1. Re: When should I post, and how to make my work more accessible?

      I agree with everything Ariana said. It might be the genre that made your first one more popular. Those things ^ do help a lot!

    2. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      I’ve noticed that they actually added small little things that people were requesting in the forums without making announcements. Like, people were asking if they could hide their gender and a couple of (...)

    3. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      Yep, I feel like rep is only a small portion of this thread. There’ve a lot of interesting topics discussed here—even though the topic changes every 2 pages xD Looks like trending is under maintenance (...)

    4. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      Oh i dont know that I only know myself because I spend waaaaay too much forum lurking #nolife

    5. Re: Trump is the best president in the past 100 years!

      I don’t believe this type of political discussion is allowed in the forums. And I’m slightly miffed because I recognize someone here who made very not nice comments that led to The Nothing Mage eventually (...)

    6. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      They actually updated the requirements awhile back. You no longer need a cover and the date restriction is less. There was a thread about it a while ago. I reposted it on some forum. Let me grab it real (...)

    7. Re: High Fantasy original fiction based on Indian Mythology

      Welcome!! Good to see some more diverse authors coming to the site! Your story looks interesting! Also, ahhh! Don’t blast your story too much! Spread it out a little for more exposure! There’s a self-promotion (...)

    8. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      I was skimming so I didn’t see that part but that was probably a misspeak or something. Funny though lol

    9. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      I don’t really look at trending myself but I did see Darius. And yeah... the reviews are the sad™ Do you guys personally go through all the reviews before starting the story or do you just hop on after (...)

    10. Re: Hello

      Welcome. And good luck!

    11. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      Sometimes edge lord is good in proper doses lol

    12. Re: Professional Editor Interested in Reading Good Stories

      Reader here recc’ing books. Second Ogre’s Pendant  - More traditional fantasy  Knight & Smith - More traditional fantasy in an interesting world Second Graven - Dark superhero with complex characters (...)

    13. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      <—- always find this one passive aggressive for some reason.(...)

    14. Re: what does ff mean

      I always thought for pairings they put a ‘/‘ between it... like F/F or M/M or F/M  :peoconfused: And whatever letter/name is on top is the ‘dominant’ one of the pairing 

    15. Re: what does ff mean

      Always thought it was fanfiction 

    16. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      What’s this duplicate rep?? I’ve tried to comb back through the thread but can’t find anything about what it is xD I’m outta the loop!  I hope new and cool features are added with the next update though. (...)

    17. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      Is rep +20 possible for authors???  The rep laundering comments are hilarious 

    18. Re: The naughty kids of royal road

      Insanja hath arrived!!

    19. Re: New to Fiction Writing

      Welcome! JRPG and GameLit/LitRPG are quite popular here so if that’s where your interest lies, you’ll do great! I feel like writing is partially for yourself too! No shame in that! Hope you have a great (...)