Alpha Physics - Post Apocalyptic LitRPG

Alpha Physics - Post (...)
by Alex Kozlowski Author
37 pages

A LitRPG Post Apocalyptic Novel.  

I would just like to thank everyone who has left comments and suggestions.

I was proud to have finished this series and published it in full on Royal Road. Unfortunately for Kindle Unlimited I have been forced to take it down from this site. I will continue to publish novels here and if you've got a KU subscription and want to check Alpha Physics out you can sill do it for free. 




In the apocalypse, the first weapon he’ll have to upgrade is himself.


The end of the world as we know it couldn’t come at a worse time for Adrian.

One minute, he’s an operations manager who’s overseeing a construction job in the wilderness. The next, an unknown energy force changes the very nature of life itself, from the smallest organism to the top of the food chain. The earth’s surviving inhabitants, its environment, and the very laws of physics have all undergone fundamental transformations.

Many of those changes aren’t pretty. Plenty of them are deadly.

Luckily for Earth, this has happened to other species before, and everyone receives an interface that survivors of similar events have used to navigate through an alien landscape.

Adrian’s going to need every advantage he can get. He’s stranded in the middle of nowhere, there are days, maybe weeks of travel between him and his family, and in a world full of monsters and mayhem, survival means beating the learning curve… 

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Apocalyptic Trifecta

Apocalyptic Trifecta
by Macronomicon
466 pages

S4M Protoype 0000, or Sam to his friends, is the commander of an elite team of clones, designed to be the perfect soldiers. He and his team have been trapped in an automated training facility, their neural networks perfectly replicated to move them from one body to the next in an endless cycle of training. For five hundred years.

The world above ended long ago, but the advanced technology that keeps them there has only begun to break down, giving Sam and his team a chance to escape the hellish conditions they were born into, and rejoin the world above.

The only question is: what do they find when they reach the surface?

For lovers of sci-fi and fantasy fusions, a supersoldier thrown out of time!

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Black Magic Hero

Black Magic Hero
by Halcahnd
75 pages

After waking up far too early on a Sunday morning, Harold Lisbe begins the adventure of a lifetime! Summoned to another world in preparation for the rebirth of the Demon Lord, Harold is mandated to risk life and limb against the encroaching darkness. However, before our hero can begin his quest, he finds himself thrown in prison simply for being able to use Black Magic! Guided by the Goddesses of Light and Darkness, Harold must escape the castle dungeon and begin his quest to save the world of Asalbatarius!


Warning, contains ample male crossdressing, light bondage, and other suggestive content.

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Upheaval - The Gentle Apocalypse

Upheaval - The Gentle (...)
by Hodhandr
1.4k pages

The world is changing, but people carry on.

Early in the summer, the world started changing. It is not known who first found out, but magic was real, or had become real. Of course, with the world as interconnected as it is, it took only two days for most people to know about it.

Online groups sprang up, eager to test humanity’s collective new toy. Quickly, it was found out that it was all but harmless; there were (unconfirmed) reports of deaths as soon as the first day.

Nevertheless, it is a novelty to most, trying it out like you’d try sports or a game. The world marches on as scientists set out to study this new phenomenon, to use it for furthering our collective knowledge and to understand it.

But that won’t show any results any time soon; it is only five days since the “Reveal” meanwhile I’m out camping. I had planned this since March, to unwind from sixteen years of studying. Finally! Finally I am done with school! Getting a job is another matter…

So I figured, with this magic stuff, why not try out meditating on it? I’ve enjoyed more than enough books and other media that at least some of the magic methods should be viable.

Turns out, the world might not let me relax.

R15+ Coarse language and adult themes.

This story is finished.

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by Michael Chatfield
484 pages

13+ Swearing and Gore. (A LitRPG series.) (Sexual content contained within spoilers)

BOOK 1 +2 HAVE BEEN COMBINED INTO THE TRAPPED MIND PROJECT ON AMAZON. CHECK IT OUT HERE ( Also it is available in audio book format here:


For The Guild EMERILIA 3 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:

New Norizons EMERILIA 4 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:

This is Our Land EMERILIA 5 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:

Stone Raiders' Return EMERILIA 6 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:

Time of Change EMERILIA 7 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:

Beyond All Expectations EMERILIA 8 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:

Of Myths and Legends EMERILIA 9 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:

The Pantheon Moves EMERILIA 10 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:

Empire Burning EMERILIA 11 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:

As such I've had to take them down from RRL.

The Jukal Empire’s fleets can’t keep back the aggressive species. An idea is fielded, create Emerilia, a world of magic, Dwarves, Elves and fantasy characters.

They can grow cycles of human Players, conditioned in a simulation of Earth to make them want to play Emerilia. The humans were a mighty foe for the Jukal Empire, but with their inhibitions gone and the morality of a game never in question, they can hold back the tide of the Aggressive species while calling it fun.

What's the best way to control slaves? Make them think that they're free.


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by Aikarus
18 pages

[Warning: Rune Universe is currently doing a stint in Kindle Unlimited :/ that means the story has to be taken down per Amazon's policy. On the other hand, the prequel is right here and you can read it in its entirety here. It's a cyberpunk mystery, though, before the main book began --and has no game element to it]


Social upheaval.


Faceless corporations.

Cole Dorsett inherited a bleak world. Virtual Reality Games are another distraction among a hundred, all designed to keep content a stagnant society.

He's not a political mastermind or a genius hacker. He's just a Script Kiddie who makes a living selling private information. He's just the model teenager of a world that has moved too fast. A product of a bleak time.


