darkocean (J. L. Salmonson)

darkocean (J. L. Salmonson)

❧ Soul Tear - Book One: The Last Spirit Adept ❧ (A dark fantasy adventure)

❧ Soul Tear - Book One: The Last Spirit Adept ❧ (A dark fantasy adventure)
377 pages

Merryn, an Elvin, is a determined spirit adapt struggling to complete her mission to bring the Omega Tome back home, when the god trapped inside is freed causing a city's destruction. She races forward into the ancient world of Galama pursued by the kingdoms last guard seeking vengeance. The people she meets, become tangled into the guard's desire for revenge forcing her to choose between saving them or her own people back home. She must uncover the truth behind the god's secret, how it affects the world, come to terms with who she is and find her place in this world.

This a traditional novel, I came here not knowing what a web novel was. /facepalm. I plan on making something more familiar (sort of; I don't do normal, lol.) after this book is complete.

Did I mention there's no god dang dragons? None. Here be many original monsters of my wracked out imagination. (Except for a staff with a dragon claw on it. xD)

Possible Triggers in this book are:

Dark themes/world (It is a dark fantasy after all. *cough*) 

Descriptions bordering on gore (What I'd consider mild descriptions of injurys. But sometimes I can get a bit enthusiastic, so wait a day or two and I'll probably edit it a bit. That's why I don't use rhe tag.) Telling the story is the thing not trying to make anyone vomit. 😛

Mental abuse


Heart stopping action? (I can fantasize I'm getting that right, ha. 😅)

She's also had emergency training in the ways of a dire thief, the story will slowly drip feed a little of this along with the hows and whys of the god, the adepts and why it matters to the now

This is a multi pov book, but is restricted two main povs, they are both the main characters and needed to move the story along. I can't remove, edit or change povs in the third chapter, that characters pov is important, one if the main reasons is showing that Merryn is a PoC. People automatically default to white if it isn't described. The second reason is that the main pov needs to meet up with her later... along with foreshadowing what's to come. You'll know right away who's pov it is. Merryn gets most of the chapters, the other pov is used only when needed and she simply can't.

I'm only explaining this as I've learned that Royal Road readers aren't fond of multi pov books. I'm aware that switching too often leads to a jarring whiplash so I'll do my best to prevent that.

I'll turn on the suggestions helper when the next revision is done. Going into 'editing mode' is jarring for me and it's hard to get back into creating mode, that's why its off.

Thank you for reading!

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