Emmy And Me

A good read, and a well told story.

Reviewed at: Summar Passes so Quickly.

I like the characters in the story, both with the pacing of their developing relationship MC, as well as their circle of friends.

It has its share of drama but the author does a great job of invoking the emotions in the situations and showing you the personality of the characters involved.

It really is a character-based story and they are fun to get to know.


Returning to No Applause, Only More of the Same

An interesting take on what might happen to a high power 'Isseki'd' MC after returning from that other world.

The Earth folks have been impacted while the MC was missing by various Monster portals, and changes brought by classes appearing in their society. I could see the situation occurring in the post 9/11 world in which we live today.

Being held somewhere on grounds of national security... wait already happening.

Metaworld Chronicles

Started reading book one by Amazon by chance, and consider it a lucky break for finding a darn good alternate earth read. Got the 2nd book on Amazon and then google lead me here when I wanted more, which was basically the same time I put down my kindle after finishing book 2.

Stories are driven by conflict.

There is lots of conflict in this novel, and it drags you in wondering what the price paid by the MC along their journey will be, and where it will lead. Some of it culture conflict with their expectations, some of it just their flesh memories conflicting with their 'soul' memories - which something I've not seen used much and was a good touch.

The story starts lightly, sets up the scene, sets up the MC, and paints a picture of their initial circle. Then it sets its heels in place, and as the MC is picking themselves up digs in its heels and gets moving, and really rarely stops.  

Its a dark fantasy setting but not heavy handed in its touches to let you know its a dark world without dwelling on the unneeded details, its written for people that know the world can be cruel, and unfair, and the world Gwen is in isn't a nice one or safe. Though she certainly meets some nice people along the way, she also meets enough folks seeking their pound of flesh in one way or another.  

Its a written as a web novel so some things will get repeated along the way, its the nature of the content refreshing the images in your mind from weeks ago when it was mentioned. I like the consistant voice the author used, and the fact change in POV were clear, and added details that helped you get the feel for the shoes others were walking in not just for the sake of word count.

In finishing its a bloody ripper of a series - thanks for all the hours of entertainment, looking forward to many hours to come.

Now to go read it again, cause there was a lot going on at times, and I'm certain  I didn't catch it all in one run through.