And then, there's Rune Universe. A game with a billion worlds. With great interstellar alliances, unending adventure, spaceships that dance around black holes.


Rune hides a secret the CIA would very much love to crack.


Cole Dorsett is a nobody. But soon, he will have to face his destiny in the never-ending horizons of Rune Universe.

He will have to make a choice. ...If he survives.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Rune Universe is a Virtual Reality novel. Inside you'll find: > Sporadic mature language > Sporadic violence. I hope you enjoy this tale as much as I'm enjoying writing it. _______________________________________________________________________________________

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by tkayo
979 pages

30 years ago brought the first superhumans, regular people given great power seemingly at random.

15 years ago brought the paranormals, stranger and often weaker in their abilities, but far more numerous.

Today, the world holds its breath . . .

Or at least, it should.

Most people, though, are just trying to get on with their lives; some successfully, some less so. It's a sensible goal, but it can be hard when shadowy conspiracies and worldwide N.G.O.s are turning your city into a proxy battleground over world-shattering secrets. It’s bad enough when you’ve just woken up with superpowers and terrorists are holding your school hostage. It’s even worse if you’re an illegal vigilante stuck in the middle of the whole Charlie Foxtrot after a supervillain raid drops vital information in your lap.

For Hannah Eiling-Kingsford and Flint Perez, life is about to get a lot harder to get on with.


Outliers is a superhero story.

Okay, so not so much superhero as vaguely superhero-ish. It's about two teenagers dealing with, among other things, new powers, psycho exes, mysterious datapads and a giant, secret war between the foremost powers-that-be, over information that could forever change the world. Again. You know, normal teenage stuff.

Outliers contains some foul language and mild sexual references. It is a complete story, and can also be read on its own website. If you enjoy the story, please consider writing a review, either here or on WebFictionGuide, or just drop a vote for it on Topwebfiction. Any and all support is appreciated, and comments, questions and critiques are all expected and encouraged.

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Grin the Cheat

Grin the Cheat
by mooderino
176 pages

There was a time when heroes roamed between the Four Great Cities. They fought for kingdoms and princesses and they lived and died by their valour. Or so the stories say. The way the minstrels sing it, everyone had a swashbuckling good time. Nowadays, buckles are rarely swashed. All the great beasts have been slain, all the great treasures unearthed. Princesses are few and far between — the ones worth fighting over, anyway — and the kingdoms have been divvied up between the sons of sons of sons of the heroes of old. No valour required. Frankly, the hero business is in a sorry state. Luckily for Grin the Cheat, thieving and murder are thriving as usual.

If you have a moment, please vote for this story at Top Web Fiction. No signup required, just press the button. Voting refreshes every week. Vote.

Story is now available on my site You can buy the ebook on Kindle/EPUB

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The Court of Souls?

The Court of Souls?
by Andur
634 pages

Author's Comment: I was asked about reading my work on other sites. The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than Only here, I correct mistakes and errors. If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed. You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn't bother visiting their website. The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf. ( ———————————————————————————————

Reading Order of the Multiverse-Books


What do we talk about tonight? ~“How about a story?”~ Fine by me. Which story? Hopefully a good one. ~“There was once a lonely child in a world filled with myths, gods and demons. Only power counted there and the weak were worse than cattle. A world where survival of the fittest ruled.”~ Was it strong then? ~“No, but the child had a power. One that made him stand between light and darkness. Nothing could escape him, so he was shunned by his people.”~ What did he do? Did he fight his fate? Did he hide his power? What was it? ~“Oh, he fought. He fought a lot. And no thing could escape his power. It was something that everyone had to live with.”~ So he became a hero and changed the world? ~“…”~ Tell me. ~“Nooo, that's not how the story goes. This isn't a story of a noble man, doing good amidst a sea of monsters. This is a story of a demon who was... kinder than the rest.”~ A kind demon? How boring. ~“I think it would be better if I tell the story, so you can judge for yourself.”~ So tell the story!

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The Legion of Nothing

The Legion of Nothing (...)
by zoetewey
4.9k pages

Nick Klein is your average high school geek--if you can still count as average when your grandfather is a retired superhero, and you've been trained in the martial arts by his friend, a mysterious, immortal mercenary.

After his grandfather dies, Nick inherits the last version of the Rocket suit, powered armor that allows him to shrug off bullets, smash through walls, and manipulate sound. Along with it comes the base of his grandfather's superhero team including the team's jet and trophies from forty years of fighting criminals and aliens. 

Together, Nick and his friends, descendants of his grandfather's teammates, attempt to bring back a superhero team that was originally formed during World War 2. Along the way they'll face the normal problems of high school (bullies, homework, and dating), and the less normal problems like supervillians and mysteries leftover from their grandparents' past.

As a story, it uses the conventions of all eras of comics from the 1940s on, ranging from serious to silly. If you're hoping for a grim and gritty story, this isn't it.

The Legion of Nothing first debuted on my website in 2007. In that period it's updated more than 900 times, is still running, and has had millions of pageviews. The first two years have been released as an ebook, receiving good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

I hope you'll enjoy it, and that you'll review it and comment. You can also vote for it on Top Web Fiction and rate it on Web Fiction Guide.

Member of The Order of Phantasmal Architects.

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Deleted Story

Deleted Story
by Xantar
0 pages

Sorry. This story is deleted.

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Beyond The Wall (Complete)

Beyond The Wall (Complete) (...)
by Waldo
243 pages


In a world seemingly much like ours, the survivors of an apocalyptic event find themselves cornered and outnumbered. In a final desperate attempt to find answers, a crew of scouts is sent south of the Wall.

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