Wren Elizabeth

Wren Elizabeth

    1. Re: What do you do when someones trying to sabotage your story?

      Ugh, I hate when people do this. This happened to me once (not on RoyalRoad)—someone was going around leaving shitty comments under every new story in this one tag, I guess to draw prospective readers (...)

    2. Re: What’s a piece of common writing advice that you really disagree with?

      I generally hate the advice on writing female characters to be just "Think as if you're a woman" if I could do that I wouldn't have the issues. I could very well imagine what it's like to be female, (...)

    3. Re: First chapter for story complete. On to #2

      Congrats! There's nothing quite like closing out that first chapter of a new project  :DrakanWine:

    4. Re: What’s a piece of common writing advice that you really disagree with?

      For me, it’s “if a scene feels too boring or stagnant, just kill someone off!” It reminds me of the line in The Good Place where Jason is like “if you have a problem, just throw a molotov cocktail at it (...)

    5. Re: For All the Authors

      Someone once sent me an anonymous Tumblr ask that just said “ seems like the sort of person who would buy $500 worth or Wonder Bread and then go burn down a rainforest.” I looked it up and apparently it’s (...)

    6. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      I enjoy both, but I tend to write more female protagonists because I think women are very underrepresented in certain genres, and I write the representation I want to see. Honestly, men and women are not (...)

    7. Re: Are there any words or phrases that you have negative associations or aversions to?

      I try to avoid M'lord and M'lady even though they'd honestly fit in the context of a lot of what I write. Ugh, same. Several of my characters are noblewomen, and it would probably make sense for people (...)

    8. Re: MBTI personalities of Authors and Main Character(s)

      I'm either an INTJ or an INTP (it seems to vary), and my protagonists are: Acidalia: INTJ-T, the Architect  Lyra: INFP-T, the Mediator T: INFJ-A, the Advocate Athena: ISTP-A, the Virtuoso, or (...)

    9. Re: Where do you like writing most, in-story?

      As far as settings go, I love writing scenes set in my hometown, partly because I know that I'm getting all the little details right and partly because it just makes me nostalgic. Eureka mostly takes place (...)

    10. Re: Anyone wanna share their writer L moments?

      I keep coming up with cool names and plotlines, then realizing after the fact that someone else already used them  :DrakanSigh:  Usually I don't mind, but I realized the other day that a minor character (...)

    11. Re: Do I need a cover art for my novel?

      I don’t think you need a cover, per se, but it’ll certainly help. Having good cover art goes a long way towards showing readers that your work is worth their time—it’ll make your book look more professional (...)

    12. Re: How do you all update so fast?

      Planning helps. I write very quickly, but I also plan everything out ahead of time. I have an outline that specifies exactly what has to happen in each scene, which characters need to be present, what (...)

    13. Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

      Lots of places, I came up with the concept for one of my cities when I saw one of these things rising out of the Atlantic Ocean. I always knew I wanted to create an semi-underwater metropolis, but that (...)

    14. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      On the Edge of Eureka is a character-driven science-fiction dystopia with cyberpunk and biopunk elements! Follow illegitimate empress Acidalia Cipher as she grapples with her dictator mother for control (...)

    15. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      I personally find harems boring because they just make me feel like I’m reading someone else’s daydreams. Granted, part of this is probably because I’m a straight woman and most harems aren’t made to appeal (...)

    16. Re: 10 followers!

      Congrats! 🎉 

    17. Re: Does your character have a face?

      I definitely know what my characters look like, but I tend to avoid describing them in detail because I can never figure out how to do it without breaking the flow of the story. It's easy with the protagonist, (...)

    18. Re: I got a follower and a rating!

      Congrats! Here’s to many more 🥂

    19. Re: How would you fair if you are thrown into your story?

      I write dystopia, so I probably wouldn’t get very far. Granted, I’d know where attacks occurred, which sides would win key battles, etc, which I guess would help me survive for a bit, but even knowing (...)

    20. Re: reviews should not be on if the story is good or not, but on...

      reviews should not be on if the story is good or not,  but instead, to let you understand objectively  on what you are actually going to read, without spoiling I’m sorry, but I think the concept (...)