Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)

Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)

The Ancient Core: A Progression Fantasy

The Ancient Core: A Progression (...)
by DrBuller
888 pages

The title of [The Ancient One] is bestowed upon an unassuming, forgotten Core. Hidden deep underground, it lies in wait, biding its time as it learns the rules of its surroundings. Roaming beasts and unknown threats surely threaten the little rock as it sticks to the darkness, its one true refuge.

This is a slow-burning Dungeon-Core fiction with a LitRPG-System. You can expect an extreme amount of kingdom-building, an more in-depth Mana-System, and a Evolution-System.

Chapters are between the length of 2-4k words, though the first 50 will likely be closer to 4k. Anything after will have the average be 2.5k.

I personally like explaining how things work a lot, so do have that in mind if you decide to read this fiction.

Cover is credited to [Asviloka] who can be found on this thread:

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Outside Heaven's Mandate

Outside Heaven's Mandate (...)
by Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)
86 pages

The Heavenly Dao decrees, and the beings of the five realms obey. A heaven's mandate is an order passed by the law of the world itself, and it is not to be defied. For defiance leads to death.

Until the unthinkable happened. A human was born within the boundless void, on a remote planet known as Earth. 

A human who should never have existed to begin with. 

He who walks untethered by fate.

He who forges his own destiny.

He who walks outside heaven's mandate. 


What type of reader is this for?

Do you like Xianxia? Do you like traditional Xianxia? The works of Er Gen, like I shall seal the heavens, renegade immortal, pursuit of truth, where the Dao is more than just a power. 

Then this is for you. 

Massive cultivaton worlds to be explored. Interplay of politics between sects, mystery, characters that assist or impede the protagonist- while being far stronger than him, a variety of abilities-this story is not one where the world revolves around the protagonist, but one where the protagonist is ignored by the world. His decisions shall decide whether fortune or calamity comes knocking on his doorsteps. And finally, Action. Loads of it, but with purpose behind it.

Traditional Xianxia, Done Right.


Updates Wednesday and Saturday.

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The Primordial Tower [Re]

The Primordial Tower (...)
by Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)
243 pages

The Eternal Lion, Conqueror of the 98th floor, Lord of Destruction watched in horror as his companions were slain, one by one. Humanity had made a fundamental mistake in assumption from the beginning, for this was no fair trial. 

His rage knew no bounds, but alas it was to no avail. The only reason he still drew breath was because of a being stronger than even God offering him his twisted pity, making him watch as his companions, his sworn comrades, were slain one by one in front of him as a punishment for daring to affront Him. 

He only saw one final glimmer of hope to overturn this accursed outcome, which lay in the reward for completing the hidden piece on the 98th floor.  

[The Inheritance]

Allow your knowledge and experience to flow back in the river of time, back to the beginning of the Primordial Tower's awakening on Earth. Entrust the fate of humanity to one of your kind.

Cost of Activation: Erasure of existence from the river of time. 

To think that all his efforts would only lead to becoming a stepping stone for another. With a final roar in defiance, he activated the skill. 

"Let the roar of the eternal lion tear through the boundaries of time."

Get ready for one hell of an adventure. Now do it all over again!

Follow Noah Smith's journey, a young man struggling to find a job in a sluggish economy, as his life gets overturned and the fate of the world is suddenly thrust upon his shoulders! One opportunity to change his very perception of reality, will Noah rise to the occasion and give Earth the savior it needs, or will he watch from the sidelines as it heads to damnation?

Sometimes, an ant can see what the mighty lion, in hubris, overlook. 

Updates Friday. 

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Enigma's Multiverse: Rewrite

Enigma's Multiverse: (...)
by Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)
52 pages

This novel was rewritten with the following goals in mind:

-A 'human' MC, that struggles underneath the weight of his past emotions and slowly grows as a person as he deals with past trauma and regret. A relatable protagonist whose actions are in line with his motivations, who may be amiable or ruthless depending on the stakes presented. (Caucasian male protagonist, set in the modern world with alien 'induction' into the cultivation world.)

- Competent antagonists that have their own goals and ambitions, instead of always targeting the MC for plot convenience.

- An original cultivation system.

- Interesting and well fleshed out enemy archetypes.

- Hell mode challenge right off the bat.

- Lots of action and fighting with psychological elements.

- My vision of what a cultivation novel should be like.

This is the rewrite of the original Enigma's Multiverse, the first version reads more like a skeleton or a first draft as it was my very first work and I've come a long way since then. A lot of things from the original will be tweaked/enhanced, so it might just end up as a completely different work.

Cover Credits- Instagram @just_anime_art_things

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The Primordial Tower

The Primordial Tower
by Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)
194 pages

Link to rewrite

Being rewritten, check the rewrite out! It's awesome!


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Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

Arrogant Young Master (...)
by LivingSpoon
1.6k pages

What would a Xianxia MC do?

Seriously, what would they do? Asking for a friend.

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Ave Xia Rem Y

Ave Xia Rem Y
by Mat Haz
1.7k pages

A Very Cliche Xianxia Harem Story!

In a world where power is everything, Liu Jin only desires to become a great doctor like his father. However, destiny has no end of troubles stored for our hero. Powerful cultivators have their eyes on him. A nasty doctor is spreading rumors about his father. A burning man crosses his path, and his father's past may not be as simple as he suspected. 

The tale of the strongest doctor begins now!

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