Psycho Duel Revelations: [A Deckbuilding LitRPG Apocalypse]

Psycho Duel Revelations: (...)
by Matador (Terrell Garrett)
365 pages

Walt Harmon, a disgraced card game pro and burnt out math prodigy, is just a year out of rehab. He's working as a delivery driver when portals open up around the world during a solar eclipse, ushering in the apocalypse. 

And the apocalypse comes in the form of Psycho Slingers, card game duelists from another Earth who will be using our reality as the battlegrounds for the Slaystone World Championships, a deadly card game where spells, magic, and monsters become real.

When Will gets hold of a Starter Deck, can he learn the game well enough to defend himself against the Psycho Slingers and save the people he loves? 

Psycho Duel Revelations is Yu-Gi-Oh! meets The Stand in this exciting new story from the author of Monster Menu. It's a Deckbuilding Apocalypse for fans of card games and LitRPG apocalypse fiction.

Release schedule is three days a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

This is a work in progress. Major editing will be performed as the volumes come together. There will be typos and parts that might make no sense. Please feel free to point any of these parts out! I keep a spreadsheet of all the cards and I'm trying to keep all the numbers consistent and in check, but I anticipate mistakes that will need correction. Chapters will be edited.  

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A Summoner Awakens [A Card-Based GameLit Progression Fantasy]

A Summoner Awakens [A (...)
by Kerberos
404 pages

Can't a man maintain his dignity while preparing for the end of the world? Is that too much to ask?

The Tower was all I knew... all any of us knew, and just like that, it was gone. Monsters the likes of which I'd never seen ravaged the land of my ancestors. They burst through the outer walls and stormed the city. No one could have been ready for that. But now... Now I have a second chance. 

After the collapse of the known world, I woke up to find myself on the First Floor of the Tower. I was young and healthy, 18 again, and sitting in the same classroom that marked the worst days of my life. Confused and excited, I accepted this gift, deciding to use my vast knowledge of the future to climb the Tower in preparation for the end of the world.

Maybe I'll help some folks along the way? Who knows. Survival comes first.

The clock is ticking, and I'm left with only a century to build a Deck powerful enough to survive the end. Things to do... What's first? I need Essence, and I need power. I'll have to climb the Tower to acquire both of these. Some of the zealots will try to stop me, need to look out for those. What if-

"Hey, kid! Hand over the pouch or-"


Sorry, where was I? Ah... there's a spot of blood on my suit. What a lousy morning.

In this world of blood and fantasy, century-old Rowan Wilder has to not only survive, but thrive as he powers his way to the top of the Tower. The Demonic Plague that has twisted the creatures on the upper Floors is the least of his worries. Cane in hand and Summons by his side, he'll have to tear his way through the monsters, as well as the humans who want to stop his ascent. Of course, he can maintain a sense of decorum while he faces these trials, right? 

Release Schedule: Mondays and Fridays. Word count is typically between 3500-5500 per chapter (12-20 pages, give or take)

Discord Link:

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The Elementalist [A Progression LitRPG Novel]

The Elementalist [A Progression (...)
by Danjor
191 pages

This is a LitRPG progression novel I am writing for fun check it out and drop a follow if you like what you see!

The world was thrown into chaos as humans all over the planet were taken to participate in the Trials. A contest to separate the strong from the weak. Each human was given the chance to prove their will and grow in order to survive. Little did everyone know that before this all happened certain individuals were taken to test out the system. Tide was one of those individuals and sadly failed to survive. Instead of dying he was just brought back into the main event when everyone else began. Having a second chance to do better Tide prepares himself for what is to come.

I am writing this book for fun and as a hobby! While I want it to have serious topics and struggles, I just want to tell a fun story that people can enjoy alongside me! 

If you are looking for a polished novel on its way to being published, you probably won’t like mine. 😅

Ps. cover image isn't mine. I am just using it as a place holder for now. \

        PS. PS. this is going to be an edit/reupload of a novel that I dropped 4 years ago.

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Reclaimer: Nephilim [Portal Fantasy]

Reclaimer: Nephilim [Portal (...)
by Hannibal Forge
671 pages

When the Empire fell, it signalled the end of an era of enlightened reason, peace, and prosperity for the Realms.

In its place, the fanatical godsworn zealots of the Grand Ascendancy arose to take the Prime Material in their dogmatic grip.

A Hero was needed. The System sought one across dimensions, across universes.

It found Alex Crosswood.

