1. Re: Novels with Skills and levels

      Thanks haven't checked them out yet but it seems like the last two maybe what I'm looking for

    2. Re: Novels with Skills and levels

      Well i already Read Rupegia but i'm not really looking for something like that most the novel is about depravity which is okay but gets old quick i'm mainly looking for something that's real life like (...)

    3. Re: Novels with Skills and levels

      So looking for novels like Delve, Arcane Emperor, Randidly Ghosthound, Singularity of the system, etc doesn't matter if it's Reincarnation or Transmigration or just World Transformation Etc just want some (...)

    4. Looking for good stories to read

      So I'm trying to find completed or ongoing stories with game elements like arcane emperor, or real life becomes an rpg like the 8th day or game on or quite a few others transported to a game elements or (...)

    5. Best novels with status menu's

      Like equilibrium or arcane emperor or vr novels but if it's a vr novel please make it a good one also real world becomes rpg would be accepted Please and thank you

    6. RE: Looking for hard-working mc that's smart

      Lol still I'll give it a try thanks

    7. Looking for hard-working mc that's smart

      So looking for a hard working main character that is smart just started reading "the good student" and "equilibrium" love both of them but yeah looking for mc that's smart and hard-working but I enjoy (...)

    8. The Damned When does the MC stop being a slave??

      so the title says everything when does our mc stop being a slave? i'm currently at chapter 9 and yeah just curious what chapter it stops being a slave

    9. New Website problems/suggestions

      Okay i'm not very Eloquent but here it is 1st. sometimes when your reading a chapter of a fiction the screen will start jerking up and down really fast like it's stuck but trying to go forward 2nd. well (...)