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Bio: 10/04/2022

Got stuck in research for a couple of weeks, I really wanted to get things right in chapter 19, it's part of an oval arc that I really am having fun writing! The language barrier when trying to find the name of things in other countries can be a problem though. What is this thingy called it doesn't always go so well. >_< Temples.. and rituals, and customs. Oh my!

And... it's hela' a fun to read history articles and such so I get sucked it. Probably my biggest fault when writing. I really should just use TK and move on.


Had to get help from a mod again with uploading my cover (it had a typo so had to edit it.) It's my browser that's the problem. No pending updates so...🤔 Time to switch browsers again. Going back to Vivaldi I hope the issues that chased me away are fixed now (videos wouldn't work ever, online games would break.) Just have to use it for a while and see. Blah blah blah I miss it Waterfox is kind of awkward Vivaldi's UI is so streamlined.


A Monday on a Tuesday... watch out drafts are bugging (at least for me) you might post a chapter when clicking on save draft! All I wanted to do was do a quick grammar check.


Got the word count up to 600 + words a day. Might get more done tonight with a few glasses of wine. xD
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