Dragged with brutal intensity from his above average, peaceful, and boring life in England, he must learn to navigate this new world quickly.

Undead, zealots, and ancient creatures of a magnitude he cannot fathom await him in the Realms.

If he is to succeed in the quest for which he was chosen, he must grow stronger. He must progress. He must level. He must cultivate.

More than anything, he must discover what it means to be a hero... and what it costs to protect what matters.

For in the Realms there are no shelters for the weak, no safe zones, and no second chances.

In a land of might and magic controlled by fickle gods, strength is the only currency that matters...

Unless Alex can Reclaim the Mantle, and bring back the dream that was Elysea.

Preface: I will update when I want to. Most likely Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but that is subject to change both based on my availability and my desire. I will not commit to a schedule. It puts too much pressure on me, and kills my love for writing.

This is a passion project. There is a lot more explained in the Foreword in Chapter 00, so please read that. I guarantee most if not all future 'complaints' can be addressed there before they're even made.

Please enjoy this story, and leave any constructive feedback you desire. It helps me to keep writing. I am neither a professional nor even that good at writing, so please be kind.

Discord link here!


Series Recommendations:

Unbound by Nicoli Gonnella

A New World. A Thousand Threats. Welcome to The Continent.

Felix's life on Earth had become a series of dead-end jobs, ruined relationships, and rotating apartments smaller than most postage stamps. By all accounts, even his own, he was a coward. Too afraid to move forward, to take risks. Yet when given the chance to choose between risking his life or walking away from a deadly encounter, he didn't hesitate.

Moments before his untimely demise, Felix was snatched from earth and thrust into a magical world known only as ‘The Continent’. Empowered by the ‘System’, he learns that he can strengthen himself through combat and dedication. To survive he'll have to push himself beyond his limits, or else fall to the monsters all around him.

Levels, stats, and magic. Death is the start of a terrible fate, but if he lives…no one knows what he will become.

Wraithblade by S. M. Boyce

Connor Magnuson is going to conquer Death itself.

A penniless drifter, Connor has survived the last eight years alone in a cursed woodland teeming with monsters that eat grown men whole. Shunned, forgotten, and with nowhere else to go, he looks death in the eye every night and draws his sword to face it. The forest, after all, burned the fear out of him long ago.

Still, it hasn’t hardened the last shreds of his heart quite yet. When Connor hears a mysterious girl scream in the middle of nowhere, he ends up in a brutal battle that nearly costs him his life. His bravery does not go unrewarded, and in the aftermath of the fight, he finds himself bonded to the most infamous enchantment the world has ever seen: the Wraith King. The undead abomination grants him godlike power, but legendary magic always comes with a cost. Even as his fellow outcasts flock to him for help, Connor is branded as an outlaw. Kings and lords alike know where the wraith has gone, and they’ll slit his throat to take it from him. To them, a peasant like Connor is unworthy. He's a mistake to be corrected, and nothing more.

But Connor is no ordinary man, and he’ll drag those hunters to hell with him if that’s what it takes to protect what is his.

Disclaimer: If you don't like it, that's okay. I hope you enjoy it for what it is. All work is (c) Hannibal Forge 2022 onward.

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The Seam - Part One of ‘Texas Accelerated’

The Seam - Part One of (...)
by Cashew
9 pages

Part One is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

When the people of Waxahachie, Texas wake to find themselves cut off from the rest of the world and surrounded by an unfamiliar and dangerous wilderness, they must work together to survive and unravel the cause of the mysterious 'seam'. 

Part One of Texas Accelerated 

This story is a fun, pop sci-fi adventure. There are no litRPG elements. If you like cool creatures, fun dialogue, and survival/disaster escapades, then consider following. 

If you like my writing, check out my take on a LitRPG, Non Player Character

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Dawn of the Void - a LitRPG Apocalypse

Dawn of the Void - a (...)
by pwtucker
1.4k pages

Tragedy had reduced James to a nobody. Washed up and homeless in NYC, he thought his life was over.

Then a message appeared in his vision:

60,000 year countdown has ended
Nemesis 1 released
Please acknowledge

As the world falls apart, as billions die, as society collapses and all hope seems lost, James discovers a powerful truth: he was wrong to think himself a nobody.

With the dawn of the Void, he'll become the most important person to have ever lived.

Release Schedule: 5 Chapters a week; Mon-Fri.
Dawn of the Void is ONLY published on Royal Road and my Patreon. Please notify me if you find it elsewhere.

