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      I popped over to check out your story--I think I would enjoy reading it in any case ^.^ But since it looks like you still have one opening, I'd be down to review swap. Let me know.  Sure you will number (...)

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      Hi Winnie! Generally, I would be up for a swap, but it might take me until mid of next week. I'm also in the Writathon and have a few other reviews on priority. Let me know if this works for you! (...)

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      Hey, are you still up for a review swap. I think I gonna need some review swaps. If you're interested, mine is in my signature. Sure. I up for swaps till my list gets full. I'll just add you in. (...)

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      I just have the one thread going right now, but I did jump into someone else's review swap. Maybe, that's what you had in mind? The romance one?

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      Can I tempt you with mine? Link in signature. Certainly. :)

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      Why yes, Razzmatazz, I'm still open for business! I've got you down as number four. Semi and Aralbair, you guys are five and six. Three Four more spaces after you guys! Looks like I can't count today. (...)

    7. Re: Romance Review Swaps <3

      Hello!! I want to thank you so much for your review! It was wonderful to read, as well your stories!! I'm adding them to my reading list!!!!   I'm going to share your stories with some of my friends, (...)

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      Definitely down for it. My story is around 55K you don’t need to read the full thing but I’ll start on yours. Story in the signature  Awesome. I put you down as number three. 

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      <3 thank you so much  Oh you don't have to do that. But, if you want to, I would appreciate it. Kind of a funny misunderstanding when you think about it. I should (...)(...)

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      I'm down for a swap as well! here's the story itself. I'll get around to reviewing as well either later tonight or tomorrow :)   Cool. I added (...)

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      Of course! I'd be glad to! 🙌 Thanks for the review for Iruedim, but I was actually hoping to do an exchange for Reaper of Cantrips. I guess I should have specified. I'll review your story, just (...)

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      I may not be writing romance, but I do read it. Are you interested in swapping with something that isn't romance? If not, that's okay.

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      Sure, would be up for it. Story's in the sig. Awesome. I added you as number one to the list.

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      Hello fellow writers, I’ve got a nice chunk of time on my hands, and I’m looking for ten review swaps over the next two to three weeks. I’m not picky. I’ll read anything. For swaps, I always do (...)

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      If you have time for another swap, I'm open to one. My story is here. If you're open, let me know. I'm in no big rush.

    16. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story Every arcane gets one power, except for the reapers. They can take as many powers as they want, so long as they lift them from the bodies of (...)

    17. Re: Is there a limit to how many review swaps you can do?

      Oh, thanks. I would never do that. That's a big relief.

    18. Re: Is there a limit to how many review swaps you can do?

      I was thinking of doing ten to twelve swaps. Do you think that would be abuse?

    19. Re: Is there a limit to how many review swaps you can do?

      Hey guys,  I heard somewhere that there is a limit to how many review swaps you can do per story. Yet, when I checked the FAQ, I couldn't find the same information. I'm not ready for a review swap yet, (...)

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      WinnieSallow Wrote: I just hit about 11000 words as well, and I'm up for a review swap. Here is the link. (...)