1. Re: Im preparing for another isekai genre, need suggestions

      Is it male or female... Old or young... Complete family or orphan... I've never seen one with a retired female protagonist. Have you read the Miss Marple mysteries by Agatha Christie?

    2. Re: Are there any words or phrases that you have negative associations or aversions to?

      Are there any specific words or phrases you cringe to write in your fiction, or try to avoid using because of negative associations you have with them?  Do you fight through it and write them down anyway (...)

    3. Re: Looking for an experienced Royal Road reader

      I'm more than half a million words into writing a story.   But it wasn't written with Royal Road in mind. The beta readers, including some published authors and professional editors, have been positive (...)

    4. Re: Why do some sci-fi authors feel the need to describe everything in insane detail?

      Do most sci-fi readers actually enjoy this form of story telling where everything is described in super high level of detail? For me, I only enjoy it when it is both new and meaningful. If (...)

    5. Re: Class Choices

      Necromancer-Can use Death and Plague magic and can call upon the Undead Shadow Assassin- A Rogue with some Umbra based Skills Pyromancer- Fire and destruction Battle Artificer- Turrets, Drones, Builder (...)

    6. Re: Need help with creating superheroes.

      I really need help with coming up with heroes that have interesting, non-generic powers How does physics/biology/magic work in your world?   What are the possible origins of super powers? (...)

    7. Re: What happened to ¨the wandering inn¨ ?

      It would be nice if the URL: Could be forwarded to an explanation and a link to: I suspect Royal Road (...)

    8. Re: What is the weirdest thing as which you could be reborn into another world and then enter a tournament ar (...)

      Reborn as an umpire, destined to travel across dimensions, competing with other umpires to survive arranging more and more challenging tournaments.    See the MC adjudicate the off-side rule during an (...)

    9. Re: Philosophical NPC

      What if, KaapstadMK, you woke up tomorrow morning with the absolute assurance that you were the very type of NPC you posted to this thread about? That our reality was actually a construct of a race of (...)

    10. Re: If you wound up in an Isekai story, what would most likely be your cause of death?

      So, what dumb mistakes do you think you would you make? Hubris.    I tend to argue with authorities too much. The king would have me quietly poisoned by the end of episode 2, and summon a different (...)

    11. Re: What is the meaning of life?

      What is the meaning of life? Not all data has meaning encoded into it.   Sometimes it just is. Sentient creatures can layer meaning onto existing data, but not all creatures will see the same (...)

    12. Re: REAL Dungeon core death traps???

      the floor is made of daggers I like the idea of most of the floor being made of daggers, except for a narrow winding path through it that you can walk along by placing one foot in front of the other. (...)

    13. Re: “Show, don’t tell” is stupid advice.

      Thoughts? I think there's a distinction between telling how a character feels about something, and trying to tell the reader how the reader should feel. John was driving a Ferrari Dino 246 (...)