1. Re: Help pick a cover and feedback on blurb

      Okay! Let's stop Googling and start to parse!  Being both in love and wise, not even the gods can manage that." ━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━ Alexius Valerian Aeternus, a child of prophecy. The chosen (...)

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      I even checked a book I read a long time ago. Take a look at the prologue to Michael Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time. Here, the phrase is used in the same context.  Hmm. Yes, I see. However, I'm (...)

    3. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      "Never thought I'd have a bath with an Elf." "How about a bath with a friend?" "Aye, I can do that." Come come now. Legolas would never stoop so low as to hop into a tub buck naked with a... *gasp!* (...)

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      Okay. So then with your Spoiler, I need to know something here. When you say in your blurb a 'war at the end of time' do you mean that, like sometime later on next week, all of Time is actually going to (...)

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      Oh! And there's a magic kitty in the corner! I forgot about him, from your post of these images you have on another thread. How could you have cut him out, in favor of that blurry dove? He is oh so (...)

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      Also, I cannot believe Cy's artwork is receiving more votes than her idol Jyundee's. She will be excited when I tell her. It's a beautiful picture. I love how the musical notes flow from Alarielle. (...)

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      Aha! Here is something I am good at!  Blurbs and proper grammar. Also meter, beat and balance, which are important when one waxes both philisophical and poetic. So while you work on the bookcover for (...)

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      I would but he's not mine to give, but what about poor Gimli, no love for a cute dwarf? :P No! Dwarves stink worse than goblins! They do clean up nice tho. Maybe if Legolas gave him a bath. (...)

    9. Re: Serif vs. Sans Serif Fonts - Debate!

      I'm not partial towards one or the other, but I do like fonts where the capital letter 'I' doesn't look like a lowercase 'l' I also like a single storey lowercase 'a' and 'g'   I also like fonts (...)

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      Oh. Gumi has a short, kinda raggy mop of green hair. Like her VOCALOID. ❤

    11. Re: Taking Cover Requests

      Ooh la la. Looking good! ❤

    12. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      Ah! Chibi Legolas! Oh he is so cute. gimme gimme gimme gimme! ❤😻❤

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      Oh. And make sure you post my name as R.D.Burger, with no spaces in between, and that you write The VocaLords with a Capital 'V' and a capital 'L.' Also make the font bold, and big enough so that it can (...)

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      I see. I think I can come up with something. But I am only drawing two characters okay. A detailed background and multiple characters will take up a lot of time. Yes. That's fine. I just again want (...)

    15. Re: Wing-Kana review swap thread...

      I am of the female kind. Born and molded to be an Empress. I dunno what the hoo-hah is. I never doubted it for a minute. And I'm an idiot. 😸

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      Oh. Also if you want, you can forgo the gas mask vocalizer and Gumi's necrosis and just draw her with a normal face. At one point in the story, one of the things that Miku saves Gumi from is her necrosis. (...)

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      Oh! So here is an idea for a sexy schmexy cover!  When Gumi boards T.O.P.'s cyber lab frigate sailing the Sea of Japan, she forgoes her desert rat military garb and starts wearing bikinis. Of course (...)

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      To be honest, I would like to see what you come up with. Of course, Gumi should be on the cover, but after that, I am pretty sure I will be happy with whatever portion of the massive amount of information (...)

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      Here is an original advert I had created for my story, when my username was HardeeBurger. "I Can See You Breathing" Gumi plays guitar for The VocaLords. And with her (...)

    20. Re: Wings birthday

      Happy birthday, Wing. Didn't realize yours was just a few days after mine... Ooh. All these Aries in the mix. Spicy! ❤ Just so you know, I'm a Taurus and that means, of course... I.Hate.You. But not (...)