1. Re: storys with men loving men?

      You can go on this forum thread: And do ctrl+f “gay”or whatever you’re looking for. It’s a pretty decent list!

    2. Re: category or tags?

      Woah, I haven’t seen Naruto top a list in some time. I think, it tops several popularity lists, but not top-rated. FMA/SnK/Gintama always tops the list in its respective tags on all lists that I’ve seen. (...)

    3. Re: New to Royal Road, looking for found family recommendations?

      First off, welcome to RR! Hope you enjoy your stay! Here are two recommendations that come to mind Six Chances: psychological science fantasy, multiple POV if you’re okay with that, premise of the (...)

    4. Re: Hitting trending has actually been a curse

      I’m sorry that this happened. Honestly, I feel like a lot of users on this website can be very blunt and very rude (most of the rude/blunt ones don’t realize they’re being rude/blunt) compared to other (...)

    5. Re: Disabled anonymous ratings

      It's a few months old. There's been a great deal of talk about it on the discord. Unfortunately I wasn’t on this site in the olden days where discord was available to all  :peocrying:

    6. Re: Disabled anonymous ratings

      I noticed recently that certain stories on here have disabled anonymous ratings...  is this a new thing? I’m assuming its a beta thing that’s been kept quiet. Interesting.

    7. Re: Made some photoshop art of the Big Boss.

      I’ve never seen anything so majestic!

    8. Re: Six Chances, Character Art


    9. Re: Forgot the Title. OP Isekai where MC gangs on a god with his allies.

      I want to say In Loki’s Honor but it only hits the Loki point of what you’re asking for. Might as well give it a shot though

    10. Re: Nearly 100 reads in less than 15 days!

      CONGRATS!! I really need to catch up!

    11. Re: Popular stories with a large cast of viewpoint characters?

      I wouldn’t say it’s popular, popular but it’s on the ongoing fictions page—Six Chances. Six main view point characters (prince, first lieutenant , peacekeeper, chieftain’s daughter, swindler, pirate). (...)

    12. Re: Six Chances, Character Art

      Woahhh. Not expecting to see this here. 1. The children look so beautiful!! I really like the art style and Atienna’s (?) hair! Olive looks exactly like how I pictured him. She’s really talented. I (...)

    13. Re: Is the Marxist culture creeping into rrl?

      First off, this gives me vibes of this forum thread: HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF Secondly... why do people keep referring to things as Marxist when Marxism (...)

    14. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      Good thing you clarified your point @Astrowoud. Half thought you were delving into melanin theory for a second which is the yikes. But for more interesting points about melanin functionality, there’s this—- (...)

    15. Re: When should I post, and how to make my work more accessible?

      I agree with everything Ariana said. It might be the genre that made your first one more popular. Those things ^ do help a lot!

    16. Re: High Fantasy original fiction based on Indian Mythology

      Welcome!! Good to see some more diverse authors coming to the site! Your story looks interesting! Also, ahhh! Don’t blast your story too much! Spread it out a little for more exposure! There’s a self-promotion (...)

    17. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      I was skimming so I didn’t see that part but that was probably a misspeak or something. Funny though lol

    18. Re: Hello

      Welcome. And good luck!