1. Re: What I think of politics

      Interesting...  :DrakanFascinating:

    2. Re: releasing my first fiction

      Congrats!! Hope you’re having fun writing!

    3. Re: My third 0.5 in a row in a span of 2 wks

      That was kinda mean... Anyway, I feel like the only stories that do review swaps on here are the newer stories that don’t have that much of a following so they need encouragement/feedback. Larger stories (...)

    4. Re: How many words per chapter is TOO MUCH?

      The Wandering Inn which is one of the most popular stories on this site has chapters that are sometimes 20k words. One of my favorite stories on here sometimes has chapters above 8k+ words. Edit: and let’s (...)

    5. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      I haven’t come to this forum thread in months. Good to see it going strong still lol. Did the title of the thread change?

    6. Re: A newbie writer has appeared!

      Welcome to RR! I hope you have a great time and good luck with your story!

    7. Re: Does a writer have to be popular to be good?

      Most popular things (even most of the popular stories on this site) are very generic and average imo, but the producers of those things—writers in this case— have good knowledge on what vs what’s not marketable (...)

    8. Re: Writathon woo!

      Congrats all!

    9. Re: Let's Talk Chapter Lengths

      Yeah agree with Kurm. Chapter length doesn’t matter to me. As long as the author gets what they need to across. I mean, the Wandering Inn has MONSTROUS chapters but look at its following and popularity. (...)

    10. Re: What makes you dislike the MC?

      I don’t think it’s as simple as values life=BAD CHARACTER or kill kill no value life=BAD CHARACTER Realistically, people wouldn’t want to up and murder people until pushed to the absolute brink or if (...)

    11. Re: I think my review made someone quit the site

      Please keep in mind this is an amateur writing site. Some of the authors posting here could be in their teen years or younger. Constructive criticism is key. Constructive point, positive point, constructive (...)

    12. Re: I am a writeathon winner :D

      Congrats everyone!

    13. Re: Remote genre (wrt RR) stories

      You should definitely try Six Chances. It hits all of those beats and is a science fantasy in a diesel punk setting. It’s about these people who suddenly become psychically connected and start sharing (...)

    14. Re: My third 0.5 in a row in a span of 2 wks

      I'll never understand people complaining about an anonymous 0.5 stars review but being completely fine with good anonymous reviews. It's like they want all the benefits but none of the negatives.  :peoconfused: (...)

    15. Re: Human magic tournament

      Just to add on the drama. A writer friend of mine said she saw his story shoot up in rankings on topwebfiction. Around like 700 boosters or something—not even the most popular and active stories on here (...)

    16. Re: Are you okay with those unending stories?

      I like stories that end convulsively because I like when things are wrapped up nicely. But I understand the appeal of never ending stories especially with a younger audience 

    17. Re: My third 0.5 in a row in a span of 2 wks

      I’m okay with doing away with rating anonymity. Like I don’t feel scared as a reader about people seeing how I feel about or rate a story. It’s all an opinion like people have said. We could keep the rating (...)

    18. Re: Human magic tournament

      I think I know what you’re talking about. It was removed from the site after the author got banned for using bots. Looks like he caused trouble at TWF too and other sites, but the story is called Wizard (...)

    19. Re: "Cold Call" PMs Requesting Reviews - Your Experience and Whether They Should Be Encouraged or Banned

      Have you posted in a review swap forum before? Some authors might be skimming it in hopes of picking out people who are into review swaps and don’t want to post it publicly... or something? Idk. This has (...)