Proxy's saga

Proxy's saga

    1. Re: What ruins a great character?

      I think it does come down to inconsistency. If the character comes to learn something, change, or even have their worldview altered only for it to be thrown out the window in favor of a scenario, or out (...)

    2. Re: References.

      I would, but I hate JOJO references. So to stay consistent with this hate, I will not.

    3. Re: Help getting onto Rising Stars

      First, you need a sacrifice to appease the masses of RoyalRoad. Second, give me $20. This is totally a part of the road to Rising Star and definitely not a scam to line my pockets for my crippling Funko-pop (...)

    4. Re: Do you guys read webcomics?

      Not too many, only about 3 of them, those being: God of High School, Tower of God, and Hardcore leveling warrior, the latter being my favorite.

    5. Re: How do you choose the next book you want to read?

      I'm kinda wanky about what I choose to read at times. I've been trying to find more stuff to read on this site since I'm finding more time to do so.

    6. Re: The OST of your story

      I write scenes with tons of game osts' in mind. Mainly: Fist of the North Star Ken's rage 1&2, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, and some The World Ends With You music. And, the best of them all, from a visual novel (...)

    7. Re: How do you release your chapters?

      At a weekly pace, usually at 7:30 P.M., This gives me the time to write new chapters, edit them, then release them and go on a new one.

    8. Re: Goals

      I guess my goal is to keep going with my story and continue to improve on my skills. Nothing too new.

    9. Re: Badass moments in stories

      Moon knight (2014) Issue #5... There is no badass moment, the whole damn issue is badass. Not to say that the rest of that run isn't good, because it is more than good.

    10. Re: Notorious literature: could you do the same?

      Probably, but it's would have to be something outrageous, and then, I don't want people taking it seriously; because if you're gonna read something bad, have fun with it at least.

    11. Re: An Important Presidential Speech

      The only ducks I accept are from Regular show, and they can form a giant robot. So unless these "duck overlords" can do the same, I'll be waiting for the dolphins to take over the world, thank you very (...)

    12. Re: What meme has done irreparable damage to your imagination?

      None, they more or less plague the inner depths of my mind dungeon, coming to the surface oh so rarely.

    13. Re: What is your favourite tea?

      Lemon tea, goes down the throat just right. I've been getting used to herbal tea recently. It tastes a bit off, but I'm getting a taste for it.

    14. Re: Worst stories one has read.

      Ready Player one... 

    15. Re: Is anyone inspired by an anime called: Black Clover?

      Not really, but I like that its quick pacing, and the art style alone is more than enough to read it. Personally, I'm inspired by stuff like HunterxHunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, and a bit of Fate series.

    16. Re: Lore time.

      Yep, gives me the opportunity to use all 2 of my brain cells, pushing them to the brink of death.

    17. Re: Why do you write?

      To appease the voices in my head that crave violence. But to be serious: cause it's fun to bring the ideas in my head to life, seeing how I had them floating inside my mind dungeon for years, and watching (...)

    18. Re: The lowdown on Love Triangles?

      I'll be low-key and say love triangles 99% of the time aren't good. Now, this isn't to say that they are inherently bad, but like all things in life, solid execution is a must; because if it's bad, then (...)

    19. Editing done...for now.

      Honestly, this was grueling and time-consuming, but I did it. I edited about 32 or something chapters so far, and I gotta be honest, it put me behind uploading new stuff, so I'm gonna focus on uploading (...)

    20. Re: Teeth. Again.

      They are creatures beyond our feeble comprehension, and their teeth are their prized weapons of choice.