1. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c3/Napoleon_2.jpg/406px-Napoleon_2.jpg Time travel, flintlock fantasy, alternative history, politics and magic—Selena’s Reign: The Golden Gryphon (...)

    2. Re: Looking for unreliable narration

      While my stories regrettably fail to meet your preference for a FPOV, they both feature protagonists prone to self-deception, with various clues strewn in the narrative for observant readers. Reading between (...)

    3. Re: Looking for contemporary slice of life

      One of my two fictions is a dialogue heavy slice of life, and though set in the 23rd century the science fiction elements aren’t obtrusive, to the point that the story could almost be considered to take (...)

    4. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 10/10 | WEEK 11 OF 11

      “Don’t make a fuss, girl! Get back to your mother’s side and—what the!—” The tall baseblood’s growled warning had almost finished morphed into a disbelieving yell as a shimmering wall of mana materialized, (...)

    5. Re: I Need Some (Unconventional) Help

      I’ll do you one better and read until I find a chapter that seems closest to meriting an editor’s fine-tuning, while also briefly detailing what I find objectionable with the previous chapters. I’ll edit (...)

    6. Re: Giving Out Free Reviews to Avoid My Problems (Terms and Conditions Apply)

      It’s soft sci-fi, but MichaelSilverV’s The Bloodlet Sun should be a strong candidate for your attention; I’ll link it on his behalf:  The Bloodlet Sun | Royal Road Note that chapters 4.1-8 of Book (...)

    7. Re: I will give feedback for first three chapters for free (1/10)

      My early chapters have a healthy amount of comments; later arcs, not so much. If you don’t mind my bending the rules a little, I’d appreciate your thoughts on chapters 14-16 of my historical fantasy, which (...)

    8. Re: "There's nothing new under the sun..."

      While it’s always nice to see one’s fiction mentioned on the forum, I do have to regrettably confirm the utter absence of originality in the story’s central premise, haha. Selena’s Reign is my attempt (...)

    9. Re: Review without a hook for fresh stories.

      Though this month marks my one year anniversary on Royal Road, perhaps my story still counts as fairly recent. I see your first batch is already filled, so here’s my submission for if and when you find (...)

    10. Re: Snippet madness

      I am known to litter my story with eccentrics to delight (or torture, some might say) my readers, as can be seen in the following extract: A booming round voice; a bewildering array of colors; a dramatic (...)

    11. Re: 🎵 what sort of poetry do you like 🎵

      I was unfamiliar with this poem by Géraldy Well, that's because he didn't really write it. I did. It's a little play on words I came up with on the different ways you can say 'love' in French. ❤ (...)

    12. Re: A good historical novel

      Consider adding my slow-burn historical fantasy to your list:  Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon | Royal Road Though kingdom building isn’t yet an element and won’t be for some time, the protagonist (...)

    13. Re: 🎵 what sort of poetry do you like 🎵

                 Si tu m'aimais, et si je t'aimais,            Oh! comme je t'aimerais!            On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur            Comment a être aimé,            Et d'être L'amour.     (...)

    14. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      As you’re (remarkably!) still going strong and some time has elapsed since I offered my sci-fi fiction for your consideration, I’ll dare to impose on your kindness once more by submitting a fantasy story (...)

    15. Re: Expected to succeed and does not disappoint

      I’m confident that my story meets all of your requirements. Just be advised that it’s very much a slow-burn on a grand scale; it'll be a little longer before the fireworks go off. Here's the link if you (...)

    16. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 08/08

      Two characters I've been amusing myself with in chapters 54 and 55 of my fantasy fiction:  Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon | Royal Road Then Zephyrin and the man’s eyes briefly met, and unlike the (...)

    17. Re: Broke into #977 ranking!

      So you're the one who keeps booting me down the mountain!  https://i.ibb.co/N6rKqSc/Foiled-again.png Haha, congrats. Let's try to crack the top 500 together as well!

    18. Re: Looking for Recs - Reincarnated as a Baby, Magic-User

      If you’re willing to consider MCs that are aspiring lords with magical abilities rather than conventional mages, I have to make mention of Cursed Era, which was one of the more successful stories on this (...)

    19. Re: For All the Authors

      I’m writing a reincarnation fantasy. The protagonist’s first life ended in his early twenties and in the first arc he progresses from infancy to early childhood, so he’s nine years old physically but about (...)

    20. Re: political fantasy / court intrigue / preferably epic fantasy recs?

      My slow-burn fantasy has courtly elements and is entering an arc with political intrigue, so now would be a good time to jump aboard. You may also be interested to know that the author of The Courting (...)