1. Re: How to get reader interaction

      The only two things I can say is it's a slow build. Think of it as for every 300 views is a Follower 1 in every 10 Followers is a rating, 1 in every 10 ratings is a review. So patience is key. The other (...)

    2. Re: 200k words!

      Wow, that's awesome - all that writing experience, imagine how much you learned along the way.

    3. Re: Broke 100 Followers recently

      Huzzah! What are you going to do to celebrate?? lol, just gonna keep writing ... but even harder!

    4. Re: Broke 100 Followers recently

      I can only dream of that! Amazing job. Congratulations! Looks like you're well on your way, though. Keep it up!

    5. Re: Broke 100 Followers recently

      Congratulation, it must have been hard.  :DrakanPotato: Did you already think of another milestone?  :FancyDrakan: Not to be boring but I'm eyeing 200 followers next, but specifically before the (...)

    6. Broke 100 Followers recently

      It was months in the making with a few bumps along the way but my fantasy story The Second Magus has finally broken 100 followers. So pumped to have this many real live human beings that had enough interest (...)

    7. Re: March Thread

      Miro Kaldoun had never been that excited about being a fire mage, except when it came to impressing the local village girls. But being a magus? Successor to his long-dead father's legacy? Well, that seems (...)

    8. Re: February Thread - Promote your Story

      For fire mage Miro Kaldoun, the multitude of low-level magic users scattered around the countryside was a relief. He could leave the dreams of questing for glory to others, while he was content to live (...)

    9. Re: Music.

      For The Second Magus, I think "Underground" by Lindsey Stirling works really well. The violin brings us to the relatively typical medieval fantasy setting, but the techno twists shows that it's written (...)

    10. Re: Brand new to Royal!

      Welcome to the show! I think it can't be stressed enough how helpful and welcoming the forums are, so I suggest you stick around here and keep having chats. Good luck with your writing!

    11. Re: 3-Year-Old Dialogue

      As someone who in the last four years has witnessed three kids go through the 3 year stage, one thing you need to remember is there is a great variety of ability within that age category. A kid who just (...)

    12. Re: New Member/Writer - My first time putting up anything I’ve written has me nervous

      Boy can we all relate to that feeling. It's like Schrodinger's writing - our writing has the potential to be the best ever up until the point where it's released into the greater world and then it's out (...)

    13. Re: How many times do you rewrite?

      There's no formula that would be right for everyone. Heck, even between my works I have different approaches. For the stuff on Royal Road, which I have to update at a somewhat fast pace, I usually go through (...)

    14. Released My Second Story

      After releasing my first story on Royal Road for over a year, this weekend I've posted the first few chapters of my secondwork: The Second Magus, a fantasy LitRPG. I'm particularly excited for this (...)

    15. Re: ✂️Sunday Snippet 23/01 | WEEK 26 ✍🏽

      Context: I’ve just launched The Second Magus, my new fantasy novel with LitRPG elements and the following excerpt can be found towards the conclusion of its prologue. Link: Prologue: The King's Finest (...)

    16. Re: Promote Your Story - First Sentences

      I normally try to do something pretty catchy in the first sentence, but for The Second Magus I just wanted to quickly paint the scene: It was the kind of day in the City of Arkensk that would have (...)

    17. Re: Feedback on synopsis for upcoming work?

      I want to thank you all for your contributions, they're really appreciated! I have taken all your feedback (in some cases more easily identifiable than in others) and have reworked it into the following. (...)

    18. Feedback on synopsis for upcoming work?

      Hi all. I'm going to be launching my fantasy LitRPG story here in January and was hoping I could get some fresh eyes on the synopsis. The synopsis of my current project is ... not its strongest suit, but (...)

    19. Re: How to genre my book without inadvertently falsely advertising it?

      Thanks everyone! You actually made me feel much better about my choices, so it's much appreciated!

    20. How to genre my book without inadvertently falsely advertising it?

      I'm currently working on a fantasy novel that I plan to release starting in January that incorporates some gaming elements. I'd originally thought about labeling it, amongst other things, "LitRPG" but (...)