1. Re: Cute things.

      Well then. Good for her. Sally has a good mommy.  She does. Only problem is mom is too small to move the kittens, so she needs some help to get them in and out of the box, so they can learn to walk.

    2. Re: Cute things.

      KITTY!! Kittykittykittykittykittykittykitty!  Oh she is so cute. I bet she goes MEEW. 😍 Yes, she does say mew. Whenever you pick her up.  Then her mom comes running and stares at you, till (...)

    3. Re: Gothic Pinup

      Thank you. Gothic is my specialty.

    4. Re: Cute things.

      Oh my god...cute things. I also love cute things. This is Sally. She is very new. She has a brother and a sister, but I only got a good picture of Sally. They wobble a lot and keep their heads down (...)

    5. Re: What is the best bird?

      I agree that puffins are great. I saw one put on a show in the Bronx zoo (all his own idea, no humans involved except the audience). He was very talented and had great tail wiggles. He could send droplets (...)

    6. Re: Gothic Pinup

      I haven't posted anything here in a long time, so I thought I'd give it another shot. I'm still pretty new to digital art. I've only been doing it for a handful of months off and on. But, I liked the way (...)

    7. Re: Saileri's Compendium of Commissioned Arts

      They're both great. Really solid art. I like the shading on the werepanther. She's got some very shiny hair. Also an interesting mix of human and cat. Only the farthest parts of her limbs appear to be (...)

    8. Re: Is it disingenuous to use Royal Road as a means to an end?

      It might be a bit disingenuous, but I don't think you should lose sleep over it. You read what you want, and if that doesn't include much of what's on Royal Road, that's okay. The Isekai and gamelit genres (...)

    9. Re: What Happened to The Lost Legionary?

      Thanks for finding out for me! I never got a chance to finish reading it, but that's a me problem.  :peolaughing: Hopefully, the traditional route goes smooth for him. It's brutal. Though, if he's got (...)

    10. Re: What Happened to The Lost Legionary?

      404 errors all the way down. The story is completely gone, and so is the author's profile. Does anyone know what happened?

    11. Re: Down for some review swaps

      I would be up for a swap. My story is in the signature. It's science fantasy, but you won't reach the science part for a review swap. It'll just feel like fantasy.

    12. Re: Review trade for Noobs and Fantasy Men (and Women) of culture

      So, you're looking for an agent type review? Just a trade of ten pages? I would be interested in that. Story is in signature.  Literary agents have left me hanging before or worse, so I guess read at (...)

    13. Re: How big is your universe?

      I plan two stories, and then a crossover. I'm only on the first, but that will be done by April. I'll hit crossover by late next year. It's science fantasy, with a wormhole to connect the two, among other (...)

    14. Re: Don't Really Fit, Where Could I Go?

      It's reassuring to hear it's not me. The tiny little Eeyore in my head wants me to think otherwise, but I'll try not to listen to him. Well, I'll listen to him less. Not would be impossible.

    15. Re: Just got chapter 22!

      I really would like to, but I think I need to take a break from reviews. I've been doing a bunch, and I just hit a wall. Probably should sleep more instead. I'll have to be a responsible adult and pass (...)

    16. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      I guess I should do this again. It's late, but that's okay. Story is Iruedim.  Synopsis: Iruedim, an extragalactic planet positioned beside a wormhole, was a place where science, spellcasters, and creatures (...)

    17. Re: Don't Really Fit, Where Could I Go?

      I don't think my work will ever be published to be honest. I'll probably never make it to Amazon, so it wouldn't be such a hot idea to take up a writing group's time. 

    18. Re: Just got chapter 22!

      Are you looking for a swap or just a review?

    19. Re: Don't Really Fit, Where Could I Go?

      Thank you guys for the replies. Yes, patience does seem to be in order. I don't do a ton of promotion. It makes me nervous, so that's on me. The feedback I get is pretty consistent though. So, I take it (...)

    20. Re: Character design

      Yeah. I would click on that. It's beautifully stylized.