1. Re: Thoughts on a story told from the 1st person with occasional 3rd person chapters

      As a reader I am heavily put off by swapping between 1st and 3rd person in a story. Even if it is done to show something from another POV. Unless the story is absolutely compelling I will put it down then (...)

    2. Re: AI has no place on Royal Road.

      I spent 4-5 hours today making a new cover with the help of AI for ShipCore.  Here are the results: Process used was:  1) Figure out prompt (...)

    3. Re: AI Art and Stories Are Not Copyrightable

      A lawyer for the comic author Zarya of the Dawn has already responded and the letter makes for a good read:

    4. Re: Do you give rep to you're commentors?

      Editing and corrections always get rep as long as they aren't maxed. Insightful comments or theory crafting get rep when I see them. As a story gets more readers and more people commenting, you can't (...)

    5. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      Give ShipCore a try if you are interested in Space Sci-fi stories with some space opera, ship girl, survival, 4x, mil-scifi, all thrown in for good measure. (...)

    6. Re: Promote your story by sharing a simple sentance that foreshadowed something major in the story (SPOILER WA(...)

      Alex stood and pointed toward the ships highlighted in red on the main screen. “Nameless, independent targeting, one LRPSGSM round per target if you please, as per our earlier conversation!”

    7. Re: How Many Times a Week Should You Publish?

      2000 words a day, everyday, forever

    8. Re: Plotting is the bones, pantsing is the meat

      If this is true, ShipCore is an octopus. 

    9. Re: Military Equipment Terms and Uses

      For ShipCore (accurate up to chapter 24): ACOUCRI: ACOUstically-Collected Retinally-displayed Information A-Grav: Artifical Gravity AMCN: Anti-matter catalyzed nuclear AMLS: Automatic Missile Launch (...)

    10. Re: Cybernetics-Based Progression series, preferably Military SciFi and/or Cyberpunk Setting

      ShipCore might work for you. Although early progression emphasis is on the ship, not the MC, this branches out later.

    11. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      ShipCore  :DrakanPotato:

    12. Re: Stats: how late is too late?

      *shows system 32 chapters later, aka 90000 words into the story*  :DrakanLaugh:

    13. Re: Free Reviews! [OPEN]

      I will throw my hat in the ring. A review would be great! Especially interested in the chapter comments. If you can tell me what I did wrong so I can work on it, and tell me what worked so I can do more, (...)

    14. Re: Get better at writing using this one simple TRICK! Who knew it was so simple! Write, read, expand your knowledge, one simple trick indeed!

    15. Re: I invented the eilish language - nay or aye?

      For this to work, it should only be used in a few instances: Dialogue spoken by a user of the language when you intend to highlight them not being understood. Inscriptions on items or text in that (...)

    16. Re: Royal Road vs Wattpad?

      I tried Wattpad, there didn't seem to be any way to get the story noticed and ShipCore is still sitting at 38 views, half of them mine, there.

    17. Re: What program do you write in?

      I was using scrivener but now have completely moved to Microsoft Word. I have multiple devices, and the ability to write on one then swap to the other without pause is a godsend and I like it much more (...)

    18. Re: ❤️‍ New and Improved! 💋 WEEKEND Snippets 21/10| WEEK 64 👀

      The Shrike shook again, violently. A hull panel came loose and fell almost on top of Alex’s head. She cursed, leaning forward to make herself as small as possible in order to avoid a shower of sparks. (...)

    19. Re: Promote your story with your MC's weapon of choice

      Long Rod Penetrator Self-Guided Smart Munition, range 3 light seconds, max yield 100 kilotons

    20. Re: Splitting chapters into multiple chapters

      3 things should happen that are important in every chapter. Ideal chapter length is something like 2000-2500 words on RR, I think. Anything more and figure out how to split it, for the reasons above (...)