The Discarded, Half-Eaten Apple Core New Life. An OP Dungeon Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG.

The Discarded, Half-Eaten (...)
by MDW
754 pages

[A failed Participant in the January 2023 Community Contest: I forgot to fill the form]

The world ended. Bam! The Apocalypse opened the gates of Hell, demons killed everyone. Including me. But I got a second chance of life. Though it was as an apple. Which was eaten by a starving survivor, not that I fault them. But to toss my half-eaten core into a landfill?

To add insult to injury, an earthquake brought the landfill and everything in it a mile underneath the earth. I guess I'm not in uncharted waters, because good luck finding any nearby.

Not that it would matter. I am pretty sure the apple I was reincarnated as was a GMO hybrid whose potential to germinate was as stunted as the empathy of a corporation CEO. So there's that. Also, no sunlight.

** DING **


Oh, for the love of all —

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The Ascent: A Kingdom-Builder/Military History Survival LitRPG

The Ascent: A Kingdom-Builder/Military (...)
by Strif3
349 pages

As the sun set on the African wilderness, Mandla didn't realise it was the last time he'd ever gaze upon a familiar world.

At a party with his best friend, Kaveh, the System descends upon Earth and everything changes. The two boys enter the Bloodline Ascent, a strange parallel progression method offered innocuously alongside the normal Classes, that seems to have some connection to human history.

They didn't know what they were getting into.

Now, wielding a power they barely understand, with allies they can barely trust, they must battle evolved beasts, true monsters and Ascendants just like them to reach the peak and claim the ultimate prize.

Updates new chapter every Monday and Friday (2.5 - 3.5k words, sometimes more)

Cover art by: Sininenblue (who is open for commission)

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Mother of Exiles (Gritty Isekai Fantasy)

Mother of Exiles (Gritty (...)
by Austimized
585 pages

Do most kidnappers offer you a do-over and immortality?

Aida's just did. And she'll take it, even if said kidnapper hangs out with a gang of bone-masked killers and hates her for no reason. She's screwed up her whole life already, so what's there to lose?

Thrown into a bizarre journey through bleak, alien realms, she must survive the terrifying initiation to become an Immortal Dynast unless she wants her second chance at life go to waste. Then all she has to do is what all the Dynasts do: traffic her slaves, brutally repress her menials, and never question the Black Court looming over them all.

...She might just screw everything up again anyway, only this time on purpose.

Volume 1 is heavy on character development and worldbuilding. The tale grows more strategic, political, and violent as scale and scope expand into Volume 2. "Build it first, fight over it later."

This is "gritty" fantasy and contains mature themes that may include: sex and sexual predation, violence, profanity, racism, classism, drug use, suicide, depression, domestic violence, and/or mentally twisted/unbalanced characters.

5k+ words a week released in 2-3 updates. Updates Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday

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Daggers, Dames, and Demons

Daggers, Dames, and Demons (...)
by VRHolmes
399 pages

Author Note: This story is currently having some plot bunnies chased and its magic system tweaked. I will be uploading the rest of it in its entirety when I've ironed out some drafting kinks. Thank you to those who've provided feedback this far. We'll be back in March!

If you've enjoyed this story enough, I'm looking for some beta readers for feedback on my planned adjustments. Feel free to reach out if this interests you!

Lydia Grace is a workaholic. Her life is already difficult enough as it is: she's taking classes at a two-bit community college for lack of alternatives, and she's trapped in MiddleofNowhere Iowa. On the bright side, it's her senior year, and she can smell the ink on her degree. It's all uphill from here. 

That is, until she winds up getting kidnapped. 

Thrust into a bizarre underworld full of spirits, ghouls, and magic, Lydia is fast-tracked into a new curriculum: demonology. After botching a ritual sacrifice and winding up bound to an incubus, she must navigate her way through perilous encounters, secret organizations, and deadly opposition. Through it all, she'll have her reluctant demonic partner: someone with plenty of secrets of his own. 

Witty, magical, and just a touch spicy, Daggers, Dames and Demons is a fast-paced Urban Fantasy with a tasty dash of Romance. It draws heavily from mythology all around the world, mixing and blending them into a kaleidoscope of allies and monsters. I hope you enjoy!

