1. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      Death crawls after Rio, trawling Pacific waters, searching for her beacon. She responds the way she always does. Run. Hide. Get away. But she fears starting her life (...)

    2. Re: Looking for Things to Review

      You are very welcome to use my Soft SciFi Fantasy called DOTS in any way you see fit. It is a series of seven Light Novels of about 25,000 words each, with the fifth one -- The Book of CHASTITY -- being (...)

    3. Re: Scotty Has Joined the Server

      Welcome to Royal Road. It is always nice to see another author here, and I wish for you the very best of luck! 😸

    4. Re: Celebrating signing with a Developmental Editor:

      Wow. This is very exciting stuff. Please keep us informed! β€πŸ˜»β€

    5. Re: Book clubs for webfiction readers

      I have been involved in online book clubs and they are fun, but seemed labor intensive to me.  In one version, a group of people met online via Zoom (not actually Zoom, but I don't remember the medium (...)

    6. Re: New Site Background Thoughts

      The right side is definitely more active there with the closer-up birds. Thank you! And the colors are more vibrant, too!  ❀😻❀

    7. Re: Oi! I've been on RR for like a week and half or sum as an author and I just found this forum.

      Welcome to Royal Road. It's always nice to meet a new author. I wish you the best of luck, both for yourself and for your story!😸

    8. Re: New Site Background Thoughts

      I believe it looks just as good cropped, and gives more than just black on the outline whenever a user screen is inserted. And yes. It's a beautiful picture!  ❀😻❀

    9. Re: ~First post; kinda nervous~

      Lol that entire story is great! Dogs are funny that way. Thanks. Here's another fun story about my dobie. His name was Harley, by the way.  So my girlfriend at the time was thin enough and certainly (...)

    10. Re: ~First post; kinda nervous~

      Foofy the doberman pinscher. On my gosh. That's adorable.  I had a doberman once. It had a bit of rotweiller mixed in, so it was huge. He was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. I owned a sports coupe for (...)

    11. Re: New Here - Excited To Join & Meet Others!

      Also, I just want to say that your cover art is very beautiful! Geez. Yours is too. Woof woof woof. ❀😻🐢❀

    12. Re: Would anyone beta read a prologue for me?

      Yes. It is too short for Royal Road, if this is what you're planning to post. Royal Road does have a 500 word limit, to get people to post longer chapters. You will see -- if I may -- that though what (...)

    13. Re: Looking for Review Ideas

      depending on the genre you could play review bingo that sounds like a fun gag No kidding. I would totally do that if I were a YouTube celeb. Like, I'd make up a card with twenty-five different (...)

    14. Re: ~First post; kinda nervous~

      My my. What a genuine, heartfelt and nice person you are! I'm sure you'll fit in perfect with everyone I've met on Royal Road. I wish the best of luck for you and your story. Who's a good doggie? You (...)

    15. Re: What do you think is the optimal chapter size?

      Well, my story DOTS has 48 chapters so far, and stands at 105,000 words. So I'm gonna say 2200 words is a nice chapter size.  ❀😻❀

    16. Re: New Here - Excited To Join & Meet Others!

      Welcome to Royal Road. It is alway nice to see another author here. I think you will find the people who post here -- both in the Forums and in online story Comments -- to be extremely helpful, frank and (...)

    17. Re: Book clubs for webfiction readers

      Oh. I think that this is an excellent idea! ❀😻❀

    18. Re: What’s a piece of common writing advice that you really disagree with?

      I'd be interested to see that website though, to see its authenticity and accuracy.  Yes! I will try to find it once I get to the device I think it's on. It's a statistical analysis sort of thing, based (...)

    19. Re: Hello everyone!

      Welcome to Royal Road. It is always nice to see another author here, and I wish for you the very best of luck! 😸

    20. Re: pdf into jpeg?

      Online pdf to jpg converters are available to use for free. 😸