1. Re: Oh, hey... I made an account

      I may have doomed any of my free time into reading things on here (whenever that free time is between other obligations/goals).  Hooray?Doomed, or filled with fun reading material? :DrakanThinking: (...)

    2. Re: Introducing myself again for the bingo card. Hi there!

      (Very belated) Welcome! I gave writing a shot but, unspurisingly, I did not make much of it. How do people wield their words to write a coherent fiction is still a mystery to me. Good question, mainly (...)

    3. Re: Fresh blood

      (Belated) Welcome! Yes to more sci-fi! And that writing journey feels familiar to me. 😅 I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.

    4. Re: Hello!

      Welcome! These include two episodes of what my notes refer to as Law & Order: Dungeons & Dragons, Romeo and Troodon, and Moon Soviets.I love notes like this, where it makes perfect sense up until you (...)

    5. Re: Well hello there.

      Welcome! And good luck with Writathon! Though with 30k already under your belt it sounds like you're doing well with it. I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.

    6. Re: Wattpad Survivor Looking for a New Home

      Welcome! Never used Wattpad, and from the things I hear I'm kinda glad I never ventured onto it. I started out on (FFN) & fictionpress. Still use both and I wish that they overhauled their (...)

    7. Re: hey all

      Welcome! I think my tips would be to know your main plot beats, now these don't have to be detailed or fixed, but just have an aim of where you want to get to so that when you hit a stumbling block you (...)

    8. Re: Been meaning to join RR for a while now...

      Welcome! Omg, so many covers! I think RR recently added "volumes" as a feature that might be useful for a short story collection? I don't know. Honestly it's all author preference anyway so do what feels (...)

    9. Re: Oh, hey... I made an account

      Welcome! Who cares if it's mediocre (bet it's not though) so long as you're having fun and entertaining yourself & others? Though it is hard to find the time, but that's the nice thing about writing, is (...)

    10. Re: Introduction!

      Welcome! Everything I know about the website I put into the beginner's guide, don't think I have anything else to add. I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.

    11. Re: Hello guys!)

      Welcome! Checking out the recommendations sub-forum might yield some more specific results, but I heard good things about Hilda Finds a Home. I need more time so I can read stuff and actually make appropriate (...)

    12. Re: Salutations from a sneezing young Wattpad writer!

      Welcome! I think Edge Valmond answered your questions pretty succinctly. I hope you enjoy RR and your fictions find an audience.

    13. Re: Hiya there!

      Welcome! I know what you mean about binging. I think I get it more for video games than books, but it's so easy to fall into the "just one more ##" trap. I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an (...)

    14. Re: Hello all!

      (Belated) Welcome! Great cover! I hope you enjoy RR and your fictions find an audience.

    15. Re: A Neophyte's Introduction

      (Belated) Welcome! Progress is progress, 400 words a day is better than 0. Sure, you might want to write more a day, but don't discount small steps. And I too have relied a lot on searches to find synonyms. (...)

    16. Re: I feel like a kid in a candystore :O

      (Belated) Welcome! In my head pluto will always be a planet, regardless of the logical reasons for officially declassifying it. (I have a soft spot for mars ngl and an even softer one for my boi plutooooooo)I (...)

    17. Re: Hi, I was a bystander, and now I have my own fiction...

      (Belated) Welcome! I think it's natural to worry about introducing yourself to a large group of people, but honestly for the most part people on the RR forums are helpful and friendly. I hope you enjoy (...)

    18. Re: Hey Peeps! Didn't know this place was so huge!

      (Belated) Welcome! Gotta love that sweet sweet dopamine hit for XP & rep levels. 😅 Also, yeah, for some reason the notifications don't (always?) automatically turn on for threads you create. I hope (...)

    19. Re: I had no idea a place like this existed!

      (Belated) Welcome! Definitely the right place for fantasy. I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.