1. Re: How is this site related to the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor?

      This site used to host translations for the moonlight sculptor and also fan fictions for it. It evolved from that though!

    2. Re: Thoughts on Writer's Arrogance? (Rant fuel)

      I don't think anyone dislikes hetero characters or homo characters. XD You'd be surprised. Off-topic, but... Yeah, I remember one time a really highly-rated/popular story on here—Nothing (...)

    3. Re: Question about reviews

      That does seem like a good idea, but I can also see it spiraling out of control sometimes culminating in lengthy review arguments similar to some of the arguments that pop up in the forums from time to (...)

    4. Re: Promote your favourite author or book.

      1. Graven Completed Bingeable  Fast-paced, action-packed Likeable characters  Thought out narrative with a certain bittersweet feel 2. Six Chances (Illusionary Six) 1k+ pages Bingeable (...)

    5. Re: How many Royal Road visitors actually have accounts?

      What is says on the tin.  How many active royal road users actually have accounts? Like what percentage/fraction, do you think? 

    6. Re: Focus on Scifi?

      You could try SpaceBattles Forums in its original fiction section or Sufficient Velocity also in its original fiction section. 

    7. Re: Review upvotes and downvotes - peculiar observation

      Fair point ^^. I was just saying it as an aside. I do like your like/dislike system idea. Maybe per chapter too or something. 

    8. Re: Review upvotes and downvotes - peculiar observation

      This is sort of an aside, but I’ve noticed a lot complaints about this in the forum lately. There are two active threads talking about it right now, and in the past couple of weeks there have been 3+ threads (...)

    9. Re: Why are negative reviewers being rewarded?

      I think there’s a dichotomy between the readers and writers on this site. They both expect different things. From what I’ve seen, more exposure => more ‘critical’ ratings but that’s how it usually works. (...)

    10. Re: Review upvotes and downvotes - peculiar observation

      I think it’s just easy for people to mass hate on things. Mob mentality is strong. For highly-rated, popular stories on this site, it might cathartic for people who are uncomfortable with other people’s (...)

    11. Re: Help me grow!

      Follower information isn’t available publicly so “follow for follow” doesn’t really work here. Engaging with readers in the author’s notes tends to work so does updating frequently. You can go to the review (...)

    12. Re: Free Review

      Not an author. Just here wishing you good luck with the reading list! You’re very generous!

    13. Re: Do not Review Trade With User "Editor"

      Looks like he either deleted his account or was banned. Rip.

    14. Re: Do not Review Trade With User "Editor"

      Well, whoever is leaving the 0.5* bombs is probably going to get caught by the rating/IP bots soon and have their account(s) banned, and the mods’ll remove the ratings. If nothing happens in a day or two (...)

    15. Re: Do not Review Trade With User "Editor"

      @OP The mods are usually very unbiased and understanding so what if what you’re saying is true then they will do what they can for you. They have all the data in their system and probably can track down (...)

    16. Re: Do not Review Trade With User "Editor"

      Woahhh @OP, calling people names isn’t a good way to try to get your point across. is giving a good suggestion to speak with the mods. If is review bombing your story, then they’ll take care of it. And (...)

    17. Re: Favorite Tropes?

      I like “found family” and “chekhov’s gun” and “heel-face turn” tropes. Subverted tropes (which become tropes themselves lol) are also things like that I like. Tropes make the world go round.

    18. Re: Review swap tag shows interesting information - am I being too skeptical?

      Even if review swaps were used to game the system and hop onto trending, the sites user base would balance that out (unless there’s the usual biased hype that appears surrounding particular genres in this (...)

    19. Re: "I can't stand xianxia"

      I’m an Asian American and “wuxia/xianxia stories/films/books” are a staple in our household, so I’ll just tell you how I see the whole thing from that lens.  Okay, so when I mean the genre is a “staple (...)