1. Re: Has anyone here edited his own novel by himself?

      Couldn't afford an editor. My "editor" didn't care about the project. Did it all myself. Imagine the scenes in your head like a movie. You'll do fine.

    2. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Faith in the Internet Achievement awarded for not breaking the site when you had the ultimate April Fool's power What's the story on this achievement?(goes through profiles for the achievement) (...)

    3. Re: What is your favorite gun Manufacturer throughout the entire Borderlands series?

      I'm gonna go cheap and say BL1 Atlas cuz their guns were just better than the rest in almost every way, iirc. It's been a long time since I last played. Just be glad I didn't say Eridian. As for BL2, (...)

    4. Re: Val Realizes Why One of His Reviews Is Gone. 😞

      I've been posting less and less cuz the community kinda sucks and you can only be on a writing forum for so long before you realize you've seen it all... That, and I'm working on a really long story (...)

    5. Re: What are the dimensions for the banner signature?

      I used 1200x200, but I think the site scales it down slightly.

    6. Re: Hidden gems

      I feel like a voting system would only really work with vote weighting, in which votes lose their value the more a story has. This would help smaller stories by giving them a decent boost while preventing (...)

    7. 1st year anniversary.

      I've officially been on the site for one entire year. I believe it's also the first anniversary of me posting my story here, getting just above 7500 reads in an entire (...)

    8. Re: I just got downvoted to hell at r/writing for saying you can't make a good novel in a month...

      Okey, that isn't entirely true. Some dude bragged about finishing a 'first draft' (which btw is a term most people don't actually understand) in a month and everybody showered him with praise. One of (...)

    9. Re: Sssooo…What Happened to the Beta Recommendation Feature?

      Is it being adjusted? Probably! (Or at least, I hope so.) I actually kinda liked it. Even if most folks don't use it, it at least helps get some eyes on our works. It's another place for things (...)

    10. Re: Best method of making an announcement to my readers?

      I imagine the "cleanest" way of doing it would to do what LPers used to do on SomethingAwful by creating threads for their projects where everyone could post. This is inelegant, and the site isn't very (...)

    11. Re: Beta Recommendation? I am Just Noticing This

      Hey, at least it might help us folks with long completed stories get a few more reads!

    12. Re: It happened... I wrote a program to model a LitRPG

      Watch me hard-lock my characters in my own poorly designed game and have to sprinkle in some author's favoritism to get them out. I think they call those "critical hits" in RPGs.

    13. Re: I Have YouTube Channel That Does Web Novel Reviews, Is Any Interested

      I took the liberty of looking around your channel.  Right off the bat, you seem like a guy who's got a lot to say and certainly has the charisma to say it. I've got a lot of respect for folks brave (...)

    14. Re: Hi, everyone. I have a question about police font.

      The cowards in this thread would make it to Saturn Valley in Earthbound and die of a stroke instantly. I feel like it needs to be said that online writing is not entirely the same as writing in a book. (...)

    15. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      I feel like EATEOT doesn't impact me very much because I don't have the patience for it, and I've been listening to music like that for years now.

    16. Re: I want to review some COMPLETED works

      If we're allowed to share our own completed works, I'll leave mine, it's in my signature.

    17. Re: What if....?

      What if I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking?

    18. Re: Any advice for finished stories?

      Because to be frank, 477 pages over a span of barely three months means that you definitely have (Had) the drive. Perhaps it's hiding now, but it still exists. It took a year to write, another year (...)

    19. Re: Any advice for finished stories?

      Maybe RR just isn't the platform for you? I took a look at your synopsis and it seems like something that might find more of an audience elsewhere. That has nothing to do with your ability to be heard (...)

    20. Re: Any advice for finished stories?

      Finding writing a sequel difficult does not mean you aren't a writer anymore. It is difficult and that's okay.  Why not take a bit of a break from the sequel and jump into a different story? I did (...)