Mr Alex666

Mr Alex666

I Have Even Read the Rulebook!

I Have Even Read the Rulebook!
195 pages

As all stories begin, Prof died. Yes, truck-kun had something to do with that, but also a bird, a cat and some rebar.

When he was presented with with the opportunity in the Afterlife Administration Bureau to be transmigrated into a game-like fantasy world, he did something, no one ever did: he read the Rulebook.

Follow Prof on his road to be rich without working, touring a whole new world without a care and witness his realisation, that despite having read the Rulebook the folks living with the System for untold millennia know more about the rules.

Important notes:

1, I'm not a native speaker, so be prepared for occassional typos, iffy grammar and maybe awkward sentences. The spell check was running, when I wrote the chapters, but it works in strange ways... If you point out mistakes, I will try to correct them

2, Scheduling will be two chapters a week, posted Saturdays before noon (CET). Depending on how much new chapters I can write consistently there will be probably more but as long as I have leftover chapters, the two per week will be posted no matter what. Chapters will be around 1500-2500 words as MS Word counts it.

3, I did not and will not post this novel on another site, if you find it somewhere else, please inform me

4, The Main Character's progression is slow, there will be no Levels, Skills, Abilities, Feats, Perks and Cheat Powers raining down on him

5, I've put Comedy as a genre because of my writing style not because the novel is a comedy per se. On the other hand, Traumatising Content is there because there is a lot of speciesism - those Elves are not nice people.

6, I put a lot of pop-cultural references into the chapters, try to find them!


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