1. Re: Hiatus?

      Go to your author dash board then on the left side of the screen, settings, change status and change it to hiatus!  Note: There is a warning that pops up and says "You cannot change the fiction's (...)

    2. Re: Hiatus?

      How do you set a story to show it is on hiatus?

    3. Re: That whole penguin guild thing

      Why would you want to join any guild but the penguin guild?

    4. Re: I'll read your first chapter. If I like it I will follow


    5. Re: What's the worst thing a character you've liked done?

      Killed a close friend and comrade in a fit of bloodlust when said friend tried to bring him back to himself. I knew where the book was going, and I pretty much expected no one would make it out alive, (...)

    6. Re: Command skill

      If you're wanting to keep it simple, that's not a bad bonus (although you want morale, unless this will reduce the odds of them committing immoral acts like intentionally killing non-combatants). (...)

    7. Re: The chance of a lifetime! One I don’t wanna screw up...

      Ok, so my teacher, after I complained for over 5 years about constantly having to read those books I didn’t like but school found mandatory, has given me a chance. I am allowed to force her to read (...)

    8. Re: Hi everyone! New to Royal Road!

      Welcome aboard! Hope you find many exciting reads! Feel free to check out my novel if you like superpowers, angelic foes, and tough MCs.

    9. Re: Wordpress and LiveJournal

      It was a little easier when webfictionguide was active and functional.  Certainly TopWebFiction is its successor, however, I think the long stretch of it being inactive and just now being functional (...)

    10. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      I would appreciate any help! Link in my sig!

    11. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      Bad grammar is a bid negative. But horrible MC's that are jerks but we are supposed to like them just because can get the fuck out. Sexism, Racism, and most other 'isms will get me to drop a story (...)

    12. Re: I post on multiple platforms and...

      It's a mutually beneficial system too. The more ad revenue and premium members, the more your cut is worth.  I really hope it's a success because from what I've been able to tell from the kickstarter (...)

    13. Re: I post on multiple platforms and...

      Is it good? I see that authors get paid on that? But is it really? I'm currently uploading there on a trial basis and will tentatively recommend it. As as my untrained eye can see, you post (...)

    14. Re: Wordpress and LiveJournal

      I like having my own wordpress blog for my story. I like it because I have better control. In fact, I had that first before I went to RoyalRoad. This is just a mirror. Very much worth it in my opinion, (...)

    15. Re: Does creative writing help you sleep better?

      Does anyone find that when they have a work-in-progress, and go to bed thinking about it, that you get to sleep faster?  I'm not writing anything at the moment, but I remember when I used to have something (...)

    16. Re: Early ratings are broken?

      Yeah, it's awful. I feel your pain.  As for getting more reviews you might consider asking people for review swaps.

    17. Re: 100 Followers!

      Woot woot! I reached 100 followers last night! I can't believe it!   :peoeyesparkle:

    18. Re: Yaaa my first 0.5 review which is for no valid reason

      Congrats! You have made it as a writer now!  :peoapproval: At least that is what I tell myself looking at my .5 star ratings (I didn't even get a reason).

    19. Re: Yesterday I got over 1000 views!

      Congrats! That's great.

    20. Re: Ending my story

      Congrats! That must be a great feeling!