The Primal Hunter

I've lurked for years, and its always nice to stumble along a hidden gem. I found this just casually browsing, and really wasn't expecting too much, but so far, the plot and lore have been interesting, the characters have good depth, although a little bit of plot armour, but the story is fantastic and has been a really engaging read. This is the reason why i search through royal road for novels

Once a Hero

it was something good, now not so much

Look, ill start off by saying you had the right idea, but the way you've tried to push the story too fast just made it unenjoyable. Like an op mc is okay, but only if you're going to play more focus on the side characters. but you ended up turning Cindy and Julie into absolute annoyances to the storyline itself, and it feels like youve got them there solely to fulfil the requirements of adding the harem tag.


that said, the idea was novel, and im sure you'll get there with practice, but please work on adding mroe depth to your characters. unlike what most think, its not just about the plot, but how you develop those interactions.

The Top of the World

While the story is interesting and does explore the "xianxia" genre, to say it is 5 star would a complete overstatement.


I felt the story's plot is interesting and has potential, but the characters could definitely have a lot more depth to them. More often than not, it feels like they are there only to push the plot forward. The problem here being that the plot is very much the traditional xianxia path. Weak -> Strong, beats nemesis along the way, becomes a great man. 


I also feel the plot is lacking in many aspects and could use a lot more background and lore. By the 28th chapter I was facepalming from boredom. No offence author, it is a good effort, but you need to sit down and plan out how you want to build your characters before pushing out your story.


No doubt you will get better the more you write, so I'm looking forward to your future novels!