1. Looking for test-readers.

      I've been writing a litRPG lately and have the first few chapters done already. But before I put it on the side, I wanted to let someone have a looke at it and tell me their opinion. If anyone is willing (...)

    2. Superpower training

      So, Iv'e been writing a story and ran into a slight problem. My story has a relatively typical system with Classes and skills and the like, however, this thread isn't just restricted to these kind of (...)

    3. Re: Racechange! But how?

      @OP As probably clear by now, race changing is fairly uncommon even in fantasy. There are some examples in people taking a second race, sometimes even more than one, but that is almost always an ability (...)

    4. Re: Pets and Companions in litRPG!?

      If you feel its your thing to write Role Playing Game stories that come with, or feature, big tables of stats to pour over, I guess you just have to bite the bullet and do that thing. Dunno what to say. (...)

    5. Re: Racechange! But how?

      Sex... Each time the MC has sex with someone or something, they could change into their partner's race... (Wow! No, don't do that! Just tried the image in my head and it went a bit too far into (...)

    6. Re: How many members should be in a party in a dungeon crawler type story?

      One simple thing you should think about is this: Space! What kinds of dungeons are they going through? Are the dungeons gigantic challenge rooms one behind the other, or do the characters have to litterally (...)

    7. Re: litRPG, sources of special powers, but balanced?

      You could at least spoil us what you went for in the end. The teasing is a bit too much after so much involvment ^^ Something pretty simple actually. I went for the dungeons in the end. You have (...)

    8. Re: Pets and Companions in litRPG!?

      I think everyone who reads litRPG has experienced this at some point or another, the situation where the constant fights start getting a bit repetetive, and despite being well written, the grind for Exp (...)

    9. Re: Racechange! But how?

      Okay, I think I need to clear something up here. I'm not looking for a way too facilitate racechange in general with some kind of ability that allows the character to automatically change their race. (...)

    10. Re: litRPG, sources of special powers, but balanced?

      Thanks for all the ideas. I think I have already found something that should keep things balanced and also fits into the worldbuilding.

    11. Re: Racechange! But how?

      So, I'm working on a story, and a major part of that story is that the MC changes their Race. A lot. Here comes the but! BUT, it's not based on some kind of Absorbtion ability. (Well, kinda, but it mostly (...)

    12. Re: litRPG, sources of special powers, but balanced?

      Okay, it seems like I have to say a little more about the story I'm planning this system for to make the problem more clear. If faucets add faster than sinks drain, the game economy - or power level (...)

    13. Re: litRPG, sources of special powers, but balanced?

      Having a balanced powerset should increase the regen rate. In case I didn't make it clear enough, doesn't regerate. For example, if you pay for something, its gone and can't be regained. You can (...)

    14. Re: litRPG, sources of special powers, but balanced?

      So, I'm currently working on a system for a litRPG, and as several times before ran into the same problem. How can I implement ways for characters to grow stronger and gain special abilities without (...)

    15. Re: Need ideas for a SoL sidestory

      So. I'm currently developing the plot for a new story but am missing a bit of "filler" in one place. First of all, currently all the important characters are streetchildren age 10-18 in a medival setting. (...)

    16. Re: Review Swaps

      I have to relatively new stories and would like to get help to increase their visibility, and help others with the same problem in turn. I'm currently open for review swaps. Genre doesn't (...)