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    1. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      Morning, Actually, I just remembered this little video from aeons past: Building a house It's technically for a lakeside house from the stone age, but the basic principles were used till... a few (...)

    2. Re: How do writers avoid power creep in LitRPGs?

      Morning, I agree, the very first thing you will have to do is to define a ceiling what someone could reasonably reach. The number is arbitrary, but let's stay with Level 100 for the example. The (...)

    3. Re: What defines "Intelligent" or "Dumb" MC? (Xianxa-Genre)

      Morning, What I would consider dumb: 1, completely oblivious, how the world works and isn't trying to learn 2, fails to grasp obvious opportunities even if it is posted on a bilboard to everyone to (...)

    4. Re: Guide: How to make a magic system.

      Morning, I use a percentage-based, Skill-driven System with Perks for my novel, that includes magic.  First, to even have Mana, you would need "affinity", that is a Perk that gives you access to Mana. (...)

    5. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      so a whole range of required to not allowed yeah, that's one dimension of the problem - it changed from time to time. I would assume, after certain peasant uprising, the authorities cracked down on owning (...)

    6. Re: How do you plan out chapters and story arcs?

      Morning, I for my part have not planned out my story fully in advance. I do know, I want to write a pirate "arc" and maybe a tournament "arc" and a few other "arcs", but when they come and how the MC (...)

    7. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      Morning, (This is done largely from memory, so historical stuff is all IIRC.) Yeah, almost full agreement. Only the part with the weapons, armour and its's cost... Even if we assume, the peasants (...)

    8. Re: How many Skills are too many?

      Specifically with respect to swords, in reality there are many different sub-skills and they do not simply translate. You misunderstood me here. In most LitRPG there is not even a Skill, but, say Slashing, (...)

    9. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      Actually, Roman Times would work better for the common fantasy tropes. Out there in the colonies (that is not main-Italy), probably no one would lift a brow, if you walked around with your family heirloom (...)

    10. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      but free(er) villages could cut wood from nearby and use the lumber to build surprisingly sturdy and comfy homes. Since the forest belonged to the lord (and not neccessarilly your lord), you would have (...)

    11. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      Morning, You should keep in mind, that peasantry in the middle ages was... let's say... piss poor, undereducated and oppressed. And illiterate.  Meaning: no fancy clothes, no expensive weaponry (yes, (...)

    12. Re: How Honest Should A Review Be?

      I do write for fun and because I'm bored (and burned) out of my mind in the office. I'm actually gratefull, if a review states where I could improve the writing - as it was done by one of my readers. (...)

    13. Re: Six-word Story Challenge

      What doesn't kill you, gives EXP!

    14. Re: How many chapters does a story need before you would start reading it?

      I mostly use "Advanced Search" with a minimum of (around) 100 pages and at least three stars.   100 pages means that the author is commited to the story (not always, but its a good start) and three stars (...)

    15. Re: Routine and Writing/Posting Schedule

      Morning, I aim for one full chapter (that is 6 parts of around 2.000 words each) each week. The big issue is, that I can write only in working hours - till the time I'm home I'm done for for the day (...)

    16. Re: Favorite/Least favorite tropes in LitRPG?

      Least favorite: 1, OP MC - the MC - while having absolutely no clue, how the world works - finds THAT one overpowered cheat the Locals overlooked for untold millennia - the MC gets a one-off ├╝bercheat (...)

    17. Re: Would it be better to remove and repost my novel with a rapid release of chapters or should I just keep re(...)

      I found it works for me that I started releasing with 40-50 chapters in the pipeline. Even if I have other things to do, I'm still able to keep the promised amount up.  I also found that novels where (...)

    18. Re: A deep dive VRMMORPG is released. Would you actually play it?

      Morning, Depends on a whole lot of stuff 1, how expensive the "VR pod" or whatever is 2, how long it takes to just jump in the game to have fun for a short while 3, how invasive the tech is. Do you (...)

    19. Re: The right way to do a dungeon story

      There was a thread about what dungeons are, if I recall correctly. For my part, I would say define exactly what dungeons are and under what rules they operate before writing a dungeon-core novel. Most (...)

    20. Re: Any Tips For Fully Planning Out A Story Begginning To End?

      I have only a vague plan, where the novel will lead, for each, let's call it arc or overchapter, I have a more firm idea.  However, I found that sticking strictly to those ideas would lead me to snags (...)