1. RE: Last event of 2015

      we delayed our choice until the update :D Figured it'd be something like that ^.^ Sorry for pestering you #NotVeryPatient.... :P

    2. RE: Last event of 2015

      What happened with this event? Was anything selected? (although, there are sooo much awesome stuff to read through and decide about so I guess I'm not surprised if it simply taking time to decide :)  )

    3. RE: Separating Tags from Genre / Adding More

      As previously stated, this is already a thing in the next update. Also...those are the tags and genres we'll be using (those in the image). IT. LOOKS. AWESOME. I can't wait ^.^

    4. RE: Valentine Event!

      This is RRL's "What is mature?" description : And kissing falls in the 12+ category For everyone EXCEPT for Ai-chan, What voca said works. (...)

    5. RE: Valentine Event!

      I believe it is stated in the rules quite clearly No erotica/mature content What you are saying falls under the "mature" category. Aww, I was hoping I can put in a yuri kissing scene. I doubt (...)

    6. RE: Semi-official groups on RRL

      I shall call this movement,  to remove any ties with a certain group simply -THE PERFECTIONISTS- ,   Why not go with "the penfectionists" and make a (slightly ironic) double pun out of it ;) Personally, (...)

    7. RE: General rules

      I'll leave answering questions one and three to the admins but as for: 2. What is royalroad? It is said as fanfiction, so what is the real work/ novel? Or based on what novel/ game? The stories written (...)

    8. RE: Achievement

      Which one are you talking about? :P Argh, the endless battle against the admins; whenever we mortals find a hole, they fill it up before we even have the time to truly bask in our own splendor.....

    9. RE: Achievement

      Hihi, this is in no way critique - I can imagine that the workload of taking care of this site is enormous - but it's a bit amusing that our very own Penguin Princess has an achievement not yet listed (...)

    10. RE: Donations FAQ

      Hi, I guess adding a donation possibility won't hurt (since, if I got it right, it will be for happy encouragement only, right?) My novel is Whisper of the Nightingale - (...)

    11. RE: Last event of 2015

      Where I'm at this is ten minutes late but I was Watching Star Wars VII... Anyway, this was co-authored with "a guy I know" a.k.a. Felix, with the hope of being appropriate for any unforeseen error.... (...)

    12. RE: Christmas Short Stories for your fiction!

      Haha, perfect suggestion ;)