Mr Alex666

Mr Alex666

Metaworld Chronicles

As of chapter 107 it's a good bing-read. I have pushed it back for a good year, but finally gave it a chance. And don't regret it.

There is enough drama - and not the flat teen-"drama" - enough suspense and useable characters with a solid writing style. 

Style: Onereason I waited to read the novel was because it looked somewhat as a typical teen-manga/anime. It is not. There are teens, but they aren't the sole focus and they are not the centre of the universe. We do get to know the teens, and what they do, but they are not the instant saviours of mankind (they are normal teens with magic, every last monster could eat them for breakfast). I do especially like the reason, why the MC doesn't behave like a useless teen.

Story: the other reason I pushed reading it back was because i thought it was another teen-saves-the-day while having teen angst episodes. It is not! If there is angst, it's because some nasty thing is eating their legs. So far, the story was consistent without plot armour or deus-ex-machina. The basic story is nice to read, even the Island arc (maybe a bit rushed and "easy", but still good). The China-Arc (so far) feels a bit forced, but can still be rationalised.


Grammar: not to much glaring mistakes (I'm not a native speaker), but there are still some typos and hard-to-understand sentences. I did only gave 4,5 because of those, but overall, its solid


Character: well, here its harder. The Main Character is good, prodigy of a dangerous element, with a well-written background and well-developed (no, I don't mean just the looks ;) ). The supporting cast, not so much. You got the stereotypical anime-crew. I don't feel much attachement to them, but at least an effort was made to give them background and some needs and wants. The "older" supporting cast (they are nearer my age than the main gang) I strangely feel even less attachement to (please kill off that Gunther) and when politicking kicks in...


Everything counted, its a solid novel, good for a binge-read. Give it a try!

Whispers of A Dead Empire

Finally a dungeon that has a "story" behind it, not just hordes of random monsters doing monster things.

I do like the promise and the story so far, and how the MC creates the lore behind the "dungeon", my only problem being the Earth-knowledge seeping into the decisions a bit too heavily. 

At the current chapter she is inventing economy - what should be an instant desaster for enyone not knowing anythings about economics (which the MC does not, and even the author probably has only a passing familiarity with). You are stearing into dangerous waters!

Less is sometimes more, especially with Earth-knowledge.

Maybe you should let the MC take a breath and re-organise the whole "dungeon" with the lore applied.


Still, I like the story! Keep it up!

Dungeon 42

A dungeon with a heart not just your average murder hole killing folks because he (it?) isn't punished for it. I liked the original version too, and I think the author has learned a lot from his earlier attempt.

The novel is bit light on dungeon-building (probably you could do more of that) and bit heavy on the interpersonal realtionship between her and her "monsters". 

Also, the "contractee"-angle has been a bit pushed back, I for my part would like him to be included more - you could make him more meaningfull. At now we only know him in passing, and it's just hinted, he sends "stuff" (and a few idiotic, brainwashed heroes) back. The preovious version had him included more.

But, I do like the story!

Thanks and keep it up!