1. Re: My third 0.5 in a row in a span of 2 wks

      I keep seeing people advocating for mandatory reviews with really high / really low star scores. A good idea in theory, but a terrible idea in practice. If 0.5 star reviews get under your skin, imagine (...)

    2. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      Anyone who mocks "purple prose" makes me want to deliver a "bat slap" because of how they've damaged discourse all trying to emulate Hemingway's short blunt muscular style. Honestly, there shouldn't (...)


      Congrats! It always feels really damn good when you finally get it work. Nice covers for your stories, by the way. I'd say Days of Blood and Roses is my favorite.

    4. Re: Who are what is your biggest source of inspiration?

      In terms of writing style? Ray Bradbury, but only in the loosest, loosest sense. I read Fahrenheit 451 as a kid and it really stuck with me over the years. It mostly has to do with his use of simpler, (...)

    5. Re: Hello! New webnovel writer

      Welcome to the site, you two. Enjoy your stay(s)!

    6. Re: Your dream editing app.

      Personally, I've been wanting an App that lets me edit txt files between my PC and Phone without having to move the file around or anything like that. I like to keep my writing locally, on an SD card (...)

    7. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      Do you think this negativity comes mostly from the reader community or the writer community? From my experience? Readers. Only slightly, though. Most of the writers on here are generally decent (...)

    8. Re: Can We Get Rid of Best Rated?

      Not sure if this is rr specific. It could be a general trend. If you go to goodreads, the largest social media site for books, there's a lot of reviewers on there that get clout by writing long, scathing (...)

    9. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      The Knights Himura After her friend is stabbed in a mugging gone wrong, Tsukiko Himura vows to find the man responible. Soon, her personal investigation unwittingly drags her into a brewing war between (...)

    10. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Eh, I don't think about the whole "gender bend" concept too much. If I miraculously became a woman, I'd probably still be an ugly SOB. And even if I did turn into some 9/10 super model, I'd have (...)

    11. Re: Strange tech and ideas people came with. The V-12 was the largest helicopter ever built, designed in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. (...)

    12. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      I'm not exactly sure why people always try to connect Gender Bent stories with Transgenderism. It's kind of different, yo. One of them is an incredibly complicated real world thing with mental, societal, (...)

    13. Re: Alternatives to the Unending Stories

      I was thinking about all those authors who dedicate so much effort in writing their stories and unwilling to finish them, you know, those stories that feel like patients in the vegetative state connected (...)

    14. Re: Getting to Know People

      Hello, I'm MarikoRawralton, a pseudo-regular on the forums. I don't watch a lot of anime, I'll admit, but I do have Fujiko Mine and Lio Fotia figurines in my room. I'm a fan of the older / weirder (...)

    15. Re: Can We Get Rid of Best Rated?

      We should just use popularity instead. I feel like sheer views is far more of an honest indicator anyways. I'm not sure if the Best Rated algorithm has been disclosed, but there is clearly some (...)

    16. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      Or all of them. I don't even know HOW to read...

    17. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      The forums have gotten especially hostile lately. Was hoping it would be over by today guess not. I'm over here avoiding that minefield like the plague. Hope everyone here is doing well. (...)

    18. Re: I think my review made someone quit the site

      So last night I did a quick review when I saw someone asking for one in the forums. The story lacked description and the quick pacing made it hard to follow, and I pointed this out in my review. I was (...)

    19. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      Myself and Zogarth would both make a lot more money if we decided to take out stories off of RR for Kindle Unlimited. However, we don't. The problem is that RoyalRoad as a platform empowers the toxic (...)

    20. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      Maybe we are just starting to become elitist? RR is pretty elitist, yeah. I remember being accused of fetishism at one point for having a female protag dating a girl. That, and a whole lot of criticism (...)