1. Re: Hi! I've been here for over two years but am intoducing myself for the first time!

      Better late than never a wise man once said. I hope things go well for you friend. 

    2. Re: I reached 2000 viwes

      My dyslectic butt read that as 2000 wives. In both cases, that is a lot! Enjoy the views! Hopefully, there will be plenty more :) LOOOL, I can relate to the dyslectic part. And thanks XD

    3. I reached 2000 viwes

      I was going to leave this because I'm not one to celebrate but it's something that does not happen often. It's a milestone and for that, it's worth acknowledgment. 

    4. Re: Have your writing related question answered on a podcast

      Thank you guys for the questions! We've tackled some of them in this podcast and plan to cover more in the future.   We talked about how to write something you've never experienced, as well as gatekeeping (...)

    5. Re: Suffering from success, what shall I do?

      The only suffering you really wish upon a person lol.  Congrats my friend. 

    6. Re: (Repost) I don't know about you, but I HATE bad first chapters. Here's how I would fix them!

      So I've recently changed my prologue from the MC POV that tried to catch glimpses of other important bad characters whilst hinting at some character who is directly linked to the MC current predicment. (...)

    7. Re: Can creatures that have inherently evil instincts be good?

      There is a saying that I believed came from Shakspeare, that there is no such thing as good and evil but thinking makes it so.  Like a lot of people here say I got to agree that adding human morality (...)

    8. Re: I blinked. Then my view count reached 7000+

      It seems like my story is succeeding in its own way. And I managed to get my first advanced review, and a dedicated, loyal 𝖊𝖓𝖏𝖔𝖞𝖊𝖗 to my story. Yatta! Yayyyy! That is all. I just wanted (...)

    9. Re: Have your writing related question answered on a podcast

      Man oh man.  How does one write a scene with multiple characters, especially polygamous partners with all competing stuff going on?  I keep putting my characters in these scenes for fun and yeah... (...)

    10. Re: Have your writing related question answered on a podcast

      Thanks, everyone, these are all very great questions. I'll be sure to explore them in due time. 

    11. Re: 🎵 sell your story, but make it rhyme 🎵

      A somber tale in a future land, where mankind almost lost their stand. Where demons rome and technology is lost, and man gain elemental power at a cost. It follows a broken girl who can (...)

    12. Re: A complete novice writer who can't decide on which perspective should he use for his novel.

      There are no real rules on what on you should write with, I think it falls on what ones work best for the story you're trying to tell and the feelings you are trying to invoke. Each POV type has there (...)

    13. Re: Amateur writing, gathering courage to finally publish my story.

      The first steps are always the wonkiest to just try and take things in their stride. People are chill and really helpful here so feel free to ask for help on anything. 

    14. Re: Over a hundred views on my first novel! Thank you fellow readers.

      Here's to you doubling that in half the time, (congrats.)

    15. Re: Welp, This Took Forever

      Congrats, if metrics and momentum mean anything maybe it will take you half that but I'm no expert on how it works here lol  All the best either way.

    16. Re: Half-way to max levels.

      I did not know that there was a max, well congrats my dude XD. 

    17. Re: And the deed is done.

      I hear you, writing up something is half the journey, there always seems to be something that can be done better and that gets worst the more time goes by. Well good luck with the army stuff and I hope (...)

    18. Re: I feel like Isekai can be really fun, but it is brought down by bargain bin fanservice and sloppy writing (...)

      I think the bigger problem is that the readers eat these up which doesn't push for better writing. If the readers are more critical, it would likely push for better stories.  Yeah, saddly most people (...)

    19. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 17/10 | TWELFTH WEEK

      This is from Chapter 19 The Chronicles of Sorataki. The chapter itself will come out in a few hours from now, context is a character explaining the mindset of one slimy information broker she and the MC (...)

    20. Re: What happen to monsters being terrifying in fantasy?

      Seriously, monsters are not really that big of a deal in fantasy anymore. It feels like authors use them as a strength gauge instead of a element of the story; when someone writes about a fantastical (...)