1. Re: Review Swaps for Low-Follow Fics!

      My fiction which you can find in my signature, Ascencion: The Coming Storm, is a fantasy action adventure with a VERY slow burn romance and a few funny moments. I know the biggest niche of RoyalRoad is (...)

    2. Re: Will give review for free

      I think we all respect the duck Dr. Buller. He gave a nice review for my story, he particularly liked the naming I did, maybe you will too. It's a fantasy adventure story, no gaming elements. Has demons, (...)

    3. Re: What do you guys prefer, Fast paced or slow paced novel?

      I love the super slow burn until the action scenes comes to speed things up.

    4. Re: Is Royal Road a safe place?

      Yeah I'm sure there are people that are willing to share ideas, pretty sure no one is going to steal your specific ideas, but it might inspire others.

    5. Re: Who has the most evil antagonist? (Battle of Your Villains)

      Mine is definitely not the most evil here. I will keep this spoiler free, just in case someone gets interested. Stole a powerful artifact from a temple of monks, killed all of them, left a woman that (...)

    6. Ascension: The Coming Storm| A medieval era fantasy

      Not very good at this promo stuff so I’m just going to go for it. The story takes place in the kingdom of Tristal. In this world there are humans and a large variety of people that have slight animalistic (...)

    7. Re: Would anyone like to do review swaps?

      I've finally crossed the hundred page mark, so I think I'm up to invite some reviews.  It's sci fi, but there isn't any action or romance to it. Best meta-description I can come up with is if you (...)

    8. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      Ascension: The Coming Storm has been reviewed Took a while to do, but other stuff kept getting in the way of me actually reading anything. The next one the list is... Automage Adventures - A (...)

    9. Re: Recommend me your story!

      My story is a non-isekai no game element, fantasy romance. Wholesome? It does have some dark settings, demons, monsters, and the MCs are always a fight away from death, but my girlfriend let out an audible (...)

    10. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      After reading a captivating story about a duck, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with the emotion called happiness. In those lucid moments, I looked back on this thread and made a decision I would (...)

    11. Re: Ad-lib time, throw me your nouns!

      Elevator. Kangaroo. Navy Blue. A paperclip that somehow manages to be just the right size all the time.

    12. Re: Dealbreaker Tropes

      Jaded man/woman, innocent woman/man pair up through the story. The innocent party understands the jaded one, whilst everyone else just thinks they're a pain. It's such a boring, and lazily executed (...)

    13. Re: Serious story that makes sense

      You could give my story a go, it's the one in my signature, it's the only fiction I have on this site. Everything has a reason for why it's happening, the prologue is a bit faster paced than the rest of (...)

    14. Re: Do you occasionally get inspiration for your novels from dreams?

      I got an idea from one of my dreams. There are a few languages in the world my fiction takes place in, and most people aren't able to use a lot of different types of magic. Usually people can only use (...)

    15. Re: Favorite original Monsters/Demons/Creatures you've read about, or made yourself.

      Title really says it all. What are some creatures you've really found interesting, whether they're terrifying, have a cool design, or maybe they just do a unique thing who knows? I guess I'll start it (...)

    16. Re: Got my first two followers and first favorite over the last couple days

      We all start from somewhere, just keep working at it!  :DrakanPotato:

    17. Re: Anyone wanna share their writer L moments?

      I accidentally named a character Noel and the person traveling with him Selene, I didn't realize until after I was dead set on the names and posted them into the story that both of their names are similar (...)

    18. Re: Fantasy Stories That Aren't Isekais or Have Game mechanics

      A bit late to the party, so here's a shameless self-promotion: My fiction, Ascension: The Coming Storm, is the first book I have planned out in a series. There are no game mechanics, magic works like (...)

    19. Re: Thoughts on reading works for youtube?

      I feel cringey enough when I talk that I don't have the confidence for stuff like this, but honestly if someone came to me asking if they could read my work I would be 1000% down for that shit! (with proper (...)

    20. Re: Do you write different novels at the same time

      Big no no for me, if I have an idea for another book that I have planned I'll usually write down the idea and leave it at that. I have enough going on right now, I don't need to be writing more than one (...)