1. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      16 Yeah. I'll give rep to every constructive comment in my chapters. And the "just thank you"s. Maybe I should refrain from giving full rep for those in the future, but I'm so happy that they comment (...)

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      18 I think I have to apologise.  :peocrying: I had the Mug... I liked to use it to drink my daily dose of virgin blood... but... I accidentally dropped it one day... and it broke. I'm so sorry! Please (...)

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      Equality, Growth, and Positivity! 4 Yeah, isn't it peculiar that the odd numbers get no representation at all? So much for equality...  :peocrying: Well, now we'll have to wait until we hit zero (...)

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      1 And nobody expected the return of the Uneven Rebellion! What is dead may never die!   :DrakanGlasses:

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      1 Long live the Uneven Rebellion!

    6. Re: Poor Ratings Spree?

      Well, my story isn't LGBT at all... at least I don't think so?  :peoconfused: And I still was hit in the same 'Spree'.  The only thing this did was making me think twice before I comment on any new controversial (...)

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      If you remember Asvil, all went to shit like 50 pages ago when we started to do it. Also, it climbs way to slow. 10 It 'went to shit'? What happened?  :peopanic: But I like slow changes more than (...)

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      4 I joined in like Sept/Oct and they were in the positive hundreds somewhere. So no. 🤣 Puh... that's relieving to know. So I'm not morally obliged to try and keep it positive. Just some friendly counting. (...)

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      4 So... this thread is supposed to influence reality somehow?  :peoconfused: Unrelated question... were the numbers in the negative for the whole of 2020? Asking for a friend.

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      2 Stalemate?  Is this a competition? I thought we were doing some friendly counting here?  :peodistress:

    11. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story 79,000 words Synopsis Good old Reality… A Game of Life, Death and Evolution. The oldest pastime in Existence, it entertained its audience for aeons. (...)

    12. Re: Free Reviews

      Thank you for the Review and the Feedback!  That was far faster than I expected.  :peohello: A hopefully healthy and stable 2021, everyone!

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      6 Happy New Year! I see, people are sober enough to properly count again. ^^

    14. Re: offering comments and occasional reviews for fun

      Well, I'm told that the characters are one of the if not the best part of my story.  It is a continuous reincarnation fantasy fiction. There are light litRPG-elements, but not enough that I'd call it (...)

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      Wow, that is a really nice offer! I'd generally be interested. More in the feedback than Review-points to be honest. ^^ But I'm concerned that 15,000 words won't really be enough to get to 'the good (...)

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      Would that have happened around 6:00 (RR time) on 12/28/20? I know the question wasn't for me, but my latest one was around that time. The one before that was on Christmas Eve. ^^

    17. Re: Happy New Year

      Happy New Year! Well, it is 1:45 am here and I haven't woken up yet, so... maybe not a fever dream after all? 

    18. Re: Would any of these story titles interest you enough to read them?

      To be honest, I think all of them could make a good story. It all depends on how you write it. ;) Jar-Jar Lucas sounds a bit much like a Star Wars parody for my personal tastes, but the general idea (...)

    19. Re: Looking for a story like 'Fodder'

      Fodder Meaning, I'm looking for a story where a morally pretty trashy person gets reincarnated as a trash mob. It doesn't have to be reincarnation. Could also be a trash mob being more intelligent than (...)

    20. Re: One of the Biggest Mistakes in Writing

      I never really understood this tendency to self-insert as a reader when reading a first-person story. When I read a first-person pov, it is as if an acquaintance tells me what he did since we saw each (...)