Cedrych Skye

Cedrych Skye

    1. Re: Hitting trending has actually been a curse

      Unfortunately reaching trending always brings out the troll ratings. I know it happened to me when I reached trending and its happened to many other authors as well. In some ways, it's a right of passage (...)

    2. Re: 6k followers!

      Grats Zat! It's a really good story, worth the follow.

    3. Re: Not Many Followers On Trending Tab Anymore?

      Can't complain either. I just broke 500 followers after being on trending for a week or so. 

    4. Re: Hi everyone !

      Welcome to Royal Road! ^_^

    5. Re: Nice to meet you all

      Welcome to Royal Road! ^_^

    6. Re: Action thriller and something about dreams

      Welcome to Royal Road! I'd rep... but I'm all out for the day. Sorry!

    7. Re: Uneven Achievements And Annoying OCD

      I'm most partial to the badges with only filled stars that show up as you get them. No empty or half stars.

    8. Re: Hello!

      Welcome aboard Royal Road! 

    9. Re: When using stats in a LitRPG, how Hard Magic vs Soft Magic would you say it has to be?

      I've been rolling dice when characters in my LitRPG get into combat and incorporating the results into the fiction. Makes it a little more interesting for me to write since I don't always know how something (...)

    10. Re: 10 Chapters completed and 20000 words done!

      Congrats and good luck on your continued growth! ^_^

    11. Re: Hello

      Welcome aboard the Royal Road! ^_^

    12. Re: Patting my way through royal road!!

      Welcome aboard the Royal Road! ^_^

    13. Re: Woot! Top ten trending!

      A few more milestones to celebrate. * Top ten trending * 300+ followers * 55k+ words * 20k views I do feel like I need to re-do my prologue/chapter one though. Lot of people read that far and (...)

    14. Re: Why do all the Authors use silly names?

      Not everyone feels comfortable having friends and family being able to google your name and read your stuff : > You could end up doing like I did... I used a different name online that sounded "real" (...)

    15. Re: New to Fiction Writing

      Welcome aboard the Royal Road! ^_^ :DrakanAmused: