1. Re: What's your MC's favorite drink?

      Water of course, but.... Martyn - Wine, Tea, Milk. Eleanna - Carbonated Tea, Melon Juice, Milk. Arthur - Coffee, Milk.

    2. Re: Time Travel

      How do you think it should work? :DrakanFascinating: How Harry Potter did it and more or less what Brynden Rivers/Bloodraven/Three-Eyed Crow said. "The Past is Already Written, The Ink is Dry" (...)

    3. Re: Does philosophy have a place in what you read or write

      There's no way a message or a philosophy won't have a place in someone's work, the only way to avoid that is to not write what writers throughout the ages have been writing. Human/Sentient Being vs (...)

    4. Re: Does it also bother you when a character's name is dumb / silly / weird?

      Silly and/or normal names that are chosen just because it's sounds cool is just stupid. Especially if they have a name that is super damn obvious what it means, then not utilizing at all in anything, except (...)

    5. Re: Does it also bother you when a character's name is dumb / silly / weird?

      Silly names don't bug me so much, not like it's used to be, because I got myself into this hole called etymologies and localized names. Now because I got into that hole, I found a new pet peeve with (...)

    6. Re: Icebergs

      And do feel free to ask me for explanations, on this monstrosity that I just made lol. The first place where I uploaded Lord Protector, it was in Indonesian (My Native Language), is (...)

    7. Re: Icebergs

      It took me a hot second to figure out that the name Roshjert probably means something like 'rose heart' and not 'red butt' and I'm more than willing to check your tale out just for that laugh. I'm glad (...)

    8. Re: Icebergs

      "If you are looking for an image, it was probably deleted" I'd go with that too to be honest. I don't know what the fuck happen, but I got it back

    9. Icebergs

      If you guys have to make an Iceberg for your works, how would it be? For my main work, the Lord Protector. (...)

    10. Re: Checking up.

      I am struggling, struggling to find the words to end my current Story Arc that's been going on for the last year! MY GOD! :DrakanAngry: But other than that, I am fine health wise, even though COViD (...)

    11. Re: What's your favorite thing about your story?

      If I have to pick... it's the fact that I somehow, someway, didn't write it overly serious, dark, edgy, and idea-centric. I think that because of ASoIaF and a couple of other character-centric and first (...)

    12. Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

      - Cheating at a gambling institution Card counting? No. The establishment doesn't allow certain magical users to participate in the games. MC essentially uses a chess engine in a chess game against a (...)

    13. Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

      - Cheating at a gambling institution Card counting?

    14. Re: What would your character do if they ended up in Canada?

      Martyn : *Proceeds to make fun of their money* Eleanna : *Commits Seppuku* Arthur : "PLEASE LET ME STAY"

    15. Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

      So far... Martyn : 1. Battery 2. Homicide 3. Conspiracy 4. Disturbing the Peace 5. Extortion 6. Harboring Criminals 7. Blackmail Eleanna : 1. Conspiracy 2. Extortion 3. Theft 4. Stalking (...)

    16. Re: Weebs, were you ever inspired to write a series (not a fan fiction) after watching an anime or reading a manga?

      Somewhat inspired, but the right word is more affirmed to what I want to write. Saihate no Paladin or The Faraway Paladin, the Manga and Light Novel, not the Anime (it's bad, really bad, just read the (...)

    17. Re: Fantasy Languages

      Making fantasy language is just plain hard that I don't even want to touch, but I am not so lazy to just say there's a universal common language among the sentient being of my world. The best thing (...)

    18. Re: Powers you'll never use in your stories

      Telepathy. It's the one power that will kill every tension and effort in a political and mind games story that I have. But I do use the other weaker version of it, Cold Reading, but what makes it more (...)

    19. Re: How to inject personality into dialog?

      Ohh jeez, if I have to say there's a lot! From formatting to contractions, from lingos to phrases, and from wrongly spelled words to the consistency of speech, there are a lot of things that you should (...)

    20. Re: When Imagine a Scene, Is the Imagery flashing through your minds eye....

      2. High End, Animation or Anime Style for the win! More or less this one.