1. Re: Are chapter titles needed?

      Numbers and names! In that order, please. 

    2. Re: Review deletion

      I'm pretty sure they do.  And yes, you receive a message from the System when a review is deleted, often with an explanation as to why. 

    3. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Lol, that was a joke, by the way. It's just hard to covey intent via text. Maybe try color inversion on light mode? By the way, Drbuller, have you seen your pfp in colour inversion mode? It's super (...)

    4. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      ... Know what? Im changing it tommorow. Gonna make it obvious  I actually like the current one. It developed a personality.   :peoYes: Also I will be confused every time I see you on the forums (...)

    5. Re: i forgot the title of a really good book.

      Oh, right, the kinky one.  Hold on, let me dig it up:  The Great Devourer Huh, we can post banners for our story? Banners?

    6. Re: Suggestions for stories similar to Digital Marine

      I really enjoyed the military aspect and the following from the perspective of the soldiers point of view.  Ok, that helps. Regretfully I have little along those lines but hopefully others can chime (...)

    7. Re: Looking for recommendations

      So, I'm not super clear about some of your likes (but I know Mushishi!!).  But I think I can give you a short list?  Here's a trimmed down version from my recommendations thread:  Title Author Status (...)

    8. Re: Sharing.

      Ah. Thank you for your service. To your question, I just realized that this one position at my employer (and similar positions at other employers) is overwhelmingly female. Hadn't realized it until (...)

    9. Re: Suggestions for stories similar to Digital Marine

      What aspects of the story did you enjoy?  It's very niche, so we'll probably need to focus on certain points to recommend others. Also, have you looked at Duck_no_duck's other works? 

    10. Re: Any good stories about berserker main characters?

      Realmshaker was fairly popular though not a personal favorite.

    11. Re: i forgot the title of a really good book.

      Oh, right, the kinky one.  Hold on, let me dig it up:  The Great Devourer

    12. Re: Sharing.

      ... is caring. Apologies, but what does "book in" mean in this context? 

    13. Re: How to copy Blue Boxes?

      I think if you copy the table from reader view, it might paste cleanly into the chapter write view.

    14. Re: (Repost) I don't know about you, but I HATE bad first chapters. Here's how I would fix them!

      As a reader, thanks for this Original Poster.  So many stories on this site have a terrible first chapter or two, and then things pick up good.  I've almost gotten used to it. :-\ That said, what really (...)

    15. Re: What is the worst Iskeai/Portal Fantasy trope?

      Protagonists who are depressed in the real world, and the isekai becomes a very literal fantasy escapism. Ruins my fantasy escapism.  :Drakanflip: This is closely followed by isekai protagonists who (...)

    16. Re: My reviews seem to be garnering downvotes. Am I doing something wrong?

      If you do want to troll (in the fishing sense) for new fictions to support, I'd suggest finding an advanced search that is relatively narrow on what you like (and definitely with all the tags that you (...)

    17. Re: Can I get some opinions on my cover?

      That's pretty sharp.  Easily the equal of higher-end self-publishing paid-for covers. If I was in an incredibly picky mood I'd say maybe shrink your name a bit and make the Legacy Series/Book 1 text (...)

    18. Re: Forgotten the title of a novel

      Not contemporary, and no parking lot, but sounds like this:

    19. Re: Story Idea Giveaways

      Idea: A non-fiction reference discussing LitRPG.  Like a LitRPG encyclopedia.  Particularly focused on the creation of a System and how different choices impact writing.  How it differs from TTRPGs (...)