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Hellion [A Demon Progression Story]

Hellion [A Demon Progression (...)
by Jack0fheart
194 pages

Helios was content with the hand life dealt him. He had a good job, a nice house, and everything he could ever ask for, except a partner to share it with.

One morning, on his usual commute to work that all quickly changed. The earth split open and demons spewed forth from the depths of Hell. Helios watched in abject horror as hapless bystanders were caught in the clutches of demons before being mercilessly torn into pieces. 

And then the sun went out...

Death was only the beginning.

What to expect:

⚠️ Takes place in Hell after MC is reincarnated as a demon.

⚠️ Progression from the lowest tier of demon society all the way to the upper echelons of Hell.

⚠️ Epic battles and fight scenes!

⚠️ Explores demonic lore, their physiology and the magic of true names!

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by Oxylus
899 pages

Mana exists and, somehow, seems to have a purpose, beginning with its arrival triggering a cosmic event that burst through numerous realities, bringing upheaval and turmoil to all within its path…

Transported from Earth under mysterious circumstances, Sloane and her daughter Gwyn arrived in the world of Eona only to discover they had been separated from each other. Forced to venture on a desperate quest to find one another, mother and daughter each embark on magical adventures, filled with untold wonders and fantastical beings. They undertake their journeys across a continent rife with power struggles, where ancient kingdoms and guilds are in disarray, scrambling to adapt to the arrival of magic in their world. 

A hardware engineer by trade, Sloane must use skills learned over a long career to craft any edge she can against beings who have thrived using weapons long since obsolete on Earth. Perhaps mana will provide the answers she needs.

Mon | Thur

Art by: Vicki

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Thera: The Mystic Turtle

Thera: The Mystic Turtle (...)
by MelasDelta
194 pages

The Mystic Turtle. 

They stand with the Elder Dragons and the Spirit Dryads as creatures of legend. Timeless. Immortal. They live solitary lives, drawing power from their own soul. They are the hermits of the sea, their power unmatched in the ocean. Yet, this power is not attained easily, for as Thera will learn, the life of a baby Mystic Turtle is full of trials and tribulations...

She will scour ancient sunken ruins, face the dangers lurking in the depths of the sea, and, perhaps one day, grow to become a Mystic Turtle that surpasses even legend.

Unfortunately on hiatus due to my time constraints.

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All The Skills - A Deckbuilding LitRPG

All The Skills - A Deckbuilding (...)
by HonourRae
202 pages

In a world where all magical spells have been captured into cards, those who can build a deck have the most power.

The most Arthur could ever hope for was to someday earn a trash-tier spell card. When fate grants him a legendary Master of Skills card, he's thrust into a world of opportunity and danger.

To survive and grow strong, Arthur must learn skills. All the skills. 

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The Ones Not Chosen - A Litrpg Apocalypse

The Ones Not Chosen - (...)
by J. T. Smith
266 pages

Wheelchair-bound and terminally ill, Clover wanted nothing more than to live a normal life. However, fate had other plans for him. On the worst night of his life, the System violently appeared, scrambling the Earth's geography and creating hordes of monsters. 

Amidst the chaos, he now has only one goal: Raise his Level high enough to fix and cure all the problems his failing body was plagued with.  

There's only one problem with his grand plan: How is a skinny guy in a wheelchair supposed to slay dragons and win sword fights?

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Skadi's Saga (A Norse-Inspired Progression Fantasy)

Skadi's Saga (A Norse-Inspired (...)
by pwtucker
1k pages

An obscure jarl’s daughter will rise to wield the power of the gods

The old order is collapsing. The Archean Empire devours all in its path, toppling kings, razing cities, and massacring any that oppose it. Sweeping into the north, a land of brutal cold, ragged mountains, and dark myths, they believe their infamous discipline will crush the white-hot rage of its sea reavers and dreaded berserkers.

And at first they are right. 

But their invasion dislodges a pebble that is destined to become an avalanche. When Skadi Styrbjörnsdóttir is forced into exile to escape the Archeans, she begins a journey that will bring her to the attention of the gods, arm her with legendary weapons, and set her against immortal foes. 

Wielding the power of her ever-growing wyrd, Skadi seeks to avenge her people, and in doing so defy the world-devouring Archean Empire—and one day destroy it.

Content Warnings are selected to give me artistic freedom down the road.
Release Schedule: 5 chapters per week, Mon-Fri.
This web novel is only posted on Royal Road.
See my Amazon author page for other works of epic and progression fantasy.

World Map

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