1. Re: When the AI writes our books

      I once read an article about some AI attempting to write some Harry Potter fanfiction a few years ago. Wasn't too shabby. An excerpt: Ron threw a wand at Voldemort and everyone applauded. Ron smiled. (...)

    2. Re: Skipping chapters?

      As a reader, I skip chapters occasionally. I skip chapters if.... Appreciate your summary. Anyone can have their reasons, but as one said, "if it's not what you like, why read at all?" This (...)

    3. Re: Skipping chapters?

      As a reader, I skip chapters occasionally. I skip chapters if: - The first few chapters show some grammatical/writing issues that jar me, but the reviews say the story is decent. So I skip ahead (...)

    4. Re: Am I "classical" or just boring?

      Not sure about classical and what not, but your first 1 or 2 chapters are where you're really trying to hook readers to stick around. Don't be afraid to be outlandish at the very start of your story. Much (...)

    5. Re: How to inform the reader so that they have the right kind of expectation on your story?

      I think if your story has explicit content (things are described in the story rather then just vaguely alluded to), then you should probably consider how you'll tag it. A story with that description will (...)

    6. Re: What Do You Think About Harem?

      I think there are different types of harem stories that all cater to different audiences. Each type targets different audiences and that reflects in the content. For example, I don't like how traditional (...)

    7. Re: Grammar suck. Help, can't do english. What?

      - Using action tags and dialogue tags. - Comma splices and run-on sentences. Action tags? Dialogue tags? In your first chapter it can be confusing to figure out who is saying what. The dialogue/action (...)

    8. Do you write what you read?

      Hello there. There's a topic that's been on my mind a lot these past couple weeks. There's a saying that "You are what you eat", but what about when it comes to writing and reading? Do you write what (...)

    9. Re: Japanese anime for 9yo

      Depends what sort of content you're okay with and what you think he'd be interested in. Movies from Studio Ghibli like "Howl's Moving Castle" or "Spirited Away" wouldn't be a bad introduction to anime. (...)

    10. Re: Is my synopsis good enough to attract readers?

      Fanfiction is very niche and dependent on the fandom. It also depends on where you've posted it. I've noticed places like Royal Road tend to focus more on original works compared to places like fanfiction.net (...)

    11. Re: As a reader do you ever feel a NEED to fix the what you are reading?

      Sometimes there is an itch to correct certain things. Like if I see robotic dialogue, misused grammar, sentences that are overly done in purple prose, etc. But sometimes, especially with quotes, there (...)

    12. Re: Would you read a story with this premise?

      I feel like I've seen this sorta premise before, especially in webcomics lately. Personally, I feel like 5000 years is a bit too long of a time span to be asleep for. I've seen it a lot with these sorts (...)

    13. Re: Does cursing limit your potential audience on RR or does it not make a difference?

      I think there's a difference between cursing and writing in a way that's crude. I don't mind cursing, even excessive cursing as long as it fits the scene, characters, situation, etc. What I dislike (...)

    14. Re: Blue screens/stats: how much is too much?

      As a reader I'm more forgiving of frequent (every other paragraph or every paragraph) blue boxes/stat screens in the beginning chapters when everything is being established then I am of them by say chapter (...)

    15. Re: Do you think book covers can sometimes work against a story's favor and the website it is on?

      ..... ... Customers are looking for clues that the book will deliver the type of story they enjoy reading. Right but, what's the evidence?  When I think back to the covers that (...)

    16. Re: Paragraph Length

      I like paragraphs that are smaller. - Easier for a reader to find their place if they have to stop reading for any reason. - Less stressful on the eyes. - Easier for phone/mobile device reading. (...)

    17. Re: Does it pisss you off to see the comment section closed?

      I view turned off comments the same way I view turned off comments and ratings on youtube. Would first assume something happened in the comment section the author didn't like or couldn't take, and they (...)

    18. Re: Ratings should be public

      I think showing the rating distribution would be both good for the reader and the author.  If the author has written a work that's a good read and it has seven 4 star or higher ratings, but the average (...)

    19. Re: Quick Q about Prologues

      As a reader, I tend to skip prologues that: - Seem to contain spoilers. - Too lengthy. - Makes zero sense to me. When I do read prologues: - Short and sweet. - Necessary information that makes (...)

    20. Re: Need Help With Describing a Type of Story

      I'm trying to think of the right category or words to describe a story where the protagonist always draws the short straw.  There things are terrible and don't get any better. Where the protagonist suffers (...)