1. Re: How do you keep readers interest while keeping up good pacing and not info dumping?

      Just honk at them non-stop You are a duck. Technically you quack. But since you are Asian you prolly go ga ga. 🐞

    2. Re: 1 ply vs 2 ply

      Cheeezy rice and holy crackers! I gotta get thru this chappie so I can go pee! πŸ¦‹

    3. Re: Should I be more official sounding or personal sounding with my Author Notes?

      🎻🎼🎢 It doesn't matter because I'm packing plastic.🎡 🎡🎢And that's what makes my life so f*cking fantastic.🎢🎡🎢

    4. Re: Hi everyone!

      Didn’t expect to get this many responses in just a few hours, thank you all!   The Royal Road Welcome Committee is a force to be reckoned with. β€

    5. Re: New to Royal Road and I like the Vibe!

      Hello Steve. I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself here on Royal Road. You will find lots of helpful people and good advice in the Forums. Also, as an added bonus, I write SciFi Fantasy, with a touch (...)

    6. Re: Hi everyone!

      Welcome to Royal Road. It is always nice to meet another author here, and I wish for you the best of luck! πŸ¦Š

    7. Re: First and Last Letter Game

      Effing. When something's unable to be expressed in words.

    8. Re: 🦃 Weekend Snippets 25/11 | WEEK 69 🍂 Let's Eat! 🍴

      Okay! Here is another something from the next chapter of my SciFi adventure called TRANSCIETY.  You may recall from last week on Weekend Snippets that Bob's wife, Cecilia, was having fun playing inside (...)

    9. Re: First and Last Letter Game

      Edible - something deserving of eating  πŸ΄πŸ”πŸ₯›

    10. Re: Plotting

      I use gobs and gobs of ridiculous jabber, from which every once in a while a gem of genius appears. That and thank God for Word Doc, which lets me Cut and Paste and Delete. 🐯

    11. 🦃 Weekend Snippets 25/11 | WEEK 69 🍂 Let's Eat! 🍴

      Hello Snippet Lovers! Today we celebrate a favorite pastime for some of us - EATING! πŸ” So is food being served in your story? If so, what are they eating? πŸ‡ Let us know in a Snippet here, for this (...)

    12. Re: Why Hate Descriptions?

      Web novels tend to be lighter on description than regular novels. A lot of people who read web novels do it in short bursts, often in between tasks or during a short break, so short and quick is best. (...)

    13. Re: Rating ★★★★★

      I too, like Aly, was not going to touch this thread with a ten foot pole, despite it being hosted by my favorite purple dinosaur Ararara -- even affter Doc B ducked in for a quick and humorous response. (...)

    14. Re: Why Hate Descriptions?

      I think the problem many authors have with descriptions is that they don't know when to use them and when not too. If you give a detailed description of every rock and tree your character passes by then (...)

    15. Re: Why Hate Descriptions?

      Whether writing descriptive narrative, dialogue or action, I have found three things to be key. Avoid redundancy. Focus on the plot. Use dynamic verbs. Brevity brevity brevity. Okay. So that's (...)

    16. Re: First and Last Letter Game

      Tribbles -- Furry little fuzzballs the stage hands at Star Trek had an absolute blast with, using them to hit William Shatner in the head. (...)

    17. Re: "Shined" or "Shone"

      If you have him hang out with Sally and her seashells by the seashore, well then that is all the better He actually haven't came across a culture, where Sally was a common name. But for that, I will make (...)

    18. Re: I finished the writathon!

      I'm almost there.. I'm almost there... just a few more words. Now lemme see... is it 'sunshine shone' or 'sunshine shined?' Screw it. I'll (...)

    19. Re: First and Last Letter Game

      Doer. A person or thing that does in a specified way. And right back atcha, P.T. πŸš€

    20. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      Good heavens, my fellow friend. Your anime skills are AMAZING! (...)