Paranoid Mage

As long as you don't overthink it

Just check out comments under chapters, I didn't see so many discussion s about inner workings of magic or things people expect to happen since MoL.

It is just quality that isn't there. MC has no real personal goals and motivations and feels in too big part as some kind murder-hobo. The supernatural factions are dumber and more incompetent than their muggle counterparts.

I read all 20 available chapters anyway but that only means average stuff is good enough for me

Savage Divinity

Nice story... In the beggining

It was great whole it lasted. The story of struggle, in alien world, with mind and body that just can't keep up. Then it turned into slice of life, about maintaining zoo and some weird harem. I am not ashamed to say the stories I read often scrape the bottom of barrel but that change of theme caused me to drop it.

Never Die Twice

It will be mostly irrelevant for most other readers but I liked it for a bit obscure reason. It is just a nice counter part of "Fairytale for demon lord". They share the theme but while the other is just pretty pictures, mystery and promise of story. This one, on other hand, actually delivers on promise and provides a closure.

LitRPG is kinda pointless here, outside of minor impact on world setting.getting rid of it would make it future proof, as that fad will die sooner or later. After all not all is eternal.

Beware Of Chicken

Best farming novel since the 'World of Cultivation'. I wonder if it will stay so light and warm-hearted to the end or will it turn slightly darker like all other xianxia always do. Not much in terms of story, I wonder if author even plans more than few chapters ahead. It might not matter for this genre.