The Glorious Six (Six Chances)

Updated Review up to ch 88! Old review in spoiler tags. Ratings staying the same.

Okay, time to update my review with a couple of new thoughts. Part 1 was great. Really played with the title "SYNCHRONIZED Six". Part 2 was amazing. The emotional depth of the characters and their internal struggles, flaws, lies, and self-deception/illusion. "ILLUSIONARY" Six.  Mmmm good stuff. Fragmented Six? We shall see. 

Each part so far, while fitting into the whole of the story, feels unique in its own right. Like each 'feel' of each part matches with the feel of the focal-character/title of that story. I have high hopes for part three because Werner is the feature character lol.

Things are being revealed gradually, and we're learning things as the characters are learning them. I never know what to expect next. I also appreciate the longer chapters

10/27/20 (Review up to ch 56): What the title says. This is an unusual story to find on royalroad. It's like an indie song. Twenty one pilots or paramore before they got popular. It's unique in that sense. And I love uniqueness.

The story follows six people who suddenly find themselves psychically connected in a way that reminds of the French film In Your Eyes or Sense8--except the characters here have their own personal goals/motivations separate from one another that usually leads to them having a whole lot of conflict. Their interactions are top notch with all of them being clearly distinct form the other. The supporting cast is also entertaining to read but there are a lot of characters. Thankfully there's a guide to help you sort through that if you struggle with that kind of thing. And the supporting characters don't take too much time away from the main cast.

i can tell a lot of thought went into planning the plot. No fillers that I can see and even the "interludes" serve to move the plot forward. The six MCs have their own mini plot lines that contribute to a larger plot line of figuring out why they suddenly became psychically connected and why ELPIS (a terrorist organization in the world) is targeting them and what in the world a 'syzgy' is. The mystery tag is definitely there for a reason. 

If you enjoy complex characters, mystery, and people working through their differences to come together then this is the story for you!

no evil

This story has flair and style. There’s good chemistry between the main characters. And it’s just a very refreshing read compared to the cookie-cutter Isekais/LitRPGs on this site. Sad to see it dropped. It could have become something really amazing. Also, the cover art is beautiful. Eternally hoping for an update.

Romantically Apocalyptic

If I could give this story more stars I would. Here, we follow a cluster of unique characters navigating a (you guessed ) Eldritch-reminiscent, post-apocalyptic world. We have the straight man MC, the cloud cuckoo lander minion, and the enigmatic Captain. Watch them dodge monstrous eldritch abominations, watch them focus on a pair of snippy, snippy scissors, watch them monologue in Shakespeare like bunny rabbit lawyers. In other words, watch yourself become entertained.

The character dialogues are written in a way where I can just read the line and tell who’s speaking (and that’s not all just because everything is beautifully color coded).

When I first stumbled upon this story, I thought it was something akin to homestuck due to the way the dialogue was structured and the chaotic-ness and randomness of everything. It’s a much more self-contained story than that though, and it seems to be leading to a story that will truly be one of a kind. It’s like planned chaos but the good kind. It really is a unique and captivating, beautifully drawn story, and it was easy to get through to the end. And I’m really happy to see it rated so highly. It deserves it.

Something about this story just pulls you in right away. I’m not sure if it’s the stellar art, the quirky and unique characters, or the subdued yet somehow outrageous tone of the series. It’s just a feeling. And sometimes reading is just that. A feeling.