Death Loot & Vampires

As good a story as you will find here.  Great dialogue that is both believable and great fun. Its main character is a a vampire that keeps his soul. Despite being an actual monster he is a good man. So he only kills other monsters. 

This story has some serious world building.  It has many characters who come alive. The system itself is well done as well. 

Cannot recommend this story enough.  Will look at this author's other work since this was so good.

Humanity's Last Chance: Rise of The First Necromancer

Its the basic gamer apocalypse. Only our main character and 999 others get a sneek peek into it. They get an early start.  With perks that give them OP classes and new Races. 

While i personally prefer it when the Main character isnt just given OP status. I would like them to have to work for it. Its still fun. 

I always likes the necro class. So i am enjoying it. 

Can recommend 

Primordial Ascension - Sybil: A LitRPG Adventure

Very nice start.  Its very early for a review.  So we have a lot of mystery still. Lots of questions.  But its going very good. 

I would say the Main character is very lucky. She seems to get just what she needs when she needs it. 

Very good writing.  The author clearly knows when to tell whats going on. And when to let us see it. 

Can easily recommend.  

The Jester of Apocalypse

This is a time loop story. But a very realistic one. Just how messed up would you be to go to Hell and continually get killed over and over. Literly millions of deaths. 

So our MC learns how to fight. Gets extremely good at it. But there is always more time loop. This rightly has him a little off in the head.

The time loop is some very impressive writing. Its got some serous character development.  Just not in a nice way. 

Once he gets out of the time loop the story looses a little bit to me. Ita still fun. But i liked the loop better. 

Still can easily recommend this. 

Return of the System [Progression, Litrpg]

Why do authors have their Main Character be so stupid. I get that it helps them twist a plot in a way that they want it to go. But i dont want to read a story with a main character who makes worse decisions than a 12 year old. 

I am actually insulting 12 year olds with this comparison here. This guy is a complete idiot. 

Road to Mastery: A LitRPG Apocalypse

A system comes to earth. Our MC gets trapped in a high level dangerous zone. 

He gets a cheat and uses it to become OP. i have read a several  variations of this story. 

It is a good read, but unoriginal.  If you love this plot then go ahead and start it. 

Power Initialization [Power Crafting LitRPG]

This could have been an all time great story. The plot is fantastic.  Everyone on earth gets a new system of superpowers.  Can you imagin the chaos. Unfortunately the author cant. So many ways this could have went. And it goes teenage angst. From the cliche bullying to the cliche federal agents.  So annoying.  

Deckmaster (A Card-Based LitRPG)

It has a mc that is actually making smart decisions.  He isnt perfect, he will make a mistake. But he learns from his mistakes and gets better. 

Nice world building.  With a diverse cast of characters. His deck is kinda underwhelming.  But it is a starter deck. So it at least makes sense.  

So far its a ways into the story and we arent out of the tutorial.  So the pacing is a little slow.  But still a great story. Can recommend it. 

All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

Some priests at a magic tower decide to summon some arch demon. Instead they get a sentient roomba. It likes humans, and sees them as its masters. It only wants to clean. 

We see several hints of a grander world. With a kingdom under attack which is why the priests was trying a summons in the first place. 

But we dont really care about those little plot points. Just want more Spot. 

Designated Healer

Its a good story,  but it isnt great. Vivian is a good character.  She wakes up in a ruin temple. Gains a Healer class and uses it to gain some friends.  While the story will entertain you. Its a little hard to get into. Not a lot of drama. But it is kinda early so maybe it picks up a bit.