Aurora Scroll

A story thats a little hard to place

First of all, this is definitely a good dtory overall. BUT...


Style 4/5

The very first, and very big, issue of this story is the prologue. Especially the first half of it, so the very start of the story, is a pretty long exposition on the geopolitical situation. The characters involved probably won't be mentioned again before chapter fifty, and appear before chapter 100. And what little information we get that actually seems to matter before we have already forgotten about it could have been used in different ways as  well.

But besides that little mishap, the story is well written in a style that doesn't skimp on descriptions. At the same time, the story lives from not telling the reader jackshit. Pardon my french. Already in the first seven chapters the author seems to make a point of waiting until the last moment before he tells us what is going on, which can be both good and bad. I find it to be a bit much, but thats for everyone to decide themselves.


Story 4/5

The story itself is very promising. Its not told from the very beginning, but starts at a later point in time, providing a backstory that can be discovered over time. Which is very unusual for an Isekai type story.


Grammar 5/5

I didn't see any problems with the grammar, not even the occasional spelling mistake, which wouldn't be unusual.


Character 3/5

This is a bit of an issue I have with this story. Until the point where I read, not many characters have been introduced, so I can only judge based on the MC. But he is who is the problem. The MC seems very unstable in his personality. Sure, considering his backstory (that I don't know) he might just not be the most mentaly healthy person, thus the unstable personality. But for now there havn't been any hints towards mental health issues like that.

RakhtaBhushan (Blood Ornament)

I've read many stories, most of them fantasy. And over the course of that, I've come into contact with many different Mythologies in countless different combinations and interpretations. But out of all these stories, this is the first one to focus solely on idian mythlogy.

Style 4/5

The style of the story is very good and fits what the story tries to portay. Sadly, I have two issues with that.

One, the archaic speech of the characters appears a bit arkward at times. When the characters are in a formal environment, this isn't obvious, but when they are between friends they sound more formall then they should, not reflecting the closeness it should.

The second problem with the style are the "technical terms". It's partly a problem related to the fact that this mythology is little known, but even then, the author uses a lot of expressions he then needs to translate in an authors note. This makes it sometimes hard to understand what exactly is going on and in combination with the native names, it can make it hard to remember what means what.

Story 3.5/5

I can't say a lot about the story. There have been some hints on future developments for the story, but until now there have been barely any hints about where the story might lead, nor how we might get there. At this point, there could still so much happen that it'S impossible to make any theories at all.

Characters 4/5

Until now, there have been quite a lot of charcters, and they all had to share screentime. Because of that, we know very little about any one of them. Especially the MC, we know a bit about his past, but we know very little about his believes and goals, making it hard to relate.

Grammar 4.5/5

Grammar is almost impeccable. There is the occasional odd spelling mistake or "a" where it should "an", but thats all.


Isekai from the other end of the spectrum

Here we have, at least as far as I have read, an isekai where the MC doesn't get a cheat or is secretly a genius. rather he is the only one who isn't.


The story has a slow start, giving more importance to detailed worldbuilding and descriptions then throwing you right into the story, but that doesn't mean it's boring. Rather, you feel like you are reading a movie, with a clear picture in your mind for everything that happens.

There are some hints o the future plot of the story, but the author takes his time introducing it to us. Same with the characters.

Grammar is mostly good. There are some careless spelling mistakes, but it's in no way unreadable.

I'm definitely going to continue reading this!

Disciples of the Demon king

A very good start with a lot of future potential!

A very good and funny story that's definitely a worthwhile read. While the story still is in a bit of a prologue state, it shows a lot of future potential.


Style 5/5

Nothing to say about that. It's nothing super special, but there is nothing to complain about either. As they say, simple is best.

Grammar 4.5/5

The occasional spelling mistake, but nothing that you can't just overread.

Story 5/5

The story has a very interesting premise that has a lot of potential, and there are a lot of hints at a deeper reaching plot. Though right now the decision why he/she trains them is seems to be a case of 'just because', there might be more to it.

Characters 4/5

Should be 5/5, but there is simply to little material to evaluate anything but their suface character. Sure, they all have their unique roles in the party dynamic, but the author just didn't have the time to dig deeper into their minds.


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