they say?  If you still don't know then go to the lower most right side of the site and you will see a "create (...)

    9. Re: People who only 5 star review should be banned or not allowed to review

      (shrugs) if you can make the casual readers read something less than 4 stars, then maybe your proposal is viable. Aside from that, I don't see any scenario that banning the mostly 5-star reviewers will (...)

    10. Re: 10 Followers! Yahoo!!

      Within a few weeks, you'll be posting: 1,000 Followers! Google!! :peoapproval:

    11. Re: Someone posted my novel on Kindle

      Is your story available here as well? If it is, then you can contact Amazon and claim that the story is yours IF the time you uploaded your story here is earlier than the time the other dude's story is (...)

    12. Re: Warning if you're trying to get your system apocalypse story onto amazon right now

      I'm actually surprised this happened only now after that idiot Kong tried to grab LitRPG from everybody with the excuse he doesn't want an outsider taking it. Or some crap. I've asked these same questions (...)

    13. Re: What would you say is the "acceptable limit" of words per chapter

      In terms of chapter length, comparing our works to those of "professional authors" is not a good idea. For one thing, they already have a completed book. So it doesn't matter that chapter 16 is less than (...)

    14. Re: One star review as first review, so deleted story

      Well, one thing you need to learn to become a real writer is to have thick skin. Good luck in Amazon. 

    15. Re: vs Royalroad?

      Thanks for the feedback BUT... you have NOT said which platform you are talking about. Doi you mean Web Novel or are you referring to Royal Road? If I remember this correctly, Webnovel is located (...)

    16. Re: No wonder Brandon Sanderson can't write fantasy!!!!!

      He's a hack, I tell you! A hack! He used to be my favorite author, but even while he was my favorite, I thought he spent too much time "explaining" the magic, and I felt his "magic" was pseudo science (...)

    17. Re: Why must there be A/THE "Chosen one"

      Well, it is the simplest reason why your MC is special enough to receive the system/cheat/relic and not anyone else in the rest of the world. Or even why he/she is transferred to another world to start (...)

    18. Re: Health bars make no sense

      Yeah. Mana bars are more realistic.

    19. Re: Full time workers. When do you find the time to write? What's your schedule?

      After dinner and after chores. Instead of youtube and facebook, I write about 15-30 minutes a day. It's also a good sleeping pill. When I can barely see, I go to bed and stronk out immediately. It works (...)

    20. Re: An Important Presidential Speech

      Naah. I'm good with my Penguin Overlord right now. You can keep your duck.