1. Re: What do you guys use the follow and favorite buttons for?

      And what criteria does a story have to reach to go on your favorites list? I’ve noticed that some people use the follow button for bookmarking and have thousands of follows! I know some people who actually (...)

    2. Re: New here

      Welcome! I see we have another Wattpad adventurer here. I hope you have a good time!

    3. Re: Looking for some superhero/villain stories.

      - Inheritors: Dark superhero, only a few chapters out on this site though - Graven: completed superhero - The Devil’s Foundry: Isekai superhero/supervillain story. Pretty unique - The Legion of Nothing: (...)

    4. Re: 3k....0.0

      Congrats!  :peolove:

    5. Re: 200 Chapters! 463k Words!

      Congrats! That’s quite an accomplishment!

    6. Re: The newest newbie

      Hello, Tien! Welcome! Good luck on your story!!

    7. Re: New to RoyalRoad!

      Welcome! Post-apocalyptic does pretty well here! Hope you enjoy your stay!

    8. Re: Cover Art Needed, a particular kind of style in mind (not sure if this is big ask)

      You could try this artist on Fiverr maybe? It’s kinda similar? Not too sure 

    9. Re: Hiya ^.^()

      Welcome! It sounds like you have a really busy life! Post-apocalyptic stories tend to do well here! Good luck! 

    10. Re: Hey everyone! I'm new

      Welcome! I tried reading on watt pad once but it was just too hard to navigate that site and find new stories. The genres you write fit right in! Good luck!

    11. Re: Introducing myself for real this time. I did as I said I would.

      Welcome! Cool to see an alchemy story pop up! Just a suggestion: you might want to hold off on spamming chapters all at once b/c you won’t get a lot of visibility that way and only the people on at that (...)

    12. Re: Yooooooooom Tah! Yoooooooooom Tah! It's Wigglytuff's Puzzle!

      I want to join the yoom tah club too :peocrying:

    13. Re: Yooooooooom Tah! Yoooooooooom Tah! It's Wigglytuff's Puzzle!

      Welllll, if we go with number of o’s = letter of alphabet then that ^ translates to “Dpef dsbdlfe” and I don’t think that’s right :peolaughing:

    14. Re: Greetings all

      Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!

    15. Re: Hi everyone!

      Welcome, welcome! A lot of new writers joining recently!

    16. Re: Post publishing web novel joy

      Welcome and congrats! It always feels good to have good support!

    17. Re: A drawing of a character in a fantasy book I am planning, plus what she looks like on the cover

      That looks amazing! The doors are wonderful! Were you the one who drew that?

    18. Re: Positive Feedback Feels Awesome

      Hurrah!  Congrats!