Double-Blind: A Modern LITRPG

It's a great read, I've reached the last published far too soon for my taste.

The MC is no murderhobo and that's freaking cool, he struggles with his mental health though and it feels realistic as fuck.

The pacing is great, the side character are spectacularly on point and well defined, I love it.

Paranoid Mage

Talented writing, delightful story

It's been a long time since I last left a review but I felt like this story deserved one. And quick PSA : there won't be any spoilers in this review.

For one it's an original setting, which is commendable, obviously it picks a lot from traditional fantasy but what story does not nowadays. Moreover it does so in a style specifically efficient and efficace at it immediately pulls you in the story and doesn't ever let you get bored of the narration. 

The pacing is great, as action scenes are mesured and strategically introduced, and exposition is done tactfully in a way to always keep your interest.

Characterization is absolutely great, each character gets its voice and sticks to it. Lots of different people are introduced and they are all memorable one way or another.

MC is particularly good, he's not an absolute sociopath and seem even pretty morally upright which I can appreciate even more seing a lot of authors get off on writing evil or really morally grey characters sometimes.

There are clear separation of scenes, it never feels hard to know when a specific act ends and another begins.

And to conclude, Author-sama is either great at grammar or he's got an awesome proofreader !


I highly recommend.


Interesting and mature view of the genre

The characters are well defined, they have got each a detailed background that let us peer in their mind.

It's not dark and edgy, subjects are treated with a mature point of view.


All in all pretty nice story, I recommend. (Surtout à mes camarades français, l'auteur répond à tous les commentaires et semble très impliqué dans ses oeuvres!)

Apocalypse 2020: Look to the Skies

It's a near perfect.

The style is really good, nothing outstanding but pretty neat nonetheless.

Again, we got it after the 10 000th story about it, the apocalypse is popular but this particular story is wrapped in a really original way, I don't want to spoil anything by hinting though.

As far as I can tell, the grammar is actually flawless, nothing jumps to my mind thinking about possible blunder while reading it must mean it's either clean or really just enough above the standard set here that we can't complain at all.

And finally, the character construction was done perfectely, you know how each story is unique, this one gets a lot of already used tropes and puts it together giving interesting and deep characters.

Well, like always it's my point of view, I find this story interesting and it's a pleasure to read.

Demonic Intervention

You can see by my choice of score I really do appreciate this story.

I always had a soft spot for sarcastic character and they are really swiftly developed on this novel and without even talking about the comedic tone, congrats to the author !

This is not Litrpg which is pretty nice for once and the power system is kind of unique (I think at least).

I don't remember spotting glaring gramatical mistakes or else but again I'm rating this at chapter 8 and I might simply have forgotten from former chap.

That's all for this novel, it's better when it's concise.

And on another note, please take time to rate a story, just reading the prologue is not enough to get a good feeling for every criteria a rating asks for, it's just an advice, a good and objective review is helpful for every author !


Well... Mister Chatfield is incredible. His update speed is insane and the story is by itself wonderful !

Voilà !

Order: The Symbolic's Tale of Telekinetic and Family

Excellent, do not pass this story without giving a try

Psychologically powerful and a huge sum of badassery in the later chapters (8 at this date).

Particularly good writing style and skills, it's pleasant to read and you find yourself looking for more when you reach the end of the chapter.


I feel justified in giving this work of fiction 5*.

Saviour of the World

I will be particularly concise, this is one of the best story I read, how can it receive less attention than barely intelligible gibberish and porn fest is beyond me.


That's my point of view, this is hilarious and extremely badass.


Maybe you know the author by one of his other work How to avoid death on a daily basis which, happily, has been extremely well welcomed on RR, I must say this story has nothing to envy to HTADOADB, this is priceless comedy and a style we should cherish on this website !


As always this is a totally biased review without an ounce of objectivity because I love this story, that's all.

Beyond The Wall (Complete)

Do yourself a favor, read this story.

At the time I write this review, only 12 chapters have been released.

I would normally have waited much longer before leaving an objective review but in my opinion this story seriously deserves a decent amount of attention and those 12 first chapters came out so fast nobody reviewed yet. I shall start the dance.


The universe while using common background elements is surprisingly extremely original in the utilisation of the apocalypse theme. Even the mythic Zombie is totally refitted for this story and I got to say Waldo did a damn good job !


Character building wise, we get to know more about the MC in first position, he suits my taste perfectly; strong, angry, taciturne, reliable but more than anything Noble and Modest ! He is not perfect, far from that but I see great potential !

The secondary and sub-MC are all well describe, you won't have to ask yourself "Who's that guy yet? And this one?", they are all interesting in their own right.


In term of style, again, great potential for a successful story, I like how the author brings action and dialogue. The flow feels really good.


I don't really have anything else to say, it seems I can't find negative point to bring to light so I hope you will in order to help the author to improve even more !

Don't be afraid by the longer of the chapter too, in as much as a week, Waldo updated 12 times his story, you probably won't be bored.


I hope having been helpful and somewhat as objective as I could ! And again keep in mind those are all elements I deeply appreciate in a story, I realize other probably won't be biased this much in future review.

How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis

I know, the setup is overused, we have seen thousands upon thousands of story of young people being transported from their world to another, facing monster and magic !


But don't let that fool you, this is not any fiction, that's THE story.

Others already did an excellent job describing story style, plot, character and etc, for my part I will be content to say it is one of my favourite story on RR if not the one.

It sincerely deserves 5*.


Thank you dear Author.