1. Re: Are there other good sites out there to post your work and increase visibility/followers?

      but if your goal is to gain followers, cast a wide net, and ideally start a writing career if you build up enough followers If your goal is to gain an audience, you have to hit rising stars on (...)

    2. Re: Some authors also offer the option of donating through Paypal. Is it good to have Paypal also or is Patreo(...)

      I've had a paypal donation button for years and not a single person on royal road clicked it. patreon only works because it offers people ahead chapters in exchange for moneys.

    3. Re: How long did it take you to gather a following?

      To all the authors out there on Royal Road, how long did it take for you to reach what you consider a significant following? With this completely new account, I reached 4400 readers in two months. (...)

    4. Re: Another stolen work thread!

      Just posted a real-fake chapter to see if their bot scrapes it too or if there's an actual human checking these, Mwa ha ha ha. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/46709/enduring-good-the-rationalists-guide-to-cultivation/chapter/812551/40-an-algorithm-bamboozling-tale-that-doesnt-exist (...)

    5. Re: Another stolen work thread!

      Okay, so apparently the takedown works IF you give their shitty website your email/facebook and make an account. However, this will only remove your book from the site but not thousands of others that (...)

    6. Re: Are Pirating Sites Actually Something to Worry About?

      So, we've had lots of threads lately about pirating. Is this actually something that authors need to be concerned about? Yes. Amazon bot will very likely flag you down if your book is on East-Tale, (...)

    7. Re: Another stolen work thread!

      They stole my book too. Sending DMCA to this scummy website is 10'000% guaranteed to be absolutely useless, do not bother with that. How do I know this? They're straight up deleting my facebook posts (...)

    8. Re: What it means to enjoy writing? Or more specifically, what you enjoy about writing.

      I enjoy how I can do writing anytime, anywhere, unlike my other job which is drawing. For example I can write down the street on a beach even after a snowstorm: https://i.imgur.com/6HWQtJR.jpg Or (...)

    9. Re: I feel authors with overly liberal mindsets can't write realistic characters or plots

      TLDR: Authors who think humans/people are fundamentally good will invariably write stories/characters that don't make sense. Uhhh.... Who are you even addressing here? Most of the big writers (...)

    10. Re: Ratings should be public

      I know where this is goin step one make ratings public, step two lynch everyone who rates .5 :p

    11. Re: Critique and the point of writing on a site like RoyalRoad

      What is the point of posting your novel on a site like this one, if you can't accept any form of critique? When someone leaves a comment, that means someone read what you wrote and it impacted them (...)

    12. Re: Why do people like LitRPG?

      It's hard enough to write, writing + system design is twice as hard, so it seems book is twice as awesome! :p

    13. Re: I just noticed that most novels in to rising star have incredibly long title, maybe I should do the same.

      Lol Pretty sure I greatly contributed to this trend and my long-ass title is in reference fun of this meme: https://i.imgur.com/vvfGVKn.jpeg

    14. Re: Story Growing Slowly: Should I Give Up?

      Historically, are there stories on RR that grew slowly into fame? Or is that a pipe dream? Yes. There are. Not a lot, since most authors give up if they don't make it immediately, but they exist. (...)

    15. Re: How to get readers?

      I've been writing well, but I haven't really been ultra-super impressed by the amount of readers. Is there something I'm doing wrong here, either in-book or out? I had some stuff to deal with and took (...)

    16. Re: Things that are popular

      All of royal road is technically absolutely indie... so the most popular book on here is tiny in comparison to published books in big shops or even authors outside of it who have their own following. RR (...)

    17. Re: How do You Get Yourself into the Mood for Writing?

      Coffee + taurine. that is all. nothing else is required

    18. Re: How many followers is a normal amount of followers to gain after posting chapter 1 of your story?

      Really depends on your cover: With a nice cover that took me a few days to draw I got 10 new readers right away. With a garbage sketch that I drew in 5 minutes one I got... exactly zero.

    19. Re: Talking to writers has made me jaded

      I don't know what it is and I KNOW that not every writer is like this... But I'm so tired of talking to people who are 'writers' who lament they love writing and they do lots of writing but can't write (...)

    20. Re: To all authors: don't give up if you're demotivated. Press on, rewrite, or start a new story. Whatever it (...)

      While I do appreciate the good intention behind the words...  I can't help but see a lot of Survivorship bias behind them.  Plenty of people are doing or have done the same exact things...  And, will (...)