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Rock Falls, Everyone Dies

Rock Falls, Everyone (...)
by zechamp
128 pages

By a stroke of fate, a stone gains sentience and sets out on a grand quest to touch grass. 

However, the system forgot to change its stats from their [Metric] values to the appropriate [Str, Int, Dex] values.

Things escalate. Fast. 

- Cultivation 
- Jade Beauties
- Numbers go up (Ridiculously up. All of them)
- Most balanced protagonist of all time (is round, so is balanced)

Thank you Sininenblue for making this cool cover for me! You a legend.

Previously titled DMG=MA

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That One Isekai [My Only Cheat Skill is All of Them]

That One Isekai [My Only (...)
by MezzoCatorce
922 pages

Kickflip your way through a Kickass Isekai LitRPG Fantasy World full of danger, mystery, and hot busty anime babes, as you try to survive with nothing but your wits and godlike power.

Hiro ♥ Protagonist is just your boring, ordinary, average High Schooler living in the cyberpunk dystopia of Neo-Shinjuku. Diagnosed at a young age with Main Character Disorder, he lives an average life, with average looks and average grades, up until the day he dies in a tragic kickflip-related accident. It's then that his life is changed forever (in addition to being dead).

He opens his eyes to find himself in a generic, nondescript white void, where his childhood friend, Kamiko Demiurgos meets him, greeting him with a wave of her flaming sword and a wink of one of her infinite eyes. She lays some fat truth on him: he's dead, she's secretly a god, and he's going to be reincarnated into a Kickass Isekai Gamelike Fantasy World in order to stop the Demon Lord! As a gamer, Hiro is elated!

However, tragedy strikes, as before Kamiko can choose a ridiculously OP cheat [Skill] to give him, she accidentally pushes all the buttons on her controls at once, giving him [Skills] at random and prematurely sending him on to the next world!

Armed only with his wits, his [Absolute Invulnerability], his [Win Almost Everything but not Everything], and his several dozen other top-tier [Skills], will Hiro be able to survive in this new world, full of danger, mystery, and hot busty anime babes?

A self-proclaimed Timeless Classic, "That One Isekai" has been lauded by critic(s) as "The best, most well-written trashfic I have ever read", "Truly one of the isekai I've ever read", and "No, I'm not going to give you a quote for your book description." Find out why by reading this story!

Updates Mon-Fri!

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The Pillar of Enera

The Pillar of Enera
by Eric Vanderlip
668 pages

Eight youths leave the arctic to explore Enera, a world where the planet's fractured crust floats in the sky.  They join other adventurers on the Isle of Dreams hoping to one day be inscribed on the Wall of Legends.  While mastering martial arts and magic, they must discover who they are, fend off assassins, and prevent another Dark Age.


The Pillar of Enera is a progression fantasy with light litrpg elements.  It also has the HEAVENLY DAO.  As for what this means, I'll quote one of my reviews:

"This fantasy setting is a Narrative based one. If you don't know, it's like A Practical Guide To Evil in that "Fate" or "Reality" adheres to Narrative Structures. Stuff like the underdog should win; random chance favors the hilarious/entertaining; main characters can't simply be killed off by the mundane. That sort of thing. In a sense it's a wacky sort of Progression System as Narrative Significance can be used to accumulate legitimate power and existence is, fundamentally, unfair in how it plays favorites. Said favorites getting thrown into fires and frying pans because it's funny."
---Endless Paving

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The Riddle of Lead: Requiem of the Gun Knights

The Riddle of Lead: Requiem (...)
by MezzoCatorce
872 pages

Imperial Gun Knight Rathus McGaff must journey through fantastic lands filled with mythical beasts, murderous civil servants, and delusional assassins as he attempts to right wrongs and survive. Armed with an assortment of firearms and trained in the ancient art of Puroreso, Rathus travels with a motley crew of friends and associates as he navigates through the collapsing Empire and a dangerous Rebellion. All the while, the invention of a new weapon looms on the horizon, threatening to overturn the very nature of the world, and forever change the face of battle.

(Cover is temporary. Glory is eternal. Please make my cover your phone wallpaper)

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