1. Re: Review Swap : Isekai world-hopping harem adventure!

      Hello, I will be done for a swap. Sure thing! you want an advanced or regular? I'll match whichever you'd prefer.

    2. Re: Review Swap : Isekai world-hopping harem adventure!

      I've got a new story up, just hit 10K words, and am looking to get some tasty reviews. It is, as the title implies Isekai (lots of world hopping, and multiple worlds) with our MC trying to manage relationships (...)

    3. Re: character flashbacks?

      If I can offer an alternate suggestion. Don't. Don't dig into their memories. Don't talk about their history. Don't talk about previous events, in any level of detail. If it isn't happening now, (...)

    4. Re: Old-fashioned fantasy language too archaic?

      I like the feel of it, but I think using speech patterns in interesting ways is really fun in and of itself. I had an experimental dialog system in one of my fictions on this site. (it was trying to write (...)

    5. Re: The perfect comment

      Something Specific. Not sure if I care if its good or bad.  But a pointed comment about a specific thing in the chapter. Thought something was funny? Think some specific thing is confusing? Not sure (...)

    6. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      I'd submit that the story has to have the lowest steaks possible, the lowest movement possible, the least change possible, with a boring character. As, those things in the reverse are kind of the things (...)

    7. Re: How do you make your characters feel consistent?

      And, Just as a side note, I had another thought occur I thought I'd lay out here. What is the test you can perform to show that you know a character (or a real person for that matter) really well? (...)

    8. Re: How do you make your characters feel consistent?

      I actually do play DnD but my characters are usually self-insert, me X 2, or a past version of myself. Often either with an aspect of myself I want to explore but cant (such as crafting, stabbing things/people, (...)

    9. Re: Confidence in your writing.

      Shit. I know the stuff I post is subpar, needs edits, and its polarizing style wise. I've learned I'm going to catch flak for my style. I enjoy spinning yarns and when some one does like it, I get those (...)

    10. Re: Alternatives to the 5-star system?

      I think as long as the ratings, are tied to the stories visibility, the system is going to be gamed. Reviewers (and Authors since it seems like most reviewers are swaps around these parts) are going to (...)

    11. Re: How do you make your characters feel consistent?

      I think my main issue is just not being able to relate to or understand other perspectives Then I'd suggest a way to practice that. The first find a way to practice acting. Now finding opportunities (...)

    12. Re: How do you make your characters feel consistent?

      Probably depends on what vehicle in the writing you're using to use to portray their character. What are they doing that's supposed to reflect their personality. I feel like a lot of my characters are (...)

    13. Re: Take a survey for an assignment, get a review.

      I'd prefer the survey, but if you need more interview segments I'll pitch in. If so, just pitch me a PM and we can sort it out for discord. Also, I am just now planning to start another story, so, if (...)

    14. Re: In Medius Res

      In medias res (with an A, just so you know; I'm not judging, just being a stickler) Appreciated, and Noted. At any rate, I get, that its common advice, as many of you have mentioned, and that (...)

    15. Re: I need help researching a character. Tell me about life in the Midwest.

      I'd say mileage may vary with Bad guys.  Family, is a strong force, and groupings are tight, so if they're bad, but in your group, so long as its NOT directed at group members it can get swept under the (...)

    16. Re: I need help researching a character. Tell me about life in the Midwest.

      I heard he was dating the town bicycle OMG. It's been ages since I've heard someone use that phrase.  I damn near married one once. She was so sweet. But what a nymph. 😁 They very nearly always (...)

    17. Re: I need help researching a character. Tell me about life in the Midwest.

      I want to know what its like to live in a town so small you know almost everyone. You have to be more specific here, especially in regards to the high school. There are two kinds of 'small towns' (...)

    18. Re: In Medius Res

      I'm currently planning a new fiction, and am currently toying with several ideas one of which is starting, with the style mentioned in the title. I'm just curious what other authors on here think, in regards (...)

    19. Re: How do you stay motivated / on schedule?

      I'm a firm believer that motivation is...useful but not really desirable. Discipline is better. So what it sounds like to me, is you want good habit advice. If you wanna just read a couple of books (...)

    20. Re: Swapping from first to third person

      I think it can work, depending on what kind of framing device you use.  Having the majority be third person, with like first person VLogs or Diaries might work. But I'd say you'd need a specific framing (...)